LG G8 ThinQ review

09 April 2019
Even though the name states otherwise, the G8 ThinQ is actually a minor hardware refresh of last year’s LG G7 ThinQ. Sure, it has the brand new Snapdragon 855 behind the wheel and a couple of neat (kind of) software and hardware features. But are they enough to battle the newly released Galaxy S10 trio or even the Huawei P30-series? After all, both Huawei and Samsung went along with not one but a couple of cutting-edge awe-inspiring features.

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  • Anonymous

Diggi, 12 Jun 2020Lg G8s everything is ok... But IR booster not availableIt's so funny how much better actually the G8S is compared to the G8, even while G8S is a "region specific budget variant" and EU never got the regular G8.

G8 has mediocre battery life, G8S is total opposite of that, the calling speaker is worse on the G8 but much better on G8S, but G8S has a bigger notch because of it.

G8S has all 3 cameras too.

G8S is actually the better phone in most regards, it does lack the quad-dac the G8 has but from my own comparison the G8S has a solid audio too, just not as fancy if you use 24-bit FLAC files and only then.

  • Toelitz

anybody can assist me for converting mms to sms... LG G8
thank you so much and staysafe......

  • D man

AlexRiv, 23 Sep 2020LG Flagship phone ... unbelievably poor performance. Call ... moreOh my gosh Becky.ita a varry good phone

  • Ted

Love the Community, 15 Apr 2019Rather, only audiophiles which probably comprises of less t... moreYeah I read a review of audio in phones that said this was the best hands down so that's only reason I want it

ThinQueen, 24 Apr 2020Here are a list of reasons why people are criticizing the L... moreThanks for your input.

  • AlexRiv

LG Flagship phone ... unbelievably poor performance.
Call audio is disgraceful ... call audio is muffled and also caller cannot hear me properly
WiFi reception is consistenly poor compared to my old S9
Android apps work differently on the phone (watsapp calls come in without a Pick Up option)
Too many more ... tainted my view of LG

  • Padrote

Love the Community, 16 Apr 2019I haven't researched but does that work with my ATH-M50x?Yes. I have the same headphones and they sound amazing on my LG V20 with the quad-DAC in the headphone jack. You need to turn quad-DAC ON in the audio settings. I was considering getting the G8 ThinQ but my V20 is still running OK except for the battery being old. I am swapping batteries 5x a day as aftermarket batteries are pretty much junk.

  • Anonymous

Producer, 12 Feb 2020I've had lg phones going back even b4 the v30, and I trying... moreYou have no idea of what you talking about, just aimless rants

  • Diggi

Lg G8s everything is ok... But IR booster not available

  • Simon

Get confused when charging there's nothing tale you it is charging or charged

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2020Over the years LG has always impressed me with their mobile... moreHuh? It won't let you play music via Bluetooth? Please explain. Thanks

  • ThinQueen

Here are a list of reasons why people are criticizing the LG G8 ThinQ phone.

1. The sound that the Camera app makes when you make a photo, which is not practical when you need to make photos at nighttime without waking up people from the Camera app noise. So, you have to download an app to get rid of the Camera app noise so you can make photos quietly without disturbing people at nighttime.
2. The lack of freedom of being able to keep the screen on permanently so you can read things without the screen turning off, which is not practical when you are trying to read things for a long time and the system turns off the screen when you are trying to read recipes while cooking. So, you would have to download another app, but this app will be for getting the screen to stay on permanently or until you are done reading.
3. The lack of improvement and practicality in the preinstalled File Manager app when the phone is in factory condition. You have to download yet another app to get a practical file manager app that makes time used efficiently.
4. The lack of freedom to make apps easily organized into alphabetical order without having to waste time switching Home Screens.
5. The sound in this phone sounds distorted if the volume is increased above 80% because LG is selling broken audio systems in their newer phones, which means the LG G8 ThinQ phone is a downgrade in regards to sound quality.
6. Needing to put the phone in Developer Mode to get the screen to stay on while the phone is charging means that the phone users will have to waste their precious time to make their phones used for practical tasks that require the screen to stay on for a long time. If you're kidnapped and you need to use your LG G8 ThinQ phone to escape from kidnappers, your phone screen may turn off at an inconvenient time for you.
7. The preinstalled Music app does not let the phone users have freedom to organize their music the way they want to as much as other music apps such as the jetAudio app.
8. LG G8 ThinQ's screen looks unprofessional and tacky when long and wide videos are being watched on it because the LG G8 ThinQ has a notch that blocks some parts of the videos when long and wide videos get played.
9. Making the LG G8 ThinQ phone become rootable has become challenging because nerds that want to tinker with the LG G8 ThinQ software will have to figure out how to root their phones on their own.
10. Google has made LG G8 ThinQ a privacy nightmare.
11. WiFi connectivity is not very good on this phone.
12. Quality in regards to LG G8 ThinQ overall is lower than some of the previous LG phones even though the employees of the LG company added new features to the LG G8 ThinQ.
13. Some apps may crash on the LG G8 ThinQ phone because it has 6 GBs of RAM instead of 8 GBs of RAM despite it being the year of 2020.
14. Asus phones usually surpass LG phones in almost every way now.
15. Prices on this phone are too high considering that this phone has a broken audio system that makes music sound distorted if the volume is above 80% and because this phone is not good for practical tasks unless you download apps that may be intrusive at the expense of your privacy and may crash because LG won't make trustworthy promises of good quality products anymore.

All in all, LG G8 ThinQ in its factory condition is nothing more than an impractical toy that is a downgrade and a privacy nightmare despite its new features until you download apps and fix its broken audio system. Good luck fixing its broken audio system because LG doesn't want you tinkering with their toys if you're not an LG employee.

  • Anonymous

Over the years LG has always impressed me with their mobile phones, until now. The one basic feature which I require is the ability to play my music through Bluetooth. This device will not allow that. I am regretting this particular device on that aspect. Should have done more research.

  • Luce

For those who's mocking LG I think knows nothing about LG's products , OR.. taking some candies from Samsung .

  • Phil the swift

Note7 owner, 05 Oct 2019Serious question, have you ever used this phone for an exte... moreTHAT'S WHAT IM SAYING, like the LG v40 was great in my opinion. IV had alot of LG's and they where all pretty good. I honestly don't understand why people bash on LG so much.

Hello Life, 29 Sep 2019How can such an old brand create such a horrible phone. Che... more Xiaomi comes to mind. HTC too.

  • Producer

Nicolas L, 27 Aug 2019hoping that will be better than the lgg7 .... worst phone e... moreI've had lg phones going back even b4 the v30, and I trying to stick with lg, HOWEVER the LG G8 is the worst phone yet. The network connection SUCKS. Can't even stream a YouTube clip sometimes. I could be standing right at an tower and get a buffer wheel. Im a photographer as well and the display has way to much saturation even after turning the saturation all the way down. The battery life sucks as well. Totally disappointed in the LG G8, and Im seriously considering a different maker when this contract is up. GARBAGE!

Pixel is the new HTC, 01 Feb 2020No. Quite the opposite... Uhm, maybe the money flows from S... more Then feel free to expose the g8's audio prowess for us all.

Hello Life, 06 Oct 2019No that’s why I read Gsmarena reviews. They are really the ... moreNo. Quite the opposite... Uhm, maybe the money flows from Samsung?
That's why the review says LG G8's bad.

And audio prowess of this phone never been exposed. Poor review in general...

  • Anonymous

Does it have IR blaster?