OnePlus 6T long-term review

03 May 2019

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Domestoboto, 08 May 2019Yeah, and diskettes, which are much older than the headphon... moreA wireless earphone will fry your brain whereas a diskette or a usb will not. Just because somebody made something and decided to sell it, doesn't mean it's ok and harmless.

  • Anonymous

GENJURO, 27 Jul 2019try deleting the previous fingerprint and try to enroll new... morewhat happens then? whats the diffrens then doing it "normaly"


Inshh, 26 Jul 2019I purchased OnePlus 6t 8gb-128gb variant a week ago. The ph... moretry deleting the previous fingerprint and try to enroll new fingerprint in a dark place. You're welcome. :)

  • Inshh

I purchased OnePlus 6t 8gb-128gb variant a week ago. The phone is no doubt brilliant in working overall. But I want to add some mistakes in the phone : 1. The major mistake is the touch fingerprint screen unlock. It is very slow in recognising our finger. Sometimes it takes 3-4 attempts to unlock the device. And sometimes it not even recognises ur finger.
2. Surprisingly, I noticed in 2-3 same handsets. It has problems in recognising our left thumb/finger. The passing ratio is less as compared to right hand fingerprints. I don't know y is it so.
3. The phone gives an indication of charging only when u plug in the charger. One has to reach the phone and tap on the screen to know the status of charging. A small red/green signal light can be added to understand that the phone has charged up.
4. Sometimes the phone remains in lock mode when the phone is ringing. I have to first unlock it to pick up the phone.

  • David

Domestoboto, 08 May 2019Yeah, and diskettes, which are much older than the headphon... moreThis is a idiotic argument. USB sticks are better than diskettes in every way with zero downsides. Wireless earphones still have very clear and objective disadvantages compared to wired. Are there advantages too? Of course. But don't use your ridiculously illogical comparison to try to say that wireless is objectvely better.

  • Anonymous

Ryan D, 17 May 2019Mobile companies launching phones almost daily without conc... moreAbsolutely right bro.
Its a great cmt.

Anonymous, 09 May 2019One stupid thing about OP-6T is the snooze alarm. If the ph... moreBelow 15 percent of battery ,camera flash works???

Mobile companies launching phones almost daily without concerning previous phones issues ,

Aspros, 05 May 2019I have the 6T since day one, this review got most of the de... moreThanks for this post. This is really a good long term review of the phone. Also for those who have the Oneplus3, 3t, 5, 5t, 6 and 6t, the gcam is the best solution to give the phone the choice to make the photos more bluish (gcam) or yellowish (native). Its no pixel 3 but it does a good job replicating it. i have it one my 3, 5 and 6.

  • Just having a beer

Domestoboto, 08 May 2019Yeah, and diskettes, which are much older than the headphon... moreI don't mind people using wireless(I use that one myself), but wireless has huge limitations that wired don't have. First, batter life of the headset. Second reach of the headset. Third, expensive. Fourth, the quality of the output isn't that great...

  • Anonymous

One stupid thing about OP-6T is the snooze alarm. If the phone is laid with screen down, by pressing the volume down, the alarm is snoozed, and also lowers the volume of alarm. So if you have the alam volume on minimum and snooze it once, it will be mute for next time.

There is no problem if the screen is up. Strange!!

The 2nd issue is the location of volume which is opposite to power key. When I want to change the volume with one hand, I have to hold the phone tight at the other side, and many times caused me press the power botton, which ends up screenshot. Not a big deal, but I always wonder how they have made such stupid design.

usahname, 06 May 2019Without a headphone jack, all of these phones are useless t... moreYeah, and diskettes, which are much older than the headphone jack, were SO MUCH BETTER than the USB sticks we have today, right?

Please move with the times. Wireless IS the future. This mindset that wireless will "forever" be inferior to wired as you think it is will just hinder its development and evolution.

  • Anonymous

Prahlad8301, 03 May 2019You guys literally posted this right when I was ordering th... morenot to late for a refund

  • Sean

Zooming into the OP6T images they look awful

CompactPhones5ever, 05 May 2019"If you don't have wireless charging then why go for a glas... moreI brought an LG V30+ plus last month for 25000 INR which is around 360 USD as it was the cheapest flagship available in my country apart from the Poco F1. It looks great with the premium glass and curved screen but it's very slippery so I put a case and now the premium feel is gone and it looks just like any other mid-range phone with the case. But anyways I didn't buy it for the looks but because features and cameras wise it's the best damn phone at 25000 INR with timely Android updates being the only con which I don't care much.

Without a headphone jack, all of these phones are useless to me, phone makers these days don't even care about what customers really want, and customers are too lazy to bother protesting by simply not buying these useless phones.

Wired 3.5 jack >>>> BT regardless of standard

What is the different between the long term and short term by GSMarena?
Nothing useful was mentioned.

It's like all about the specs instead of the their experience for this phone.

I have the 6T since day one, this review got most of the described parts right, but really lost focus imo. At least half of it is like the reviewer is still at day one, or before,wondering if its right to get it. I think the ppl that are interested on long term reviews are past the dilemmas of Kardashian selfies being the only thing that actually matters and face unlock should be able to protect gvrmnt secrets...
Some ppl dont live with the sole life purpose of taking Instagram selfies and some of them actually need flagship specs. Atm, the mobile industry forces everyone to pay 1000$ just ta have the optimal 4-5 camera combo. That or you must settle with midrange specs.
This is malefic dilemma, fabricated by phone companies in order to justify $1000+ price tags.
Gsm arena has been a part of this since day one, dedicating half of it review on phone camera and menČ›ionînd less and lars the main phone features.
I am disgusted and find it pathetic to completely ignore how a phone behaves in calls, its ringing, signal reception, dual sim functionalites, special smartphone functions, GPS quality etc All you will ever hear is about its cameras, i am male, i take about 15selfies per year, its less than 1% of my concern. Many others like me are led to believe that this is the only thing that matters, because that is what every review is about...
Meh, my two cents:
The battery in real life use is better than the gsmarena rate it, in comparison to other phones, of similar rating.
The UP fp is imo the best there is and i only realised this in the long run. Since it can see through glass, it can also see through water and for sweaty hands, this is a life saver!
Having to wait 1/4 of the second more is much better than having to swipe hand and sensor again and again. If you input the FP of the same finger many times, to cover all angles, in dark, it nearly never fails! This is proof of the superficial job they did with those longterm reviews. Most of 6T users already know that...
Another example is the gcam port, it literally changes everything, since half of the review is for camera, i wonder how did they miss the opportunity to mention a thing that makes the camera two times better...
Wifi and bluetooth reception are stellar, ringing feature loud enough.GPS mediocre,

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Interesting that I received the 2019.3 Security patch just days before this post. Doubt it changed anything, but I get the feeling they are trying to really catch up on that and be closer to Google on this. Especially since my OnePlus 5 got the Pie + 2019.1 update in late March (which I wasn't expecting ANY update after owning Samsung, Sony & LG handsets previously).