Nokia 7.2, 6.2, 2720, 800 hands-on review

05 Sept 2019

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  • Kurniawan Januar

Can KAI OS synchronize my gmail and google contact like on android ?

  • Bandit656

I have a nokia 2 and it's a good phone dont use it apart from a back up phone still has great battery life , probably needs a reboot as it's running slow

  • Manchester United.

Bibhas, 10 Jan 2020Nokia lost their brand value for a decade. They should come... moreWe only need Nokia QWERTY keyboard phones.

  • Bibhas

Max, 26 Oct 2019I am using nok 8.1 from last few months. So as far as overa... moreNokia lost their brand value for a decade. They should come up with new product and competitive design & price. I am well wisher of Nokia. But dome products has made unhapp.

  • Anonymous

Anonymously, 30 Sep 2019They really ruined it with that stupid 2 megapixel camera a... moreif such powerless phones continues, Nokia 2.0 obituary is in the making.

  • Max

I am using nok 8.1 from last few months. So as far as overall experience of UI and performance of Nokia, both of the Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 seems overpriced. They need to work on camera photo quality, remove glitches in UI.
Why only 8mp selfie camera in 6.2? Even HTC had good UI experience. Nokia need to improve accordingly.

  • Unimpressed

Why Nokia Why!!! Only 2 mp camera

This is not 2009 for god's sake. Just because a VGA and 2 MP sensor exists doesn't mean you put that in every feature phone you make. When will you finally move on to at least 5 MP camera ? This is so disappointing.
I have been a loyal Nokia fan since years, purchased 3 Nokia smartphones this year already and this is how you treat your fans and years old loyal customers ? By giving outdated USB micro and a poor 2 megapixel camera in your latest phones ? Agree this is not a smartphone but everyone needs a decent camera, regardless of Kai OS or Android. When will you guys finally learn

  • Anonymous

Am not even sure why they put a camera.

  • Noname

Which is better,Nokia 7.2 or oppo Reno 2

Lord AWAR, 10 Oct 2019Go for the Nokia 7.2 it is part of Android One so Guarantee... moreThanks a bunch for your good feedback, I'll consider looking at this phone as my option.

  • Lord AWAR

FallenOne, 08 Oct 2019Samsung A50, huawei p30 lite 6 gb, nokia7.2 or oppo a9 2020... moreGo for the Nokia 7.2 it is part of Android One so Guaranteed OS updates for at least 2 years and security updates for at least 3 years and they arrive fast within 3 months of the Pixels!

Good cameras for the price Wide Angle, Regular lens but bigger sensor that uses pixel binning and image merging for good but not great low light photos and better details in normal conditions and a really good Depth Sensor!

Decent battery!

HDR Automatic Screen so amazing videos and images!

Samsung A50, huawei p30 lite 6 gb, nokia7.2 or oppo a9 2020 ? Best option to purchase in terms of durability, long term use for at least 3 years, decent camera and battery, good processing speed with updates and less lag? All opinions are welcome

  • RizkiM

Fragile phone, 30 Sep 2019So the Nokia 800 'tough' phone got tested in a few videos, ... moreIt's almost 3.5 meters fall while the Nokia 800 Tough rated on 1.8 meters fall

  • Fragile phone

So the Nokia 800 'tough' phone got tested in a few videos, they're on YouTube. A Vietnamese guy did the test and uploaded the results, thanks to him. And to my surprise this thing is rather fragile lol. Just after a few drops the display went bad. What an irony, this supposedly tough phone isn't tough at all! With every fall the SIM tray would come loose and the phone would restart or hang, which is disappointing and to add insult to injury, the display just went bad after a few drops, the battery started to heat up and expand. What a failure of a rugged phone, especially from Nokia. Shame. I'm not even making this up, go check the YouTube and you'll see for yourself. The truth, is now out..

  • Sonny

Tech enthousiast , 28 Sep 2019I really wanted the phone untill i noticed the micro USB co... moretouchscreen isn't a practical feature in this model and price, bro. also the os does not support it. So a touchscreen isn't required. But the lack of USB c is something of a concern. And they need to upgrade the camera to at least 5 megapixel. It's not a lot of asking for in a feature phone. Even it costs 20 dollar more, I'll pay the extra but without those, the phone is just incomplete

  • Anonymously

They really ruined it with that stupid 2 megapixel camera and the ancient micro usb. How much, at max would've it cost them to put these 2 basic features ? 5 mp cam and usb C ? I guess hardly a few more euros. How can a establish brand Nokia stoop to such levels. I don't understand

  • achinta

Nice phones

  • Tech enthousiast

I really wanted the phone untill i noticed the micro USB connection and lack of a touch screen..

The connector is like 30 cents maximum.. just use USB C.

This would be an awsome device to operate your Google smart devices with because of the assistent and it would make more sense if you could use the phone to cast basic stuff to your tv with a simple touch screen.. I understand that the specs are too low for an Android system.. i guess kaios is the right choice for that matter..

However.. no USB C and that rubbish camera is a no-no..

Just remove the camera and add touchscreen and USB C. Then i would buy this over an iPhone or new pixel..

Also.. make a 4 inch-all screen- smartphone.. you’ll be rich.

  • Ex-Nokia fan

Excellent phone by Nokia but really disappointed to see USB micro and the 2 megapixel camera. Why in 2019, Nokia ?! You could've put at least a 5 MP in it. Just because it's a feature phone doesn't mean people don't click photos and no USB C ? I'm so disappointed. It would've increased the price by hardly 20 euros by adding these features but the customers would have a much better, complete device. Lack of these basic features severely hamper it's desirability and utility. Now I must carry a separate camera to click photos in my outdoor trips. And what in the world I'm going to do with a 2 megapixel cam ? Can't click a decent picture. And now micro USB being so rare I'll have to carry an extra cable everywhere I go. Great job Nokia. I wanted to buy this, and I would've even at 150 bucks, only if it had a better camera, but now I don't think I would. Good idea, but poor execution by creating such a phone without basic features

  • bhimdevsinh Rana

awesome smart phone king nokia