Google Pixel 3a XL review

07 May 2019

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Anonymous, 09 May 2019Nice low light photos. Certainly not 'dSLR' quality --- not by a... moreA great example of "hardware and price but lacks of knowledge"

Pixel 3a and XL model is not for you. This phone is designed for people who just want good balanced phone, decent camera, with great software, and not hardware perfectionist like geek who pretend to buy Poco F1.

Poco F1 may great in spec, but it lacks in design, updates, mediocre camera, somewhat an awkward phone, and the most important its experience isn't that good. And you may thinking "just install Pixel Experience on it". Yes, you can root your Poco F1 with Pixel Experience, but it has some quite complicated yet risky consequence to do that procedural. Some people just want to use without thinking too much.

In conclusion, you didn't understand this purpose of this phone by comparing with Poco F1, which has different market approach with this phone. Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL is a competition for iPhone XR, if you want to know the facts. I really recommend to buy this phone to anyone who desperate to buy a decent phone with great camera.

  • Fiq

Anonymous, 09 May 2019Nice low light photos. Certainly not 'dSLR' quality --- not by a... moreHi mate, first pixel / pixel OG will receive Android Q and its entering it's 3rd year. Definitely google will continue support this phone. Hope at least until Android R.

Sub-par performance? Yup, it's mid-range phone after all. Although its a bit slower but still acceptable and something that you can wait. Or maybe not if you are impatient. but if you own OPO 7 pro can you wait until the camera gets at least on par with this pixel 3a? Absolutely not.

If you really want to go for performance that who cares mate? Then go buy others, buy poco. Do your friends or family would like to use your phone because you have blistering fast phone? Rare to none. Friend or family will ask you to take pictures because of your good camera phone? That's useful mate

  • Mike B

Just bought it, and heard some very good things from just about everyone who reviewed it on YouTube. The issues pointed out here have very little effect on me, as I spend most of my time on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc, and the few games I play aren't crazy graphics ones like PUBG.

In the USA it's very hard to find a great phone in this price range. Most available at carriers are under $250, over $800, or last years model. Anything 1 year old is likey to receive updates for 1 more year, 2 if you are lucky. 3 years is guaranteed on the Pixel 3A series. Another phone I looked at was the U12+ ($499 USD), but that is still operating on Oreo, with Android Q two months away. Google gets first crack at the new Android OS every year.

Hands down best camera in this price range, competing with flagships. Best Android experience, silky smooth, and zero bloatware. I'll buy a case, a screen protector, and use a less than $500 phone for 3+ years. That is a bargain compared to $1000+ phones out there that get powered down and forgotten about till they force an upgrade.

Everything I've heard from the OnePlus 7 is that it is a dud, and the Plus is ~$200 more than the 3A XL in the US. Huawei isn't an option in the US right now, with the current ban and unknown future. I'd put ZTE in that same group and an untouchable product in America. Xiaomi isn't much of an option for me either, from a serviceability standpoint, and all these companies lack the IP ratings that may swing me away from the 3A series. To be honest, I'm just not familiar enough with those products to be investing that much money into.

$500 was the top of my budget for me, this go around. And I'm just finding it hard to find a better long term option. My old phone broke and I had to pull the trigger on a new one 4 hours later.

Anonymous, 18 May 2019EUR480/ USD $536++ for low end midrange processor is 'cheap'? E... moreThere are some things which are false:
1) Has pocophone smart 3700 mAh battery which is better than non-smart 5000 mAh battery (tested!) NO
2) Has pocophone one camera with smart AI? NO (it has two stupid cameras)
3) Has pocophone smart system which doesn't need 6 Gb or 8 Gb RAM? NO
4) Has pocophone three years of Google support (includes androids 10,11,12,13) NO
5) And my personal thing - I don't need SD card - I have all apps on my phone (32) which I need and they have only 7 GB

  • v-ap

Tanase Adrian, 08 Jun 201964gb WITHOUT an sd card is unacceptable in 2019.dont need it. use google photos

64gb WITHOUT an sd card is unacceptable in 2019.

