Nokia 7.2, 6.2, 2720, 800 hands-on review

05 Sept 2019

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Nokia you keep getting better but please make a KaiOS phone on the body of Nokia 3310 Reborn

  • Anonymous

About that Nokia x71 design was much better and it can b better the Snapdragon but it's pretty costly compared to the phone

  • Anonymous

Uncle Jo, 11 Sep 2019...with that price I can get Kirin 970 chipset, 4Gb/128Gb: Honor... moreAnd its honor bro heh

  • Anonymous

What happened to the leaked X71 with a camera hole? I much prefer that design.

  • Don rapito

I was a of nokia buh i got disappointed because there is no nokia system app to make the phone different form other phones. It jxt raw android on it and its really boring

...with that price I can get Kirin 970 chipset, 4Gb/128Gb: Honor 10. 😆

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2019Too old, too generic phones and tío late. The 8.2 if It i... moreI will buy 7.2.... so good midrange phone

I will buy the 2720 just to feel the flipping phone again if it'll be released ahead of Moto Razr.

  • Tapu

Nokia 2720 Flip specs so nice. How much Bangladesh Price.? This product is available for Bangladesh market.?

  • Anonymous

Too old, too generic phones and tío late. The 8.2 if It is released, It will come even later nesta flagship price

  • JP

I'm a fan of Nokia smartphones but I think they could have put the bar higher the 6 series is one that I prefer at an affordable price and good mid range specs but each year we expect more innovation and this year I'm a bit disappointed since they didn't make any significant change they could have at least upgrade the processors power with Snapdragon 675 and adreno 612. Most importantly the screen resolution is quite big but I prefer 5.5 inch that fit perfectly in hands so think Nokia should stay on this

sadh, 05 Sep 2019Second that. These two are actually an upgrade over their predec... moreAlso, note that Nokia changed their naming scheme, the new 7 series is the original 6 series, the new 6 series is the original 5 series.
Nokia 8.1 is the successor of the Nokia 7plus, so wait for the Nokia 8.2 as the proper Midrange champion.

  • Damn

Nokia 7.2 SDM660 while 1.5-year-old Nokia 7 plus had the same chipset, what's the upgrade here in performance?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2019Compared to the excellent competition in the market you would li... moreYou buy it for the looks and retro appeal,not for features! With the prices as advertised,you can get a 2017-2018 flagship .

  • Wojtek

I'm glad to see Nokia is back in the game of interesting designs. granted - those are feature phones but still a refresh from 'Square glass pane'

Kangal, 05 Sep 2019In a perfect world, this is how Nokia devices would've progresse... moreInteresting proposition. But I have to point out they also make 2-series, 4-series, 6-series and 8-series phones.

  • Nokia user

The GPU should be 530 or more for the Nokia 7.2

  • Anonymous

I like how Nokia though of everything in the 800 tough, it even has a latch to pull your car if it ever breaks down!

  • Zero

Moniker, 05 Sep 2019You think 670 would make a difference? Just asking. I think ther... moreYup.... 670 is already stronger now... even Google choose them instead 660.

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2019But he is rigtht. 300 bucks for a Snapdragon 660 device is way o... moreIn a perfect world, this is how Nokia devices would've progressed:

Device: Year 2017, Year 2018, Year 2019
Nokia 1: QSD 617 -> QSD 625 -> QSD 632
Nokia 3: QSD 650 -> QSD 636 -> QSD 665
Nokia 5: QSD 652 -> QSD 670 -> QSD 675
Nokia 7: QSD 653 -> QSD 712 -> QSD 730
Nokia 9: QSD 835 -> QSD 845 -> QSD 855
Example: Nokia 1 -> Nokia 1.1 -> Nokia 1.2

As for the price and specs:
Device: USD Price, RAM, Storage, Battery, Size of 21:9, Display Quality - Overall
Nokia 1: ~$150, 2GB RAM, 32GB, 2,500mAh, 5.50 inch, 720p IPS - Cheapest
Nokia 3: ~$250, 4GB RAM, 64GB, 3,000mAh, 6.00 inch, 1080p IPS - Best Value
Nokia 5: ~$400, 6GB RAM, 128GB, 3,500mAh, 6.50 inch, 1080p IPS - Decent
Nokia 7: ~$500, 6GB RAM, 128GB, 4,000mAh, 7.00 inch, 1080p OLED - Decent
Nokia 9: ~$700, 8GB RAM, 256GB, 4,500mAh, 7.50 inch, 1440p OLED - Fastest

...but like I said, this is in an ideal/perfect world where things are as balanced as Thanos.