Nokia 7610 review: The first megapixel

14 June 2004
Nokia 7610 is the first Nokia camera phone with a megapixel resolution. It looks cool, has a bunch of memory and unexpectedly many applications in the basic set. Nokia 7610 is a mid-big and mid-heavy phone standing alongside to the usual handsets but compared to other smartphones it seems very slim. Read our extensive review with a plentiful picture gallery.

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  • zeta phone

Rudy, 06 Sep 2020This review was done before I was born XDGoogle Lens

  • Maria

Loved the article...

  • Rudy

This review was done before I was born XD

Oh yes The great ( first with megapixel camera ) Nokia 7610. I got my in spring 2004. ( Black & Red ) with 64 MB mmc. Great phone \ multimedia device; in thath peroid. I still got my with all original parts,even the battery is original. Still works great,Symbian OS was great. Easly customized,install applicatons,games,etc. Remember watching a full divx movie with subttiles. Playing very colurfull and great games,a few of them like: Crazy 3D Rally was unbelibavlle graphic complex for a Symbian .sis game. Also playing some games like Micro Pool multiplayer via bluetooth. Great Stylish Phone 2004-2008 it was my primry phone.and everything i needed it was on the interent, I was following,and downlaodinig almost dally .sis files on my PC and via bluetooth then transfer that on my 7610 and try it. Also i was using my Nokia 7610 like a remote conntroler for a Desktop PC via bluetooth, In 2004 that was something for me and for my friends all around :) All in all one Big up for a NOKIA 7610 it was the far BEST Phone i ever had. ( of course, for that period )

  • AnonD-689823

I still have this phine....It's 14 year old now and works perfectly fine.... i use it as backup in emergency situations...🙄🙄🙄

  • AnonD-689823

Rajendra pudasaini, 02 May 2009there feature not suported in this mobile's there... moreChange the lens module...🤔

  • Abady

Gurpreet, 02 Aug 2006well this is one of the best phone with nokiaI need one like this phone

  • Faride

my husband has the htc. he had the same phone 2 vernoiss ago and just upgraded; loved them both. just so you know, iphone does not support wireless bluetooth stereo headphones (think the motorola s9) or picture/video mms.

  • Raki

This is the first mega pixel phone from nokia it looks like a newly released phone so i like this cute phone (it is slim and spicy)

  • Anonymous

Just order it from e-bay... now I am using a HTC Desire, but need phone for my outdoors activities... and a few years ago I dreamed about this one... :)

  • Anonymous

this mobile very good so recycle nokia7610 plese

  • Dill

Its now 2009 and I have had this phone since 2004. I have just recently upgraded to the N97. The 7610 is the most reliable phone ever! I cant express how i feel towards this phone.
But after reading this I really wanna get a new case for my old 7610.

I still have in on a shelf above my PC :-)

  • Rajendra pudasaini

there feature not suported in this mobile's there any solution.

  • venom

miss this fone ..='( mine was lost .. my dad gave it as a bday gift ... soO sad miss this fone ..='( mine was lost .. my dad gave it as a bday gift ... soO sad

  • moss

it's very modern

  • barly

please help me to get licence key for my ultramp3 nokia 7610
my imei 353388004363844

  • yEnz

i miss this fone ..='( mine was lost .. my dad gave it as a bday gift ... soO sad ..

  • Simon

my dad gifted this handset on my birthday and i m not facing any prob while using this

  • Gurpreet

well this is one of the best phone with nokia