Realme 5 review

30 Sept 2019

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  • Muzamil

Realme 5s

  • Ashish Choudhary

realme phone is very good ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


i want to know about realme 5 all camera working.
when all camera can be used one by one please help.

  • Anonymous

Realme5 top phone fast big memory

  • Anonymous

In new update camera video stabilizer is not working.
There are too much jerk.
Old version make very stable video.

  • Unknown

After the android 10 latest update. The phone lags at it would suddenly hang. Turning itself to black no matter what you will still won't function properly. Please fix it! What do i need to do on it?? Tsk can't used it properly anymore. I want to go back to its android 9 version instead. -,-

  • Anonymous

After every update this phone becomes insane... Been using it for almost 10 months

  • hibieh

after 10 months of using it. all i could say it's a trash phone. it a bad phone that pretend to be a good. specially when the update system come. they kill this phone. never again oppo, i mean realme.

  • Anonymous

Does it have recycle bin?

  • Old

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2019Add to Cons : GG3 and micro USB All phones since late ... moreRealms 5

  • Zj

Screen response extremely slow( i do not have screen protector on)
Its good for gaming, means 1 app at a time
Its not good for business, changes between apps super lag

I would not buy this brand ever again
I bought it because the chipset and review of it being faster than most phones
I forgot to weight the display concerns

My bad

  • Anonymous

Hanz, 10 May 2020Can anyone recommend me a phone with good camera? Don't wan... moreSamsung Galaxy M31

  • Chad

Realme always updating their OS which making my phone so lag. I hated the new update and they should fix it.

My mom has the 3gb ram version

it really really sucks , it lags so much in day to day to tasks

  • Anonymous

Worst mobile experience ever. I am playing online games and suddenly my mobile data vanishes. It happens almost every day. Having 4gb ram it is not that fast as it should be. Useless thing!

  • CyborgMi

Unknown, 29 May 2020Is realme 5 able to run pubg smooth? I am just looking for ... moreBuy the 4 gig ram version of realme 5 you would get smooth,high (probably ultra, I don't know bcoz I'm using 3 gig version)...but an extra gig of ram at 4 will give you better performance and lesser frame drops.

  • Jazib

Unknown, 29 May 2020Is realme 5 able to run pubg smooth? I am just looking for ... moreYes it is good for pubg if you use gfx tool and run game at 60 fps ... Extreme frame rates 😊

But battery life at 60 fps will be insane.. you will only be able to run for 4.5 to 5 hours only..

But if you run pubg at default settings (smooth and high frame rates) it will give you sharp 8 hours backup

  • Unknown

Is realme 5 able to run pubg smooth? I am just looking for a mobile that runs pubg well. is it long lasting or i have to change realme 5 after some time?

  • Jo

If it has or blaster??

  • Hanz

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2020Can you recommend a gaming phone?Can anyone recommend me a phone with good camera? Don't want gaming