5 megapixel face-off: Vox populi

05 December 2007
It’s been a while since our last cameraphone shootout and you know how much we love them. With all those 5 megapixel cameraphones around, our hands were just itching to make a grand 5 megapixel face-off with as many of the current 5 megapixel cameraphones as possible. The stars in this episode of our Shootout series...

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  • Sdt

The k850 was a pre-release unit guy unless u all didn't notice so may be because of that the results are like this. Moreover how many countless times has SE beaten nokia before.eg k750 vs n90or n70

  • yogan

hey guys ,, im using K850i,, its not bad,, i flashed it,, change the camera driver,, and its fuc*king rock man,, its the prefect cyber-shot

  • Anonymous

Samsung G600 shouldn't be on a second place because it oversharpens image and makes staircase effect which looks really bad.

  • Anonymous

I had an N73 and really liked its camera. Obviously only in complete sunlight, cause it was horrible with poor light (completely blueish, even).
Now I have an SE K850 and I like its color reproduction, it looks more accurate and similar to reality. But must say it has poor photos, lacks details and looks too blur when in %100 size. It´s a nice phone, but I expected much more of its camera

  • bummy

This test is a little unfair.

They used the "Auto function" for all 4 phones.
EXCEPT, they had updated the firmware for N95.

It is not fair because the SE K850i also have firmwares out that improves picture quality. Which was not included in this review.

To be fair, they should've used the N95 with-out the firmware update.

This review is also outdated by now. Look for updated reviews, and picture samples!

  • Shino03

I just like to add that I didn't judge the pictures by its color and contrast because there is the fact that I am not there, when they had their shootout.

Also, 3.5mm jack are not everything or the coolest one for me.
Lets just say that wireless devices are more handy at all.

  • Shino03

It is a bitter pill to swallow. I hate to say this, but just for the sake to not be biased, I had glance at some of the photos, and I judged them in their noise level. And it turned out that the samsung G600's taken pictures pleased my eyes among the others, second is Nokia N95, third is LG, and sad for me, the sony ericsson K850i turned to be last. Well, I just have a question in the sony ericsson K850i, in the shootout, did they adjust some of the settings like the White Balance or did they just set it in the auto?

  • Anonymous

there were times SE phones had the better camera then Nokia but its
was da only feature thats better then Nokia in SE .but is was so badly undone by Nokia N95 , dont arugue that SE has da xenon flash Nokia N82 wating 4 u with slightly better xenon flash then SE .

  • qwqw

All brand greats 5mp phone. Nokia,se,lg and smsung great hp in the market. Great job se,nokia,smsung n Lg. God bless ur All. God will em all who people complaning o hate other brand!

  • Anonymous

How didn't the viewty come in last, it clearly has the most pixelated pics in the crops except for the last one.

  • gekko

the best phone for me is n95 8gb...
k850- really ugly phone, looks like some crappy phone
viewty- good phone, but not as n95 8gb
g600- the place of camera is really bad... phone is ok
n95- the only one with stereo speakers, 3.5 jack input, good phone, great multimedia.......
any comment...
ok, maybe little bulky, but who cares for the size??? it's not so fahionable and anorexic, but who cares? it's the best!

  • gsm ruler

best 5 mb phone is still the i mobile 902, just google it

  • Greg

How about everyone stop crapping on about these phones and their comparisons, and instead, get gsmarena to review the Samsung B600 10 megapixel camera phone!! Now isn't that a good idea?

  • Moraz

Why N95 is first in this test? Because is the only who can be easily identified looking those pics.

The best camera should be the one that shows real colors, no fake ones. Period.

  • Shoaib

according to pic the best among them iz of SE which is near to reality whereas nokia pic is totally different it shows anything else waste result.. Se rules

  • Anonymous

The New Nokia N95 8gb is a stunning phone. It has the looks and the best features on anything else out there!

  • saleh

n95 8g wasverygood

  • InDilemma

There never seems to be a perfect camera phone around >.<
g600 pictures have a yellow tint on them, viewty pics are grainy, n95 pics looks unnatural and k850 pics too washed out! k850's design's horrible, g600's camera side doesn't look like a camera (only a camera wanna be), n95's bulky and lg viewty... viewty's ok i guess. Which phone's flaws are minors? Which camera phone should I get???

  • matt

SE fanboys are just like sony playstation fanboys... they just cant accept when.. something is better...!!

  • Anonymous

Vista then Linux? You must be a NIX NEWB if you think that's the same as going from SE to Nokia and saying that SE rules (Vista rules). Vista blows and it's decent at best. Linux is not trash. It's mainly UI based now and you can get away without using any command line stuff almost. Even if you had to use command line is it THAT bad? You are obviously pathetic.

This article shows that SE blows. As an SE fanboi who has come from 3 different SE phones and was about to get a 4th SE phone I have to say I'm going with the N82 now. Too bad. I go for the best phone. All you brand name loyalists can keep buying your favorite brands even if they go to trash.