Samsung Galaxy S10+ long-term review

29 July 2019

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  • Note9 User

ahmedabbas, 29 Jul 2019why isn't there a note 9 long term review? Having a late Note9 long term review will be beneficial for being up to date with the latest development updates, but yes it definitely needs to happen, especially with the incoming Note10 NOT having a 3.5mm headphone jack socket which is also very handy for hooking up to car & home hifi & being able to charge at the same time.

  • Bee bee

Yes, S10's quick charging is not at all quick. I have switched from Honor 8, a 3 year old mid-range, and its charging twice as fast as Samsung S10. Seriously, the difference is si niticeable thought its a bug first. With S10 you can forget the quick recharge while you take a snack - you need 2hrs to charge now. And a 15-20min snack time recharge barely adds 15-20% points, whereas Honor would charge close to 50%. No clue why Samsung went with this (batterry fears?), but it is very noticeable.

  • El Natan

GAMIRSFM, 01 Aug 2019How is the Google Pixel 3 slow????????The Pixel 2 and 3 suffer from performance issues where they will randomly freeze due to poor RAM management and other software choices, also they only have 4GB of RAM which is not a lot for a flagship Android device

I'm using S10+ for 3 months now (SD855 model).
1. Yes, it looks amazing.
2. No, it is completely impossible to use it without some case. It literally slowly slips from your hand even when you hold it and do nothing. Any one handed operations are out of question. You never get uset to it.
3. Power button placement is bad and you can just barely get used to it.
4. Fingerprint sensor is garbage tier. It has no redeeming qualities . Even after months of usage I still often get 5 fails in row and have to enter password. Dry and clean fingers or wet fingers cause 99% of failures, in such cases there is no point in even trying to unlock the phone. I'm comparing to sensors from S9+, A8+, and Oneplus. Even very small sensors of A8 and S9 have 100% near-instant unlock rate and work in any conditions.
5. Display is amazing.
6. Punch-out front camera is dumb gimmick. Almost no software takes advantage of additional space to left of it and I suspect the numbers won't increase in future, due to new tech of pop-up cameras etc. Essentially it means that S10 series have big unused header, just like wedge on iPhones, but even bigger because it ends at lower border of front camera.
7. Main camera set is very good. I like pictures it takes and recently it won blind comparison test (by voting), both in good light and low light (heh). Sure, it is a small local IT site, but still. Wide camera is a really useful addition, yes, it distorts but you can make nice pictures with it.
8. Battery is great - one full day with semi-heavy usage is guaranteed. And by one full day I mean 40-50% left in the evening for emergency heavy usage. Two full days from one charge is also guaranteed but without reserves on second day. Fast charge is acceptably fast (I compare to Dash charge in OP).
9. UI is much better than TouchWiz but very few programs adopt OneUI. Firefox is running a preview of next-gen interface with OneUI support and it is really great. I wish more apps incorporated it.
10. Unmentioned in this article is a lot of 3rd party software hidden in the OneUI. I'm not talking about obvious Facebook etc. but about integrated stuff - MacCoffee "antivirus", some useless "cleaner" made by China, some spyware in camera which is tied to the recognition funtion and a few more thing like that.

Overall it is a very good phone with good battery and camera (the essentials) but not ideal and not for 1000 euro certainly.

  • Johnny

Why samsung s10 plus got or easily warm or hot, even just watching YouTube or playing games. I think huawei phones is much better. Hope Samsung will fix this.

  • PhoenixFirebird

This will be my phone for 2 more years

  • Anonymous

GAMIRSFM, 01 Aug 2019How is the Google Pixel 3 slow????????Not a power user here, but when I'm travelling, then yes.
And it slows down a lot during heavy use and also in a hotter environment (30° C) - which barely a problem for older smartphones.

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2019Thank you GSMARENA. These kind of long term reviews helps people... moreHow is the Google Pixel 3 slow????????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2019From the reviewWow. You really need to learn how to logic better

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2019And where on earth did you get that idea?From the review

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2019So it looks that miui is better than one ui. Where are samsung f... moreLOL man... You don't know what you say..
Did you trully believe youself?.. MIUI it's ok(with a stock launcher only). Have u ever used the new ONE UI on a flagship?

  • Anonymous

Thank you GSMARENA. These kind of long term reviews helps people if they should consider a phone or not.

S10+ seems to be one of the last flagships that is still clearly below 75mm wide. It looked like I wanna get back to Samsung again, but the slow notification sync is a bit turning off. I never faced similar issues with my SGS7 back then.

S10 series seem to be the perfect allrounder otherwise. They suck in no disciplines. (Huawei p30 pro has a bad selfie camera, op 7pro has no ip68 and is too big, xperia 1 camera performance is ok only, pixel3 is slow, redmi k30 pro has no ip68, etc.)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2019So it looks that miui is better than one ui. Where are samsung f... moreAnd where on earth did you get that idea?

  • Anonymous

So it looks that miui is better than one ui. Where are samsung fanboys that are bashing miui

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2019The jack of all trades thing has been fading for a whileAnd it'll fade completely with the Note 10.

AverageUser, 30 Jul 2019You can turn off the animations in settings tho.True, but even then, it's not as smooth looking as Oxygen OS or EMUI. Samsung is on a good path though with software, with the only things to improve bring choice on having bloatware and animations. Updates have been consistent and most have been stable

I have the S10+, purchased for $649 new, unlocked, on Prime day, and upgrading from a Note 4 (still completely functional). Frankly it is a big upgrade, but then again I never expect revolutionary changes from one generation to the next. I find the fingerprint sensor works fine, the sound is fantastic, it actually feels not one whit bigger than my older Note 4, despite being 6.4 inches over the 5.7, and love that 3.5mm Headphone Jack! I don't foresee any upgrades for a while.

  • James

forget this samsung s10+, nobody wants a deadpixel on the screen

  • Jostian

had mine 6 weeks and the 'wonky' proximity sensor drove me insane, so got rid of it.

  • Anonymous

cbx, 31 Jul 2019Hey, mi9 has a smaller battery.But mi 9 have better battery life