Asus Zenfone 6 review

28 May 2019

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  • Rhishi

Ramesha Ramakrishna, 08 Aug 2019Very poor quality sound while receiving calls. It is so bad, som... moreSept update has rectified this issue.

Definitely a much more premium phone compared to Xiaomi Pocophone F1. Undoubtedly my choice for affordable flagship.

  • Anonymous

One of the excellent feature in Zenfone 2 was PC link, is it still there in 6?
The bad thing in 2 was only one SIM use mobile dad's, hopefully this corrected now.

  • Casedy

Anonymous, 30 May 2019U sure it's not a lie? Because my almost 3 years Zenfone 3 (ZE52... moreMy Zenfone 3 still work very well till now after the last update.

  • Casedy

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2019they should make a pro version, same but replacing that crap pan... moreFingerprint at the back of the phone is more practical and convenient.

Contrary to the review the audio output in this phone is below par. The sound output lacks body. Dts x is more like a gimmick. The sound through the Sony xp75ap is very weak when compared to the sound on the Huawei mate 20 Pro and the honor 8 Pro. It's quite clear that the dac used is not of a good quality. Tweaking the equalizers also don't help much due to the low powered dac

  • Ramesha Ramakrishna

Very poor quality sound while receiving calls. It is so bad, some times you cannot hear anything. Even update did not help. Too much of background noise. No covers in the package. Difficult to get the case outside. Sold the phone in 2 weeks at 40% discount.

Does anyone know if the 256GB version will be sold in the US?

  • Anonymous

sir in asus 6z.. does it make crackling sound only in earpiece during call?? or do we still hear the crackling sound effect even if we use the headphones??.. is it the transmission issue or the earpiece issue??

  • Drobo

Why no optical image stabilization....

  • roland

can it what'sup video call ?

  • Cooldude

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2019Zenfone 6 has headphone jack. Checkmate.Asus 6Z hav 180° rotate can, world's first 48mp cam, FM, headphones & 3.5 jock, Auto panorama, SD 855, SD card slot, 4K video (Even by front side), Liquid metal parts, Double mic, NFC, gravity sensor, Noise canceling tec, front flash. Gorilla glass 6 & 3 protection,

How can u Ppl compare this phone with 3rd class China Items yar.?

  • Abstracted

Any idea what DAC is used in this phone?

  • Anonymous

zillion, 29 May 2019I prefer buy mi9 than zenfone6. Better display with underscreen ... moreZenfone 6 has headphone jack. Checkmate.

  • Humble One

Any NFC on this phone?

Tanase Adrian, 08 Jun 2019omfg,what are you doing here man?!killed by software?!you know t... moreI've already seen 2 phones, one Honor and one Asus, both with screen brightness dimming when switching between different apps. It's Android garbage at work here. People complain about bloatware, but all software is mostly bloatware these days, that's why so many updates, a lot of unwanted and useless garbage "features" and bugs.

Notsure, 30 May 2019Why isn't it 600 nits everywhere? I hope it isn't the Asus auto-... moreomfg,what are you doing here man?!killed by software?!you know that there are software updates....and it isn't killed by nothing except in your mind.and that garbage talk about the shit screen ....all garbage.gsmarena's tests suck,other reviews managed to get 550+ nits from the first testing,why did not gsmarena?!not to mention the deltaE of 5.9 on gsmarena and 2.4 on other reviews!!don't trust anything you read,search more and then draw a line and a conclusion.

Supersnake, 03 Jun 2019Thought you might like to see this communication I had with ASUS... moreOof. It's looking more increasingly bleak for me (being that I am on Verizon).

I mean... I suppose that's $500 less I'll be spending in July. More money for me?

On the other hand, my only hope is they mention "current models". Maybe new models for USA market coming in July?

Patrik, 03 Jun 2019I see the review of this phone on Android Authority youtube chan... moreA lot of Nokia Lumias had AOD with a LCD pannel. The screen was really dim compared to when the screen was ON, but still readable. The good point was you could set a walpaper since anyway all the screen was on and it would not cost more energy. The effect was pretty cool and almost like old phone with no backlit, but I don't think it will be like this on Android.

So it's perfectly possible.

  • Patrik

I see the review of this phone on Android Authority youtube channel, and i saw that this phone have an AOD feature even its using an IPS LCD panel.. is it true..?