Samsung G800 review: Camera with a phone

14 December 2007
It seems Samsung are really stepping on it in the 5 megapixel cameraphone race. In a stark display of audacity, the G800 is pitched as a digicam that can make calls. We usually deal with gadgets that are the other way around but we've been eager to test...

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  • Tshepiso

lin, 07 Mar 2008am so confused!! i absolutely need to buy a new mobile but ... morewell try the samsung smart phone, you might get lost but its a great phone, with all the features you need.

  • Tshepiso

well the phone is cool, have been using it for a day, but its very heavy, if it were a bit smaller but all in all good features. i looovee it

  • Doc

Thanks for a really great review - one of the best I've found and good to have a direct comparison with one of the camera's peers.

I want a cellphone that takes great pictures. My old SE W810i took fantastic pictures - even printed out I was impressed. I was considering the Sony K850 but my buddy has one and I can't get on with those tiny buttons. Assuming the SE K850 takes better pictures than the SE W810 and the W800 takes better pictures still - they must be truly awesome.

I might get the G800 - I'm still undecided. Personally, I didn't get on too well with the keypad, again (OK - I must have sausage fingers) but better than the Sony.

What are my other options here? Better check out Nokia next :)

Thanks again Mr Reviewer.

  • gfdgsd

i'm happy..i have it na!! its good and the best

  • un-named

does G800 have a message counter? if so where is it? if not do anyone know where it can be downloaded or it cant be downloaded?

  • lin

am so confused!! i absolutely need to buy a new mobile but according to the reviews, none is enought good. can someone please tell me which mobile is the best?? (stylish and good quality pls) thank you

  • mmmp

I've been using Nokia a lot, and still am. I bought G800 just a few day a go. Camera is definetly better then on any phone (and I change them about every two weeks), but the dispay, icons, menu and all that stuff are not as good (comfortable) as on nokia Symbian or non symbian
letters are too big and are not accomodated with the size of the screen

  • Ally

i'm about to get myself the G800 but i'm bit skeptical about it because i've been using Nokia for all this i'm not sure if i'm making the right decision.can somebody say something.

  • marcos

that`s Hot, I must hav G800, coz I never cameraphone like this. I used K850i and not really good. And G800 is the best cameraphone than everrrrrrrrr.


k850i too fiddley
g800 massive

  • Me

if you have found a camera that takes excellent pictures under any conditions without changing any settings, do tell me, i'd like to see one. truth to be told, no cameras can take good pictures without any kind of effort, even dslr. this phone can take really good pictures. see here for more.

  • Anonymous

On gsmarena review of the 4 5-mp phones
in my opinion pictures taken with the G800 was the best
and I didnt know which phone was
(I'm a Motorola fan but this Samsung really caught me)

  • Mustafa Idrees

plzzzz someone help me,shuld i go for g800 or remain with my brand new 5610

  • Super Fonik

I just got this phone and started taking pictures with it. It is utter crap.

The phone cannot take pictures in the dark. The flash doesnt help it at all, the pictures look darker than taken without a flash, but ofcourse it is too blury for anything without it.

I am bitterly dissapointed in having wasted 410€ for this piece of junk "camera".

  • int@rdude

Firware updates for samsung mobile phones? G800 has the potential for being the best of the best, but they need to adres the slightly overexposed yellows photos (basically only minus togheter with the 320*240 pixel vid resolution)Good review!

  • Anonymous

i think the n95 is slightly better but not really sure of the functions on this phone is it like the basic slide up phone software

  • Tomek

I don't know why the pictures are so bad. I have k750i and I can take better picture with it than tested g800 (in good condition). I haven't possibility to test k850i but I'm sure the photos are much better than tested. A new firmware will be published in the near future and the photos will be better. I'll buy it within few months.

  • Anonymous

k850 is pathetic phone. Se should cancel this phone immediately and start over. I feel sorry who wasted money on this phone.

And yes they turn the camera on and shoot and test AUTOMATIC mode. We are not here to play with settings. If that we buy DSLR. We want point and shoot camera on our phone. No fuss. See picture, take out phone, turn on, and then shoot picture.

  • Anonymous

I'm very agree with guys like Luhccas.

GSMArena didn't check K850's camera properly.

K850 needs Different functions every situation.

also in MR review of K850's protoype camera it took pictures better than N95.


This is good, very acceptable features - however a few do stand out

256K colours, the world is moving forward not backwards:
the previous 5megapixel phone from Samsung G600 had an astanoshing 16million colours therefore we do not see the point of customising a new larger screen on the new phone and in the other hand going back to using a 256k colour screen.

- WLAN, it is expected that within a 5 months the WLAN feature will be used double the amount of now - therefore again leading to a critic of this phone.

However, this phone is quite amazing in design and colour and the improved software it is holding