Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro review

26 Aug 2019

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  • Joewess

am having one of the phone that the screen is spoilt

  • Sid

Anonymous, 03 May 2020has the display dc dimming?Yes. It does have.

  • Anonymous

has the display dc dimming?

PROOJ, 28 Apr 2020Sorry but doess it supports Android 10.0 Pie and MIUI 11? Thanks!Yes, it will be updated to miui 12 and eventually android q aswell

  • Mahbubur rahman

i would like to inform you that when i active saturated mode or auto recommended mode and watch videos or pictures i can see some blue tint on yellow colour.can it be solved?

  • Pudl

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2020does this phone has led notification light? Yes it does. Albeit on the top of the phone, so not in the ideal position.

  • Pudl

PROOJ, 28 Apr 2020Sorry but doess it supports Android 10.0 Pie and MIUI 11? Thanks!Yes it does.

Sorry but doess it supports Android 10.0 Pie and MIUI 11? Thanks!

"There is no universal solution to the notch problem"
Reasonably sized top bezel is the solution. Making 100% screen to body ratio is the root of the notch problem. Just make a small top bezel. There, notch problem solved! No notch - no problem!

Oh, and you can make a bottom notch that will include a bottom front-facing speaker for a stereo speaker setup. User-facing speakers that still sound great even when the phone is lying face (screen) up on the table.

Personally I prefer top and bottom bezels over extra screen space that I cannot use effectively. Elongated screens are not useful when viewing images since most images are in 4:3 ratio, or 3:2, or 16:9, but not 20+:9. Same with videos - there are very few 21:9 videos and they will still play with black borders on 17:9-20:9 screens. Games are one thing that can use extra screen space, but I stopped playing games on my phone (other than Sudoku). Web browser seems to use extra space to display content... except that content often shows more advertising space and more top and bottom bars that limit the amount of content you can see (making extra screen space useless). And even when web site content is not filled with useless data, you can't read the WHOLE page at the same time. You will still see a portion of the information you are concentrated on, so extra space is not useful for reading text (it is somewhat useful for navigating menus, though, but this is a design flaw, not a "big screen benefit").

Thanks for reading my rant.

Personally I like motorized selfie camera approach the most among all the "notch solutions", although I'd prefer not to have a notch in the first place. I'm okay with top and bottom bezels.

  • Anonymous

does this phone has led notification light?

Sephirotic, 17 Apr 2020Stereo speakers is silly, I don't care for it at all, what reall... moreYeah it's a shame it didn't have that tbh, I've had the phone for 7 months now and it does take great pics but just a slight shake can ruin it easily, il wait another year before I upgrade, hopefully their next phone in the segment has pis, I know the k30 pro has ois

  • Sephirotic

Stereo speakers is silly, I don't care for it at all, what really ruins this phone for me is the lack of OIS on its camera. Any upper-intermediate phone wishing to grab market from flagships must have OIS IMO.

  • Anon

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2020I am kind of afraid of the front camera getting stuck or somethi... moreThere is no risk. Use it cautious, it s a great phone for the price

  • Anonymous

I am kind of afraid of the front camera getting stuck or something like that. Does anyone know if that is a big risk?

  • Net

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2020i doesn't support Netflix I am using Netflix without any problem, how come you say that it doesn't support.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2020Sure it is. It does support every steaming service. i doesn't support Netflix

  • DragRacer

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2020Is camera performance same as mi 9?No, camera differs. Mi 9T is IMX 582, and Mi 9T Pro got IMX 586

Mi9T's battery endurance is 100h while this phone got 104. Yet they said it was better on the Mi9T?

  • Anonymous

Is camera performance same as mi 9?

  • Anonymous

Rocky, 25 Jan 2020Hi just want to confirm. Which of this phone has a micro SD card... moreNone of them have expandable storage