Xiaomi Mi A3 review

31 July 2019

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  • Anonymous

WearyExile, 16 Aug 2019My girlfriend and I purchased two of these, but got very poor da... moreTo awnser about USA. This phone will work on gsm networks in the us but is very limited. Xaiomi pulled out of US markets so any phone you get from them won't have all the bands in America.

  • WearyExile

My girlfriend and I purchased two of these, but got very poor data download speeds and failed upload tests at our home. So my question is, are these international market phones compatible with all of the frequency bands in rural areas of the United States?

  • Praveen

Kindly include screen sunlight legibility test results also!!

  • matus

Zinto, 08 Aug 2019Hi. Yes the phone has LED notification. As for the face unlock... moreLooks like useless backcase led noticication...

  • Wesley

Zinto, 08 Aug 2019Hi. Yes the phone has LED notification. As for the face unlock... moreThere is a popular Android app providing the lift to wake function, and more. Not sure about its compability with Face Unlock.

  • Anonymous

Since it is an android one operating system. Can anyone list down the preinstalled apps. And can those apps be deleted?

  • Zinto

rokocz, 06 Aug 2019Hello, does it have notification LED? Does it supprt always-on o... moreHi. Yes the phone has LED notification.
As for the face unlock, i believe all phone need to press power button to wake the screen and it will read your face to unlock.

Unless the phone support function called "Raise to wake" which is none for this Mi A3.

  • Zinto

I just bought this phone 2 days ago. Yes display is 720p, but the rest of the spec is impressive. I can live with that. Give and take. Nothing perfect. Last night install Gcam port for A3. The result is phenomenal. Night sight is fantastic. For the price merely $219 you get purest android, huge battery, super Amoled, sd card support, 3.5mm jack, great camera more like Pixel 3A, with the trade off is only 720p. This is bang for buck.

  • rokocz

Hello, does it have notification LED? Does it supprt always-on or at leat does it show new messages on display?
In different review they say different things so I am asking the owners of the phone.
Also in some review they said the phone does not turn on automatically when you pick it up and you have to push power button first if you want to use face recognition and unlock the phone that way - is that true?
thanks for answers

  • Anonymous

720p on a 6" inch screen is a bad bad decision. Under display sensor also wasn't necessary as it hasn't matured yet. Should've just rebranded the Redmi note 7s with Android One and it'll sell way better

don't know about the accuracy,but to say "FAST" underdisplay fingerprint is at least A BIT overrated.as i have seen in the reviews, it is nowhere fast.that animation lasts for more than 1 second.i don't know why,but i find the gsmarena reviews lately missing the point many times.they are more confusing than enlightening. also i find xiaomi phones, and it seems especially those with global rom, to be suffering heavy from battery drainage concerning the cell standby.i mean to have a 18-20% battery while the screen, being 2hours and 30 min on only has 14-15% of sot.....it is nuts.and i have seen it on more than one smarphone from them.

  • Rei

TJ, 04 Aug 2019Strange that no one is commenting on the HD display on A3 is a d... moreAbsolutely agree... A HD screen and no one complained

Unfortunately, ppl are misleaded my the phone industry by brainwashing them for years, in sites such as this, to believe that the most important feature of a phone is its cameras.
Other gimmicks, like UFP also considered of the highest important and this is how we have reached an Era that actually the most important thing, by faaaaar, in a smartphone, it's display is undercooked.
It's a disgrace, even for an entry level phone to appear with such pitiful ppi and most important such pitiful luminosity, that only makes it valid for indoor use.
A disgrace, Xiaomi lost a considerable amount of respect in my eyes, only for making this phone.
Normally it would the ideal candidade to replace my mother's A1.
Hopefully it will be a massive sales failure and will teach them a lesson. Xiaomi is a crucial presence in quality vfm phones.
We need them for the future, they must not be completely misquided, this is not where the industry should go next!!!

  • TJ

Strange that no one is commenting on the HD display on A3 is a downgrade from A2s Full HD display. An unconventional and stupid move by Xiaomi. With Bumped up camera specs and with 4k recording videos you have a 720 pixel screen to display it all. A dissapointing major for me.

  • Anonymous

morningstar, 03 Aug 2019This phone is a clear example, that Xiaomi is still trying to fi... more"why not the CC9, tho? Why?"
That's because cc9 price starts from 260$ in china while mi a3's price is 250$ outside of china. Clearly they won't sell the same phone in countrues with more taxes and using android one instead of miui(phone brands makes money from custom ui this is why big brands like samsung huawei xiaomi oppo... use them instead of stock android) for cheaper price.

This phone is a clear example, that Xiaomi is still trying to fill-in that gap between their MIUI phones and the "Stock Android" fandom, no offense.

From here, they took the CC9e and flashed it with Android One, why not the CC9, tho? Why? Global ROMS increases the price of the phone, especially this Android One program, Xiaomi's doing great with their MIUI Phones, this phone is just a preview of "What a Xiaomi phone would look like if it runs on stock Android." Which is not so good. That's just my opinion tho. Also, 720p, yeah, right.

Motorola One Vision seems better than this

  • Not A Good Phone

I tried my fren A3 and let me tell you its not worth usd216 they are selling in Malaysia. There is a noticeable delay compare to 9T. If you can't wait for 9T Pro get the 9T not A3. Atm it's low end base model of 9T on sale for usd264. Do not get this phone at its current pricing. This phone should by right sell for usd155. I am atm hesitate getting 9T due to hearing some ppl complain about possible heat issues. 9T Pro should fix this issue with double heatsink inside.

Ivan, 02 Aug 2019I would tend to disagree. I prefer the screen of the Note 7, but... moreThe RN7 Pro is now supported by official LineageOS and other roms. You will stay updated with clean stock android for a good 2-3 yrs. And the Mi 9T doesn't support external storage, but to each his own I guess.

ZolaIII, 01 Aug 2019Which efficiency? The advertised one, get serious. The nominal d... moreSorry meant the GPU is 20% more efficient as per the article.