OnePlus 7T review

26 Sept 2019
With the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, it was the first time the brand launched two versions of a flagship where one offered superior features over the other. The OnePlus 7T fills in the gap that was left between the 7 and 7 Pro.

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In India, one plus 7t & Asus rog phone 2 are priced exactly same for 38K.. Camera samples show similar quality, now its an all out War between them this festive season!

  • Anonymous

onepluses, the most overrated phones ever (iphones apart)

  • Kim

man.. the camera placement and that big round design is such an eyesore.

  • Anonymous

Awwww, 26 Sep 2019Taller, taller, taller like remote control haha. Most of tv... moreI prefer 16:9.

But I highly doubt people today would like a tall and wide phone like Z Ultra.
Even if you trim belzels, it is still 9.22 cm wide.

Also these companies take the advantage of the fact most costumers do not know that a 6" 16:9 is bigger than 6" 18:9 , 6" 19:9 and 6" 21:9 ...
People buy these ratios and think they are getting more screen.

  • Dometalican

That battery...ugh...pointless. As expected, I'm skipping this one too.

Taller, taller, taller like remote control haha. Most of tv shows are encoded in 16:9 ratio. So when you watching on this skinny phone, you waste alot space. There's a huge black screen on left and right, the video actually look TINy on big tall screen. I don't see anybody making 16:9 phone anymore.

  • Anonymous

Few more cons should have been pointed out.

- no wifi 6, listed as con for other brands
- battery life is poor for a 1080p + 3800 mAh device. Could not even reach 90h on 60Hz mode.
- poor texture photos

Very poor web browsing time, poorer camera. NO

2400 x 1800 px, 20:9 aspect ratio; 402ppi
Nope the resolution is not right.

  • Luvking


  • Anonymous

Wow. This looks way more interesting than the overpriced Mate 30 pro (1099 euro also with a 1080p panel but 60 hz)