Xiaomi Mi 9T/Redmi K20 review

28 June 2019

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  • 25 Dec 2021

Anyone know where I can find screen protector which is good fitting around pj

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    • recmydream
    • J9m
    • 21 Dec 2021

    Is there a good competition now?

    i bought mi 9t as a gift for my girlfriend more then 2 years ago and it still good:
    the camera is awesome
    its not lagging
    its fast enough
    the battery is still ok after this time
    good screen

    the problem is:
    i cant find new one in my country at this moment...
    and i dont even know is there really better phones for the same price i payed for mi 9t
    especially if we talk about camera

    i check a bunch of phones in camera comparison app but no one beat it
    in details
    in low noise
    in symmetry of optics
    no one

    Any suggestions?)

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      • K4T4N4
      • gyx
      • 09 Dec 2021

      ..., 13 Aug 2021I'm using the phone for about a year now and i'd ... moreBruh... -_- use the damn PC for video games! Don't expect any phone to match
      PC capabilities. smh

        Me Mi, 16 Jul 2020Should I update to MIUI 11 (V11.0.3.0.PFJEUXM). Will be sti... moreUpdate it, will still working super fine

          Anonymous, 20 Sep 2020Underrated phone.... Older, notch free, NFC, 3.5mm jack,... moreTotally agree with you.

            Dhre, 17 Jan 2021Please mi 9t or Samsung a70 MI9T is still the best VS. Samsung model you mention.
            I have since 2 years and it works super fine still.

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              • HLw
              • 13 Aug 2021

              I'm using the phone for about a year now and i'd like to share u why i'd only rate it a 7/10

              I think all the pros are already mentioned before in all of the other comments (which i all agree with) but i've not seen any critisicm so here we go...

              1. The camera is sh*t when it comes to photos or videos in the dark (or without enough light) - unusable

              2.it didn't get the whole miui 12 update (ehich is rlly sad cuz the update would've improved the phone)

              3. When u start playing high end games like Genshin Impact on it, it starts overheating - almost reching burning temperature

              4. The screen is not bright enough for sunny summer days

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                • Rehmmh
                • X%C
                • 23 Jul 2021

                Mi-9T is the best & charming phone. Everything works best i.e screen, camera, performance, battery life etc. This phone compatible with iphones.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • wHR
                  • 20 Apr 2021

                  mine still works fine in over 2 years. probably gonna change to its successor mi 10T or poco f3 later that has the same best value for performance

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                    • WeirdGernan
                    • 3uM
                    • 30 Mar 2021

                    Alexorfa, 30 Oct 2020I own that phone over a year now and I am extremely happy f... moreAlso. Over a year, and it's better than the day I bought.

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                      • Dhre
                      • Nu6
                      • 17 Jan 2021

                      Please mi 9t or Samsung a70

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                        • Alexorfa
                        • gJt
                        • 30 Oct 2020

                        I own that phone over a year now and I am extremely happy for my choice. With all the updates is better than the first day I bought it. Highly recommended

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                          • Mohamed
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                          • 21 Sep 2020

                          Rale, 01 Sep 2020This phone to buy or mi note 10 lite.9t better than Mi note 10 lite
                          Curbed edge screen is not good for handling

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 6u2
                            • 20 Sep 2020

                            Underrated phone....

                            Older, notch free, NFC, 3.5mm jack, good camera's Inc a telephoto, decent battery. Great price.

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                              • Rale
                              • 0mU
                              • 01 Sep 2020

                              This phone to buy or mi note 10 lite.

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                                • arE
                                • 25 Jul 2020

                                Tref, 07 Jul 2020For same prices mi 8 new, or mi9t old 6 month in like new? ... more9t

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                                  • Me Mi
                                  • Yet
                                  • 16 Jul 2020

                                  Should I update to MIUI 11 (V11.0.3.0.PFJEUXM). Will be still good and smooth. Don't want make phone slower or battery drain. Please, advise

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • nLx
                                    • 08 Jul 2020

                                    A notch-free phone, AMOLED screen, efficient and fast CPU, convincing battery life, reasonable price, jack, and more than decent camera performances. More than enough reasons for me to choose this phone over everything else made in 2019 and 2020. I'm very surprised Gsmarena gave only 4 out of 5 to this phone.

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                                      • Tref
                                      • snP
                                      • 07 Jul 2020

                                      For same prices mi 8 new, or mi9t old 6 month in like new? What you are think? Better buy?

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                                        • Galoy
                                        • vV5
                                        • 07 May 2020

                                        Mi9T Malaysia version no band 1