Huawei P30 Lite review

10 May 2019
What looks like a Huawei P30, feels like a P30, snaps photos like a P30, and yet it's cheaper and lighter? Indeed, that's the Huawei P30 Lite with equally stunning design, promising gaming capabilities, but above all - has one skilled triple-camera on the back.

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  • Pauly77

I have this phone, and while it may not be a flagship you'd be hard pushed to get anything this good for the price! Good screen, 128gb and 4gb on board, great looks, and damn good camera, with stacks of options if you know how to use it. Adequate gamer, and while sound not greatest pretty good. I was always a Samsung person, but they are overpriced, and Huawei give you so much bang for your buck!!

  • Yas

My first Huawei after a series of Samsung phones. Simply fabulous. Love it.

  • Anonymous

y9 or p30?why?

  • Gab

I just bought this phone few days ago. I'm very disappointed with the camera.

  • Honda Sikin

I brought this after owning a p20. I have found the colours terrible. The reds and picks are highly saturated. Skin looks terrible,
lips look like they are wearing lipstick. The images are more acceptable in out doors in a strong light. Indoors, forget about it.

  • Malik42

rahas, 17 Jul 2019which one is better samsung A30 or p30lite?A30

  • rahas

which one is better samsung A30 or p30lite?

  • Seon

nikospap80, 10 Jul 2019What is happening with Google? Can Huawei have updates or notYes. Nothing changed.

  • joelpogi

it will until the 90-day “temporary license” is up. After that, Huawei will not receive any update or use any Google services. Good luck to all Huawei users out there.

What is happening with Google? Can Huawei have updates or not

  • sami

Dani, 08 Jun 2019I have Purchased Huawei P30 lite and I have not found any F... moreit is in the tool folder

  • Norin

P30 Lite or Honor 20 Lite? Please Help me!!! I'm looking for a good camera.

  • POPS

i bought iphone p30 but im struggling to find the radio.please help me

  • Dani

I have Purchased Huawei P30 lite and I have not found any FM radio App pre-installed. Anyone help regarding how to used FM Radio on P30 Kite. I am from Pakistan.

  • anto

Huawei p30 lite is hanging a lot and net browsing is very slow. I am disappointed with this product.....

  • Pajson89

Firefox, 11 May 2019Same in Kuwait, 4/128GB P30 lite is 30$ cheaper than 4/128G... moreSame in europe , gsm lied . P30 lite is cheaper than a50 in almost every country

  • Kneee

[deleted post]Lol, you're recommending this to a wrong person 220£ base price(according to gsmarena) for 4/64gb might as well get the redmi note 7 pro, or add a little bit more and just get the pocophone cuz it's cheaper to buy now...

Anonymous, 11 May 2019"A good screen" is not an oled screen. Period. for sure

Huawei is surely the biggest thing in the market right now, forget Samsung and iPhone

  • Rich watarious

Wow, I was very reserve of this phone because it has smaller battery than all the good midrangers out there. Like Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 pro. Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70. Today am very happy to know that the battery life of this phone is reaally very good. Great staff. 94 h of endurance rating is actually very solid. I guess the GPU turbo does the magic. This phone is in my country now I will go and get one. I wanted Redmi Note 7 pro but is not here yet. May be Mate 30 lite that will be coming with a new Chip will be greater than them all, I trust Huawei.