Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ hands-on review

07 Aug 2019

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  • Yasir

Always felt the design of samsung phones, especially the back, not upto the mark. Note 10 looks like a combination of Sony design and Samsung tech. Looks really nice.

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  • 28 minutes ago
  • YQZ
  • Andi

Don't be impressed by Samsung's "free" gift of a pair of wireless headphones costing $499. That's the reason why the price of the new phone is so high. After the intro period, they will remove this gift but the price will also drop so basically they are forcing you to buy their ultra expensive headphones by disguising it as a gift. Also, the headphones are too big to carry around with you all the time so you will need to shell out more money to buy another pair of wireless earphones. That the whole idea behind ditching the 3.5mm jack i.e. squeeze even more money from customers but pretending that it's all for the sake of innovation. Ha!

  • Haha

Now what next?, 18 Aug 2019SO consumers what are getting every new phone almost nothing W... moreWe also lost the removable battery long ago. All these decisions were based primarily on corporate greed, not for the benefit of users. A non-removable battery means that they can scalp you for a battery change. No micro-SD card slot means that they can charge more for bigger internal storage even though storage costs very little. And now, ditching the 3.5mm jack means that you have to throw away your existing, high quality wired earphones to buy an expensive wireless one of inferior quality and which needs to be charged up.

  • Haha

Kyng, 23 hours agoFor me, i love everything about this phone, its an upgrade worth... moreWhy would you be happy that Samsung killed the 3.5mm jack? That's like saying that you are glad that they shut down a highway that you haven't used in a few years. Others may still want to use it. It's all about giving people flexibility and choice, not forcing them to throw away their existing wired earphones and forcing them to by an expensive one of lower sound quality.

The one thing that I love about the Note 10 line this year is the starting internal storage. 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage is nothing to sneeze at. Kudos to Samsung for doing this. Unfortunately, that's where the admiration ends for me. The removal of the headphone jack was a mistake. Using a 1080p screen on a Note device (Note 10) was a huge mistake. Not including a screen with a higher refresh rate (120hz) on the Note 10 devices when their competitors are already doing it, was a mistake. Removing the iris scanner and not giving us a secured face unlock system in 2019 on a Note line, was a mistake. The S-Pen still has a lot of potential that Samsung is missing out on. Handwritten recognition is great but I just feel that Samsung is not doing enough with it. Imagine the S-Pen recognizing hand written mathematical equations too and opening a mini calculator on the screen to assist with the calculations. Anyway, I hope they come correctly with the next Note.

  • Kyng

For me, i love everything about this phone, its an upgrade worthy from my Note 9. When i heard Samsung killed the 3.5mm, i was happy. I haven't used a wired headphone in years. Im sure they're going to keep it on the S series. Value is worth it, I'll have 4 cam lens, double the storage and a magic wand. I got my note 9 for almost $1000 now im getting the note 10 plus for almost $700. Those people who keeps whining about the headphone jack get the effin s10+. You people are the S consumers, and we're the N's, we use this phone for productivity and not for entertainment. This isn't for gaming, get an ROG phone! Take it or leave it, this phone is the KING now.

  • Anonymous

DLLM, 19 Aug 2019When other manufacturers are releasing cheaper phones with 855 p... more lg g8x ...

When other manufacturers are releasing cheaper phones with 855 plus and Samsung is still using the 855 to cut costs (after it cut a lot of costs already by removing other features), I feel that people should take a look at competing phones

  • Anonymous

Haha, 17 Aug 2019What adapter? Were you expecting them to ship a USB-C adapter fo... moreYes they do

  • Now what next?

SO consumers what are getting every new phone
almost nothing

AND STILL FOLLOWING THIS BRAND, STOP BEING used that why more money they get and more greedy support brands that give you what you need what you want . what will happen if we all stop buying phones without Fm radio ,3.5 aux,ir bluster,sd card
we will get easier life .

  • Anonymous

Not-Impressed, 17 Aug 2019What beneficial trade-off for users was there in eliminating the... moreA pathetic 100mAh additional battery capacity in place of the 3.5mm jack.

  • Haha

Armond, 16 Aug 2019No headphone jack, no memory card..Are you kidding? Samsung ha... moreWhat adapter? Were you expecting them to ship a USB-C adapter for wired earphones?

  • Not-Impressed

What beneficial trade-off for users was there in eliminating the 3.5mm jack? None whatsoever. A smartphone with a 3.5mm jack would still be able to use wireless earphones if users prefer to do so and don't mind having to charge up their earphones' battery every now and then. Why should customers pay expensively for the Note 10 and have one useful feature missing? The only rationale I can think of is that Samsung wants customers to shell out more money to buy their expensive wireless earphones after the introductory period. This is the sort of greed that Apple is a past master at but it is disappointing to see Samsung jump into the bandwagon.

  • Reviewers

have tried this handphone. For the camera sector there was no significant increase. In my opinion p30 pro is still the best. There are only the addition of the camera tof. The worst is the black hole on the screen looks really ridiculous. And of course for me Jack 3.5mm is still the best compared to using Bluetooth. It seems more interesting mate 30 than note series. Bye blackpink model

notAningen, 09 Aug 2019Yeah yeah, keep your mouth stuffed with stup*d marketing gimmick... moreSamsung basher ..........

  • Daniel Vaznanie

marek, 13 Aug 2019So, I have Note 8, and ...I bought Note 9 - 512 GB/8 GB RAM yest... moreI do agree on this.

  • sudheesh.vkks

Is galaxy Note 10 and 10 plus have IR blasters?

  • Mawp

Ganesh Pratap Gurung, 16 Aug 2019Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ has so big brand fame and so big ... moreYou're deluding yourself if the only rating you look for is how high the MP number is. There have been several 40+ or 50+ MP cameras that looked utter garbage until they started reducing the effective MP value by averaging across pixels. Nokia had a high (24 iirc) mexapixel camera that effectively took 8MP photos because otherwise it would look grainy and the image becomes insanely huge for no visual benefit.

Quite often you have a choice of going for a low number of high quality elements, or a high number of lower quality ones and roughly the overall quality can be the same.

Don't be fooled by thinking that bigger numbers is always better.

  • Anonymous

I hate all of these shiny design 2019... and i hate big black dot!

  • bendi

Ganesh Pratap Gurung, 16 Aug 2019Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ has so big brand fame and so big ... moreNumber of pixels is not always better except for sales promotion. more pixels is smaller pixels therefore tend to saturate. Every picture takes more disk space thus for any reasonable use 12 to 16 MP is optimal.