Asus Zenfone 6 hands-on review

16 May 2019

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  • Silence

Unfortunately, this Zenfone 6 has not been launching in Malaysia as promised! We're not getting this unit unless we import from other countries through online shopping platform like Shopee and Lazada, sad to say this.

  • Arkajan

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2019Get cm luncher it gives any phone that private folder Yes, I has a hidden cabinet on the file manager

  • Anonymous

Namelesss, 28 May 2019Does ZenUI have any option like Huawei's "Private space", Xiaomi... moreGet cm luncher it gives any phone that private folder

Does ZenUI have any option like Huawei's "Private space", Xiaomi's "Second space" or Samsung's "Secure folder"?

  • Anonymous

Thomas69, 17 May 2019Could someone please tell me if this new Asus Zenfone 6 will be ... moreZenfone 6 coming to the US in July/August.

  • Max pro m3

When asus zenfone max pro m3 will release in philippines?
Just askin.

So there is no OIS in the main camera, right? :(

Seems like a good deal...maybe the only flagship phone with 5000 mah battery and real dual SIM capability with dedicated micro SD card slot! Newest Soc, snazzy sold

  • Force Majeure

Finally a mobile with a BIG battery, none of that puny s**t (pardon my French) 3000 mAh for all flagships since 2015. This one is certainly worth a consideration.

What a nice phone and really, really high value for the money... I could dream of a ultra version... But will never come again... Sad.
I love Asus going their own way ALWAYS, no matter what all other does.

  • Love the Community

Geez, you're making it sound like dropping a phone is a big deal. We have to be tight gripped and careful with this phone. I'm sure Asus knew about this and made it durable. Don't deter them with just a drop that only a handful thousand out of millions experience.

  • Anonymous

I can't ever see myself using selfie camera THAT often to be concerned about drop hazards. sucks for those who do I guess.

  • Anonymous

An ideal phone, that 5000 mAh battery is really a must for flagship SoC's no matter what the efficiency claims are. My only issues are

- Laser AF/PDAF instead of a Dual Pixel PDAF, might cause some focusing issues on clip on lenses if the Laser AF is covered by the lens or the Laser AF already broke by itself.
- Despite EIS, an additional OIS module is a great addition for shaky hands like mine lol
- For camera quality concerns, a compatible GCam is always the way to go. Hopefully it runs more stable than the previous Zenfone 5/5Z wherein most apk's crash or if running has a lot of bugs
- The lack of an IR Blaster can be remedied by the external Type C ones
- That price may make me wanna wait for a sale lol

Hays, gotta hold on for my deteriorating Xiaomi Mi5 lol. The upcoming K20's 4000 mAh battery is a concern especially that I use GCam (battery intensive) a lot.

  • OneDestiny

If I actually end up buying I would regularly check if the accelometer is working or not. If that goes and the phone drops with the camera open, there goes my phone.

  • Anonymous

UnderDogMkd, 20 May 2019One small drop on the ground and there you go :D you will need t... moreThe camera has free fall protection. So the camera flips back in its original position of you drop it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 May 2019still tear drop notch is better design rather than punch hole , ... moreWTF? You do realize you actually get smaller display with a punch hole, right? When you use it in landscape, you get a black bar (And if you didn't...well, i would be even worse as it would interfere with text, buttons and whatnot). Notches and punch holes ARE the useless gimmicks

  • Starsplash

I've watched the reviews on YouTube and I believe the Asus ZenFone 6 is great value for £500. Everyone as there own personal opinions. I never used a Asus ZenFone and is available for pre-order now at the Asus UK store. All the smartphons i own that I haven't experienced problems or issues.

I own a Xiaomi mi Mix 2 special edition, Xiaomi mi Mix 3, oneplus 3t, ZTE Nubia red magic and a oppo find X.

I shall defiantly pre-order the ZenFone 6. My opinion is it's worth every penny spent on it.

  • Anonymous

still tear drop notch is better design rather than punch hole , notch , pop mechanisms etc. this is also another useless gimmick from the brand asus

  • KS

I like the things the flip camera can do but coming from Axon 7, it looks like a downgrade. i.e no Quad HD, OLED, 32 bit audio DAC & OIS. Let's see if they have a PRO version in the near future.

  • KS

Kingslayer, 17 May 2019I probably hate Asus more than people who have hated Game of Thr... moreCare to elaborate why please?