LG G8X ThinQ first look

06 Sep 2019

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I'm very suspicious about LG's claim that the 2nd screen only sucks down 20% more juice. The screen is the single largest power draw on every phone I've ever used, which makes sense. How did LG get this 20% number? I'm guessing they turned the lighting ALL the way down and maybe even used static images on the displays with lots of black to draw less power by the AMOLEDs. But in real-world use, with real world lighting, I'm guessing LG is yanking our chain.

This is a very consistent offering from LG -- a new flagship phone running a previous generation of Android, a previous generation of processor, a downgraded screen, no reliable trajectory for operating system updates, and new features -- like the TOF sensor on the G8 and probably this new dual-screen on the G8X -- that will be unsupported the moment they're released. In a cheaper phone these half-baked details would be more excusable, but in a top end phone they're not.

LG's historic lack of after-sale support supports their model -- they want sales, not customers.

  • A70user

I want it without the dual screen

duncdawg, 07 Sep 20194500+ battery and I would have been in on it. But not for anothe... moreI have several LG phones. Even though the battery seems too small on paper, the phones actually have good battery life. And are quick to charge as well.

Is the G8s compatible with the dual-screen?

You know this actually looks ugly or should i say ROUGH

  • Yee

I like the general idea behind this although it would work better with a "note" type of device with some useful/ creative software that would make a good use of stylus and both screens.
My opinion 😉

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019Actually: wtf is LG thinking? Their phones were great and now tu... moreThe difference between Mate X, Fold and G8X is that you have to carry additional brick that isn't even possible to be detached and just put in bag etc. while at the same time you able to do it with G8X, of course it looks ugly as hell but at least you are not being forced to carry it all the time

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 06 Sep 2019So LG is embracing the ZTE Axon M idea. Definitely something to ... moreZTE axon M is a completely rip-off from NEC Medias 4 years before. So the design not original ZTE idea

4500+ battery and I would have been in on it. But not for another mediocre battery life LG phone

I'm not sure on the clip on screen, feels like their reaching to be different. Plus the second screen is off centre and that would annoy the hell out of me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019Why do you need android update??Every flagship phone should get min. 2 years of update because you pay higher than regular one (not only paying for the hardware, but also the software service). Updates are important since it will give you more up to date features & security patches that keep your phone safer.

So LG is embracing the ZTE Axon M idea. Definitely something to look forward.

  • Jepax

ZloiYuri, 06 Sep 2019LG doesn't even worth to be noticed here. Primary camera using s... moreIt seems that you have never used the LG camera.

  • Jepax

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019LG-G-8-X-Thin-Q-5G damn namming....G series are not 5G

  • AnonD-819322

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019LG-G-8-X-Thin-Q-5G damn namming....Heard of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Whackcar, 06 Sep 2019The 4000 mAh battery combined with 1080p display should provide ... moreI agree, if it's not super expensive it could potentially sell well.

  • Sean

Nice phone on it's own but the clip on screen is pointless

  • Anonymous

What an ugly pos. No surprise since it's from LG.

  • Anonymous

Wow you would think with that top bezel they could have fitted that front camera instead of that drop notch

  • Anonymous

Actually: wtf is LG thinking? Their phones were great and now turn out to be frankenstein-ish experiments. Can't do no fold, bring a foldable 2 screen phone?! THere even might be a use to this, but it feels very cheap compared to samsung and huawei effords bringing a foldable phone. I wouldn't say that if LG didnt show off a rollable TV the other day. ALso: If a company decides to change the whole mobile device category, do it like motorola. They got rid of "Z" and of flagships, which is a very nice thing. Why go compete directly with samsung, huawei and apple? Just go niche!