Huawei P30 Lite review

10 May 2019
What looks like a Huawei P30, feels like a P30, snaps photos like a P30, and yet it's cheaper and lighter? Indeed, that's the Huawei P30 Lite with equally stunning design, promising gaming capabilities, but above all - has one skilled triple-camera on the back.

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  • Knight

Anonymous, 10 May 2019In my country p30 lite is 20$ cheaper than a50yup same here in the Philippines P30 lite is cheaper by $20 than A50

  • Sean

Why buy such a phone for £330 in UK with plastic frame and usual Huawei midrange crappy screens with screen bleed which seems to happen on so many Huawei and Honor phones I've had in recent times. I'll pass

  • Anonymous

Kneee, 10 May 2019Why the hell you guys didn't compared it with the mi9se?? I... moreMi 9se is way better

Mediocre main camera? Um, detail-wise in good lightning and 12mp mode it beats Samsung S10+ camera. Compare grass around snail or lower brick wall on the castle. Messy greenery vs detailed grass and painted cardboard boxes (thanks to Samsungs utterly aggressive noise reduction) vs actual brick wall. Or just use photo comparing tool in good light. What is Samsung flagship camera then? Poor? (IMO it is, actually. :) )

  • Anonymous

Can someone tell me where in the world the P30 lite is selling for the price of a A70? Like, seriously?

It's 2019, but no Bluetooth 5.

The camera result is pretty decent considering the price tag. Design, display, battery endurance & general performance seems decent as well.

There was a time when "Lite" branded phones used to be pretty bad. Now they seem rather usable.

Been awhile since you could actually say a budget Samsung phone can compete

  • Kneee

Why the hell you guys didn't compared it with the mi9se?? It's clearly this phone's main competitor

  • Anonymous

In my country p30 lite is 20$ cheaper than a50