Motorola One Zoom hands-on review

05 Sept 2019

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  • Anonymous

DroidBoye, 06 Sep 2019This things is a freaking balanced phone. I don't care if i... moreAgreed. This is checking all the boxes.

  • SomedaySomewhere

Anonymous, 05 Sep 20193x lossless zoom... as much as my Olympus digital camera ha... moreComparing phones to digital cameras is dumb, whatever the time gap may be.

This things is a freaking balanced phone. I don't care if it has a midrange chipset but it has USB 3.0 type C port, OIS for the main and tele, 4kmAh battery, OLED, 3.5mm jack, NFC and microsd these features are really good and balanced.

3 single-focal length lenses do not make a "zoom", regardless of whatever digital processing you do. A true zoom lens provides variable focal length. Don't buy into the "lossless" nonsense. If in doubt, take a few shots with focal lengths in between the three lenses and observe the poor detail outside the center of the image, where all the camera can do is digital zoom.

  • Anonymous

I really like this phone. I would chamge my OnePlus 5t for this one

  • ZloiYuri

Lenovo, you are drunk, go home! For 400€ you can buy Huawei Mate 20 with similar camera setup, mire powerful and better quality. Xiaomi and ZTE already noticed. Even gorgeous Meizu 16S is cheaper but much better in specs

Whoever approved this 4gb RAM nonsense should be fired.

  • Anonymous

3x lossless zoom... as much as my Olympus digital camera had back in 2003!

  • Anonymous

I think battery life will be fine. Battery life on the One Vision and One Action isn't that good because of the Exynos SoC.

  • Anonymous

Kind of disappointed that this phone doesn't have band 13 for use on Verizon, though I wouldn't be surprised if Motorola kept it out so that it wouldn't cannibalize their Z lineup. Seems like they drastically improved Night Vision, though.

  • Anonymous

the illuminated logo on the back sounds nice. one of the unfortunate compromises that phone makers/designers are making now in the pursuit of full-front displays is the omission of a notification LED, a feature that i, at least, find quite useful. good to see someone trying to just move it elsewhere instead

  • Anonymous

This is what Xiaomi Mi A3 should have to be.

The primary camera image result looks unimpressive. Hopefully it'll get improved with software updates by the time of release.

Overall seems like a decent phone though.

This is basically a flagship phone... it just happens to have a downgraded SoC.

Contrast to most upper-midrange (or Highend) phones, which are midrange phones with simply an upgraded SoC.

So I'm sort of impressed, as long as they can keep the prices competitive, this would be great option to have in the market.

  • Anonymous

Damn, the night mode is awesome. I'm confuse now if I get the Z4 or this one.

  • Sean

Was excited for this Motorola until i seen those camera samples. I hope that is cos it's pre production,they look dreadful