Samsung Galaxy A90 5G hands-on review

06 Sept 2019

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Is it just me or are others getting annoyed by the OIS guy too?

  • .alpha

5G phone not running Huawei's Kirin 990 is pointless. The separate SoC + modem combo Qualcomm is selling it too power hungry and cannot switch 5G carriers

  • AnonD-706668

Hahaha ! No OIS with small f 2.0 aperture

  • Anonymous

For me personally, spending $1000 for a 4G phone seems not worthed anymore. $400-600 then yes for the likes of K20 Pro or OP7 Pro. More than that well, I think would be better to find 5G phones for that much money.

  • Anonymous

it looks like a copied chinese phone just with samsung branding xD
dont fall from the chair they are releasing every day the same crap like this with different branding but you keep buying them xD

The reviewer doesn't seem to realise that 5G is a reality already in South Korea, where this phone is being sold. It's a strange mindset to think of 5G where the reviewer is based, not where the device is available. The S10 5G has had very strong sales in South Korea, so this is a very logical and sensible move by Samsung to sell this device to those in their homeland who maybe can't afford the S10 5G.

As for the sides, they are made of aluminium. Why would they use plastic when this has a glass back?

very nice mobile ..i like this mobile this week buy mobile..

  • hovado

[deleted post]mate so I went to have a look at the comparison and you are talking nonsence

  • Anonymous

Aluminum side frame then plastic???

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]f2.0 better than the S10+??? what a joke.

  • Sean

Nice but Samsung stop using cheap glossy plastic

  • great