Sony Ericsson W890 review: Thin Walkman refined

28 December 2007
With 2008 around the corner, hopes are high for the coming year but the devoted fans of Sony Ericsson W880 have yet another reason to eagerly look forward. The expected release of Sony Ericsson W890 should be enough to keep them...

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  • Samson audu

This just my first sony ericsson, i bought it and insert a sim into it, but surprice when it tells me to insert correct sim card, i don't know which type of sim card it uses, pls someone help.

  • Kenneth vile

Most phones i've had hav been se,this is my 2nd w890i after my first 1 that shut down etc, i put it down 2 me but having bought a 2nd one in a few weeks of each other im not 2 sure, think my fav will always b k650i but that needed a memory card, sorry se can c me switching 4 my next phone!

  • Bcchuks

W890! It seems nice really! But who knows if it support jar applications download and does it send applications cuz I'll like to feel this phone if it does. Thank you.

  • Mike

I found this phone absolutly atrocious. It seems like they made it try to do too much for such a tiny phone. The main issue was for the 18 months I suffered with it, every day it would go blank, vibrate and then the red light would come on. The only way to fix it would be to take the batterey out! This would always happen at the most inconveniant times too.

I have now upgraded to the W995, and I can only pray this time it works like it should.

  • Anon

Nice phone, i like the memory card 1gig, walkmen is good, textin is easy to do onto the big disadvantage...and that is the fact that it always goes off *angry face* everytime i text or try to listen to goes into standby, then the red light comes on for 5 to 10 seconds. then the phone comes back on and sets the theme back to 02 default, it really annoys me this and thats one big disadvantage about this phone.

  • fred

the loudspeaker is a nigthmare! the worst in W series!!

  • Anonymous

W890 camera's SUCKS! I hate so much this camera, my old w610i makes a better image with a 2MP sensor!!

  • moh

its prefect but its voice is low

  • SE

tim, 30 Dec 2007to all the people that think the phone need wifi and more: ... moreSE cell phones are still pricey so SE doesn't really make "affordable" phones for the masses especially if the masses are located in N. America where the majority of their phones are Not sold!

SE make sacrifices to their phones since they try to tailor the phones to specific groups.

For example, the W890i reviewed here has a camera but no flash or autozoom. Well, the W series is the Walkman series which is meant for people who listen to music.

SE has "cheapened" the phone somewhat by providing a decent camera that's basically "only" good for Day shots and close distance shots since it lacks a flash and autozoom!

That's how SE thinks and why they have so many different phones!
If SE can only Reduce the number of phones and just concentrate on what they include on a fewer number of phones, then their products may actually improve.

Instead, they try to please "everyone" so their products are somewhat lacking in many areas and yet still charge a "premium" price.

Funny how people associate "premium price" for "good quality"
products when the product do have many flaws!

  • SE

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2008C'mon...someone...anyone...Why has SE pulled this from thei... moreSE phones are NOT truly sold in the US market as it's primarily sold in Asia and in Europe.

Eventually, some models do enter the US market but unfortunately, those models aren't so good!

SE never had much of a market in North America and may have a difficult time especially if SE continues to use their proprietary adapter for charges/earphones and its high prices!!

  • omai

This phone rockies

  • zubz

cool phone..
Can't believe its got so many feature and the weight just same as a match box.
No software issues so far. Internet works fine..

  • Jb

Did they drop support for WMA and WMA Pro? Or did you just forgot to include them in your bias?

  • chombos1

hi gsmarena...

the W890 white paper is now released and it says the handset is capable of recording video in QVGA @30fps.

maybe your model is a prototype.

just like K850 that had 15fps video on it's prototypes.


  • Anonymous

I am wondering if anyone has tested or knows if SE has fixed the problem of the phone rebooting or shut off by itself, which happens to W880i and this W890 is the successor of that, hope it has been fixed ! otherwise, it is a major drawback !

  • Anonymous

C'mon...someone...anyone...Why has SE pulled this from their US website?
I was so looking forward to it, and now what?
Are they really bumping it from US sales?

  • CedricMC

Does it reproduce ogg audio format? It is certainly the best audio format and I don't know if it has been implemented yet on this (or other) cellphone.


  • phoenix

5310 is no where near w890i ! w890 is far better starting frm specs to looks

  • Anonymous

Looks great, but Sony just pulled the w890 from their US website. That can't be a good thing.

  • Anonymous

Se still rocks. w890i has a great design, and it's pretty good too. Stop whining about the camera, if you want a good camera phone, don't even think about buying the w890i (no offence). I agree that SE could have done this better, but I still think the w890i is worth buying. :D