Nokia 7.2 review

23 Oct 2019

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  • Fahad

Best phone ever used.... Bought and sold many times but still managed to retain one. Better option than Chines hifi optics phones in sense of quality hardware and software experience. Still hoping to get Android 11 update in 7.2 soon

  • Anonymous

Crusier, 27 Aug 2020Do you recommend this Nokia 7.2 phone to me??!I love my phone it is a phone in places that there are very weak signals my Nokia 7'2 is the only phone which works. In digital meetings it is the best on internet communications nothing can have the same performance . I don't trust chinese products they are of copies of technology which has not been really understood by Chinese manufactures, I have Samsung and apple phone but coming up with Nokia it is a no go I love my Nokia for it's excellent performance. I need a phone and not an instrument for playing or so and that is what my Nokia is doing.

  • Oluoch MC Ogwang

Being a proud owner of a Nokia 7.2, I'll not regret recommending it to anyone... The phone is a great machine... Great performance and value for money... The speed and camera are just awesome.... I enjoy using my Nokia 7.2. the best phone I have ever used. And the best Nokia version I have ever used.

I was team Nokia

I am team Nokia

I shall re main team Nokia

Unless otherwise..


Carol, 09 Jun 2020It is holding, and holding and holding.... and holding. mor... more3500 isn't a small capacity. I use my 3000mAh phones for around 2-3 days

Crusier, 27 Aug 2020Do you recommend this Nokia 7.2 phone to me??!Actually it's not a bad phone, don't mind the hate comments and check the phone for yourself

  • junior

Yah nokia 7.2 is good i have it

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2020We do want to see kind of built quAlity from Nokia instead ... moreWish they went back to the aluminum body and 16:9 display like their earlier Android phones

LAW321, 15 Jan 2021If a company like Samsung uses Exynos 9611 and Snapdragon 4... moreThey just call Samsung the "Best brand in the world". At least Nokia offers better value-for-money in terms of "Non-Chinese" brands. For the price of a Samsung Snapdragon 450 phone, you could get a Snapdragon 6xx chipset phone here, let it be any Chinese brand to Nokia

  • Hamidreza

Jhee, 24 Jul 2020I noticed my phone everytime when im using even in a few mi... moreI have nokia 7.2 I playing cod and pubg and there is no heat it's too cool your phone have an issues

  • Anonymous

Has Nokia decided to go HTC way? Releasing mediocre phones. Xioam and Realme brands will crush Nokia like an ant.

  • HKVP

I have been using Nokia 7.2 from June 2020. I have been consistently facing issues with its proximity sensor. At first, the proximity sensor was not turinibg the display of during call, which cause the call to go muted or disconnected when my ear touch the screen, which was frustrating. Today, it started to behave in reverse. Proximity sensor is always on (like there is something in proximity) and the screen goes as soon as I am in a call or I play a voice note in whatsapp. The screen will never come back on until the call or voice note is over.

Came to know that similar issues have been reported by many ither users, and they got the sensors replaced for free of cost at service center. So, one must be ready to visit service centers and waste his day and effort to start using his Nokia phone if willing to buy one.

Nokia was good, but not is

  • LAW321

Niko, 04 Jun 2020I just compared this phone to Nokia 7 plus. And couldn't be... moreIf a company like Samsung uses Exynos 9611 and Snapdragon 450 repeatedly from the last 3 years, people don't have complaints but as soon as Nokia comes with an old processor, people think twice right?

What a logic.....

  • LAW321

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2020We do want to see kind of built quAlity from Nokia instead ... moreNokia 7.2 uses frosted glassback and not plastic.

But yes the frame is high quality plastic.

  • Ian s west

I got the 7.2 for Christmas,it has a fantastic camera and takes great pictures, recommend this over Samsung anyday

  • Magoo

2/5 star - the phone is very low. - after every call I need to verify the settings from the drop up menu , because my ear made some changes (crap sensor) - block screen when I tried to make videos ( at least 3 times with witness) - Wi-Fi disconnect for no reason, sometimes twice a day... I can go on, but it's enough to make an idea


All most I covered all mobiles till now for me the best mobile is Nokia 7.2
Pros- solid screen,camera,battery
I wanna buy Nokia pure I need to chek

  • Anonymous

We do want to see kind of built quAlity from Nokia instead of plastic back. I don’t know why Nokia is following the pladticy trend.

  • Njabu

Xyz, 28 Aug 2020I bought Nokia 7.2 and I started having issues in just one ... moreI don't know where to answer the phone when it's ringing

  • Anonymous

Crusier, 27 Aug 2020Do you recommend this Nokia 7.2 phone to me??!Yes

  • Amr

Best phone I've bought so far. Make sure you buy it from the right vendor. Just a tip update it to the latest Android version and then do a factory reset.