  • Neelabh110

The phone is good (overall), but the unibody polycarbonate back is very soft and fragile. It got scratched by my fingernails, henceforth you may want to apply a DBrand skin so that you do not get those horrible scratches. Otherwise the battery, camera and the ui experience is quite good. The camera is simply awesome like other pixel devices.

  • Deepak122

Don't just go for the camera.. the phones quality is shit. And services in India is worse.

kellyc, 21 May 2019Wireless charging is a sinWhy? I think wireless charging is excellent and it means the port on your phone doesn't wear out.

Anonymous, 07 May 2019because flagships like mi 9 has wireless charging and cost almos... moreWireless charging is a sin

AnonD-794217, 08 May 2019Yeah there is a bit expensive OnePlus phone, but with higher RAM... moreGlass sucks, and fingerprint readers are a terrible, terrible idea

Anonymous, 08 May 2019"Unfortunately, while the lack of any notch or cutout is appeali... moreI don't want 5 cameras on my phone, one front and one back is plenty. Otherwise I agree with your points

pjcamp, 08 May 201964 GB but no SD slot? What are they smoking?They are smoking dollar bills they made from their cloud storageĀ… past time to shatter Alphabet into a dozen or more companies. And nationalize the search portion while we are at it

Yuri84, 09 May 2019If you were deciding between a last year flagship (like S8 or ev... morePlastic is by far the best option for a phone body. Glass is far to fragile and slick, metal is cold, slippery and is really good at blocking radio waves.

Leo, 09 May 2019OMG no notch , finally !!! FU notchPreach it!

Zas, 18 May 2019More expensive and with worse specifications than the Pocophone,... moreI'm not going to buy one of those notched, bezel-less freaks

Almost everything about this phone is great. A bunch of the stuff the idiot reviewer thinks are bad are actually good. Plastic body, no notch, bezels, no wireless charging, these are fantastic, exactly what I am looking for. Only one front camera? Good, why the hell would I want two? It has a headphone jack, hooray!

There are a couple negatives - the USB C port should be 3.0 speed at least, not asking for 3.1, just 3.0. Having the FM chip turned on would be nice. Properly balancing the RAM/CPU would be very appreciated, with say, 4 slow cores, and 6GB of RAM.

Still, without those I would be seriously considering it. But the dealbreaker is lack of an SD slot. That's just shitty

Zas, 18 May 2019More expensive and with worse specifications than the Pocophone,... moreTrue, nice phones for the specs/price ratio. But Google are not competing on specs & benchmarks on this phone as they figure most people don't care as long as the phone runs perfectly fine (which it does, I have one now). Instead they're betting on arguably the best point & click camera over all plus first dibs on updates/versions and any other new features, and on their more recognizable name brand.

  • Zas

More expensive and with worse specifications than the Pocophone, Xiaomi mi 8 or the Xiaomi Mi 9 se.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 May 2019Low battery capacity? That alone shows me that you're an idiot..... moreEUR480/ USD $536++ for low end midrange processor is 'cheap'? Excuse me, if there's somebody who is an idiot, its not me but you!
Want 'Night Sight'? Buy a Pocophone F1 for less than $300 and sideload GCam app port with Night Sight for the Pocophone.

Does this 'cheap' $536 Pixel 3a XL have dual SIM like the Pocophone? NO!
Does this 'cheap' $536 Pixel 3a have micro SD storage expansion like the Pocophone? NO!
Does it have a flagship Snapdragon 845 processor like the Pocophone? NO!
Does it have dual rear cameras like the Pocophone? NO!
Does it have a bigger 4000mAh battery like the Pocophone? NO!
Does it have FM Radio like the Pocophone? NO!
Does it have 3840x2160 (4K) 60fps recording option like the Pocophone? NO!
Does it have 6GB or 8GB of RAM like the Pocophone? NO!
Does it have 128GB or 256GB internal storage options like the Pocophone
(in addition to having a micro sd card slot)? NO!
Does this $536 Pixel 3a XL model cost below $300 like the Pocophoone? NO!

You see, the more you talk, the more Google fanatic you sound. Do your research first before you call me an idiot because if there's anybody who's an idiot, it's certainly not me but you.