Huawei P30 Lite review

10 May 2019
What looks like a Huawei P30, feels like a P30, snaps photos like a P30, and yet it's cheaper and lighter? Indeed, that's the Huawei P30 Lite with equally stunning design, promising gaming capabilities, but above all - has one skilled triple-camera on the back.

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  • Anonymous

Front camera not working
Is not open

  • Anonymous

Why my video that take in this phone huawei p30 lite cannot play on other device that send via messenger

  • Eve

Why cant i Change the music of my alarm help me please

  • Dudu

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2019HI Which phone is better Samsung A30S or Huawei P30Lite?Hauwei

  • Msadeq kh

Hi. Why p30 lite doesn't exist in "" ?!

  • Tonette

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2019HI Which phone is better Samsung A30S or Huawei P30Lite?Anybody? Considering buying either one of these phones. help please.

  • Anonymous


Which phone is better Samsung A30S or Huawei P30Lite?

  • Anonymous

joelpogi, 11 Jul 2019nikospap80 it will until the 90-day “temporary license” is u... moreI still received google update :)

  • Sunny

Hi, anyone can help whether this Huawei p30 lite is NFC-able? I can't find this info. My colleague suggests that, for business mobile (with lots of apps downloads, big screen), under similar budget ($300+), Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro is better choice. May I ask your thoughts too? Thanks!

  • Jooles

Anonymous, 10 May 2019Can someone tell me where in the world the P30 lite is selling f... moreThey're the same price in the Carrefour stores in Belgium (299€ as of 7th November 2019)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2019wer can I find the fm radio?Down load radio garden live for fm

  • Akhil

Pls Dont give this type of headphones with this phone, its pathetic,ridicules. Its my suggestion to Huawei Management.

  • Pintu

Fingerprint Id setting not showing in my pro 30 lite phone after reset phone

  • Anonymous

Gab, 21 Jul 2019I just bought this phone few days ago. I'm very disappointed wit... moreWhy

  • Eyey

SPYRO, 09 Oct 2019I have question,does huawei p30 lite continued android to 10 ?Yes, but WE are going to wait until March 2020 when The Mate 10 gets 10 and emui 10. And yes, we might get dark mode.

  • Leon

Huawei P30 Lite not available radio FM
How to solution radio FM
please reply me

  • Anonymous

wer can I find the fm radio?


I have question,does huawei p30 lite continued android to 10 ?

  • Rowie

Hi, nice review! My gf has the p30 lite, and you say you can toggle between .264 and .265 codec, would you be so kind to explain where these settings can be found? She has issues with movies, the background is changing shape en it reminds me of the early phones where the mpeg could distort the image and trees would bend when moving the phone around. Thanks

  • Anonymous

How can I get fm radio on this phone P30lite