Huawei P30 review

12 April 2019

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  • Ras

I bought P30 9m ago I thought it was good phone but by now I realised I made big mistake buying it for these reasons:
1. When you high light some thing for copying that text staying on the screan even if you change the tab . It disappears only to on and off it. blocks alot of apps like cube voice recorder which is the best voice recroder.
3. I am going to Samsung.
4. So dont buy it not reliable. Cam power is high but believe me the picture is the same as samsung with weaker cam

annamyself, 20 Jul 2019P30 or Honor 20?P30

Ryan89, 07 Jun 2020These Phones are awful! I bought this phone in October 2... moreDid it fall with the pouch for the crack

  • Benny2430

Got my p30 34 days ago. Since the phone is glass on both sides very slippery. Had it on the table outside. It slide of the table onto outdoor carpet less than 3 feet and the phone back and camera is smashed. My old Huawei is still in good shape after almost 3 years. Obviously I couldn't get a phone case during Covid but wasn't so concerned since the P10 was/is great

  • Ryan89

These Phones are awful!

I bought this phone in October 2019 and by June 2020 its practically useless. I have it on a 2 year contract and it is already super slow, lagging and freezing regularly.

One of the most rediculous features is the material used to create the phone. It's back has this super slippery surface that unless it is lying on a surface that is 110% level.... It will gradually slide and slide until it falls off and onto the ground. I can't count how many times I have had my phone sitting on a table, arm of a chair or counter and 5 minutes later it just falls off.

I also had my phone protected by a screen cover AND a hard overall phone cover for added protection. First time I dropped it my entire screen cracked and was beyond repair.

Do not buy this phone even if it is reduced in price. Poor craftsmanship and increasingly slow degrading U

  • Prakash

Hi, do we find p30 in Amazon,

  • Anonymous

P30 Earphones. As P30 owner and user I find the earphones profile not practical and from time to time one must hold them to keep in position. Please revise the design to more user friendly profile.

  • Anonymous

VectorR, 28 Apr 2019No Huawei flagship phone worth its price. Overpriced rubbis... moreHave you not seen how bad S10 is for mushy image quality?? Especially in distant subjects and shadows. Awful battery life and low signal

  • Anonymous

VectorR, 28 Apr 2019There is nothing to laugh about! Heaps people complaining a... moreI have never had any of these 'issues' you point out and the P30 has been excellent for me.Grow up

  • Anonymous

mariobm, 04 Aug 2019Not correct. In Slovenia p30 is for 609 eur on A1 carrier. ... moreEMUI is not sluggish on flagships

  • Derick

Shui8, 26 Apr 2019Photos? Definitely P30.Yes photos

  • Gus

This is so sad. I thought that the p30 had and lcd screen and the p20 pro had 40Wcharging and I've made all the wrong mistakes.

  • Frrf

So close. Why didn't they go with auto focus? This would have been the perfect next phone for me. But I often use a selfie stick.

  • Ali

When i listen to whatsapp voice note or during a call when i make volume of loudsoeaker to maximum i hear some noise this only happen with vocal or call, not happened with music

  • Mike

ArekPL, 26 May 2019Why doesn't anyone stress enough a serious problem with too... moreI have the exact same problem on the P 30 Lite when I record video...I have to use an editing program like Vegas or Audacity to normalize the audio (i.e. bring them up to their proper levels)...Also notice when I play YouTube video on the YT App (the audio is very low)...then when I switch over to listen to the radio I get blasted out of it with loud noise...Is there a fix for this problem?

  • Salman

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2019How to come back to the light display on screenP30

  • Faizallhalil

To end a call, I need to go to the status bar to end the call

  • Anonymous

How to come back to the light display on screen

  • isabella

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2019It's fun how most competition is 6,4"+ and the p30 isn't, t... moreWhy?

  • Anonymous

It's fun how most competition is 6,4"+ and the p30 isn't, this is why I will get it I think. Had 6,4 before and really never been happy about it.