Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ hands-on review

07 Aug 2019

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As i said earlier sorry Samsung iam out,
after long years with you one hour laiter i will be useing Huawei ,this is my last message from samsong phone, just i wished samsung listen to users more than followng apple phones.
any one happy with samsung letest changes ,good luck

  • Nimal

Ruwan, 13 Sep 2019Also, any WIRELESS technology such as Blootooth, Infrared o... moreAgreed! Well a high end professional needs to answer calls and attend to conference calls and how to do that without a 3.5 mm jack required for a wired headset?

Also, a high end professionals needs a Note series phone with a stylus to sign off on scanned payment vouchers emailed to them.

What about high end professional musicians who need to connect their mobile device via a 3.5 mm cable to their guitar pedal boards to play backing tracks?

Please do not recommend wireless alternative headsets (Bluetooth etc) as high end professionals regard their health as a priority.

I have personally discarded Bluetooth wireless headsets several years ago after discovering the health risks it can pose to your brain and have also stopped answering calls with the mobile device close to your head. For that you need to WIRED HEADSET!!!

  • Ruwan

Haha, 20 Aug 2019Why would you be happy that Samsung killed the 3.5mm jack? ... moreAlso, any WIRELESS technology such as Blootooth, Infrared or WIFi near your brain is a HEALTH HAZARD.
Ditching the 3.5 mm jack for wired headsets make the phone totally unusable as we can't even make use of the most important function of a phone - take phone calls as we keep the phone two feet away from the head using a wired headset. Same goes for listening to audio books, music or you tube videos. Any phone without a 3.5 mm port for a wired headset is totally useless.

Am Bunny, 25 Aug 2019You wish...You wish, I know. My last Samsung was S8+, I'm just done with Samsung. I'm not Sony fan or somethings. Xperia 1 is my first Sony phone in my life. I'm very happy I got it with free headphones ($300 value). If you want somethings close to Samsung design or even better, go for OnePlus 7 pro. It's much better than Samsung Galaxy phones.
Good luck, I'm glad I have 7pro and Xperia 1

AlexP, 21 Aug 2019It doesn't look nice. Sony Xperia 1 looks nice. It's a big ... moreI've got both Xperia 1 and Note 10+ and must say Note in aura glow looks way better. However I will stick to Sony because for me screen resolution, size and ratio is better. Plus brand new Xperia 1 cost me just below of half of the Note 10+ price.

Bixby button gone?? It is still there under power button!!!

  • Cornel

Note 10 seems to be a stupid move of Samsung . What is this ? Why it has this price even? S 10 is far better in every way . It does not have a S PEN, in fact this is what I really hoped for the new Note 10 to be , an S10 with PEN. But what they did , downgraded the screen , removed the Jack, the Microsd slot, the HR sensor and asked for more money instead , put and S pen and request for it with 200 euro more then actual S10 . Is this mockery ? Is this what Samsung wants to play ? For this I say no note 10 for me, and if the continue like this no Samsung for me in the future ... This is and will not be acceptable for a company to mock it's users . So fix it or just go bankrupted , either way is fine .

  • Am Bunny

AlexP, 21 Aug 2019It doesn't look nice. Sony Xperia 1 looks nice. It's a big ... moreYou wish...

Sorry, Iam Out., 21 Aug 2019Last Year I decided to change my sam s7 edge to note9 but i... moreThrn you will end not getting anything, sd slots, IR, 3.5 jacks are fading away, I like all those, but it is what it is

Yasir, 20 Aug 2019Always felt the design of samsung phones, especially the ba... moreIt doesn't look nice. Sony Xperia 1 looks nice. It's a big difference

A big 🧱 brick

  • Sorry, Iam Out.

Last Year I decided to change my sam s7 edge to note9 but it wasnt what i aspected , so i decided to shift, This year i was desperate to buy note 10 pluse again its not what i expected ,good in specifications but very big in size and lost 3.5 jack ,that means to me that the beauty of note series is gone to trash ,whats remain is only a pen .

My message is to Samsung:
and that made us buy note 1-7 after that every thing went wrong
we need fm radio , 3.5 Jack, sd card,Ir .
those gave us life around your phone .
Now I have to look outside
if any one happy with sam changes good look for both of you, but Im Out.

  • G!FT3D

Samsung please make your phones with bigger batteries!! I like the phones very much but please, make your phones thicker and increase the capacity of the batteries already!!! 😭😭😭

  • Yasir

Always felt the design of samsung phones, especially the back, not upto the mark. Note 10 looks like a combination of Sony design and Samsung tech. Looks really nice.

  • Andi

Don't be impressed by Samsung's "free" gift of a pair of wireless headphones costing $499. That's the reason why the price of the new phone is so high. After the intro period, they will remove this gift but the price will also drop so basically they are forcing you to buy their ultra expensive headphones by disguising it as a gift. Also, the headphones are too big to carry around with you all the time so you will need to shell out more money to buy another pair of wireless earphones. That the whole idea behind ditching the 3.5mm jack i.e. squeeze even more money from customers but pretending that it's all for the sake of innovation. Ha!

  • Haha

Now what next?, 18 Aug 2019SO consumers what are getting every new phone almost nothi... moreWe also lost the removable battery long ago. All these decisions were based primarily on corporate greed, not for the benefit of users. A non-removable battery means that they can scalp you for a battery change. No micro-SD card slot means that they can charge more for bigger internal storage even though storage costs very little. And now, ditching the 3.5mm jack means that you have to throw away your existing, high quality wired earphones to buy an expensive wireless one of inferior quality and which needs to be charged up.

  • Haha

Kyng, 19 Aug 2019For me, i love everything about this phone, its an upgrade ... moreWhy would you be happy that Samsung killed the 3.5mm jack? That's like saying that you are glad that they shut down a highway that you haven't used in a few years. Others may still want to use it. It's all about giving people flexibility and choice, not forcing them to throw away their existing wired earphones and forcing them to by an expensive one of lower sound quality.

The one thing that I love about the Note 10 line this year is the starting internal storage. 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage is nothing to sneeze at. Kudos to Samsung for doing this. Unfortunately, that's where the admiration ends for me. The removal of the headphone jack was a mistake. Using a 1080p screen on a Note device (Note 10) was a huge mistake. Not including a screen with a higher refresh rate (120hz) on the Note 10 devices when their competitors are already doing it, was a mistake. Removing the iris scanner and not giving us a secured face unlock system in 2019 on a Note line, was a mistake. The S-Pen still has a lot of potential that Samsung is missing out on. Handwritten recognition is great but I just feel that Samsung is not doing enough with it. Imagine the S-Pen recognizing hand written mathematical equations too and opening a mini calculator on the screen to assist with the calculations. Anyway, I hope they come correctly with the next Note.

  • Kyng

For me, i love everything about this phone, its an upgrade worthy from my Note 9. When i heard Samsung killed the 3.5mm, i was happy. I haven't used a wired headphone in years. Im sure they're going to keep it on the S series. Value is worth it, I'll have 4 cam lens, double the storage and a magic wand. I got my note 9 for almost $1000 now im getting the note 10 plus for almost $700. Those people who keeps whining about the headphone jack get the effin s10+. You people are the S consumers, and we're the N's, we use this phone for productivity and not for entertainment. This isn't for gaming, get an ROG phone! Take it or leave it, this phone is the KING now.

  • Anonymous

DLLM, 19 Aug 2019When other manufacturers are releasing cheaper phones with ... more lg g8x ...