Samsung Armani review: Mobile haute couture

3 January 2008
If there's one thing the Samsung Armani phone has in abundance, it most definitely is style. Slim, compact and high-tech, the fully touch-operated Armani phone is not just the final touch to your look - it's the finish with a flourish. Anyway, with us...

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  • Baig

i am planning to change my treao650 ,,,can anyone guide me should i go for iphone or samsung ... plz guide me

  • Anonymous

Okay, had this phone for 2 weeks now. Touch screen is not bad at all you get used to it after a day. Only problem i found is that it only accepts 2G Micro SD cards and nothing higher. And for some reason camera display is bad on the phone and when u transfer it to computer it looks okay. I knew this phone wasn't a iphone beater but i got it anyways because its just too slick. EVERYONE that sees my phone

  • grouse

I have to say I have NEVER been so disappointed and furious with a phone in my life. It is SUCH a disappointment. I have hummed and harred about it for my seven day trial period with orange but now it's boxed up again, with all it's myriad of cases etc.

The phone looks great, it feels great and the cases are lovely. The weight is nice, it feels solid, the colour is good. But once you turn it on! Oh good grief. Its user interface is SHOCKING, absolutely shocking. The person(s) who are responsible for it deserve to be rounded up and forbidden from ever going near any software development again. The haptic thing, is pointless, the touching itself is utterly unreliable, many a time simply phoning someone took far too many failed taps. And as for getting yourself involved in a phone call that requires automatic responses on the keypad (such as phoning up Orange and trying to return the blessed thing!).. forget about it.

If you have no need to phone or text anyone, I guess it's possible that you might just about be able to live with it. In fact as long as you NEVER turn it on. you'll be fine.

But other than looking at it as a mantelpiece item... I really can't advise strongly enough against buying or even getting it free. Yes, that's right, I got it free. They couldn't even PAY me to use the damned thing. Seriously. It's awful. STAY AWAY.

I would be EXTREMELY surprised if anyone at Armani has been near the phone since they filled it up with it's appalling interface. The icons look nice, I'll give you that, but once again they are utterly incomprehensible.

I'm not a luddite and I'm not a tech head, but I'm no fool and I've mastered even Motorola's interfaces over the years. but this.

It makes me weep just to think about it.

Anyway, it's boxed up and I shall go to the post office tomorrow and return it finally. And stay with my Gold D & G old Razr. And buy an iPod touch.

  • Anonymous

i just get the armani phone,but the daul world clock is not working,any one can help me?

  • Master

This phone is good to use if you have a hard job...

  • mycyad17

awesome phone! i have one and its abolutely great to use...

  • Anonymous

this is not a phone! you can't have access even to the basic functionalities! e.g. enter some settings, search a contact ...

  • Anonymous

The Neonode N2 which this devices looks a lot like, has had Haptic Feedbacklong before LG and Samsung thought of touch screen being a good thing. I have a Neonode N2 and it is by far more superior touch screen than anything else in the market. Having said that, the N2 is limited in 3G, but aside from that the touch screen is the best offering so far in the market and YES better than the iPhone. The zForce technology patent that Neonode holds will be a wanted licence in the coming years for sure, its simply a better technology than the touch screens used in HTC, iPhone, LG and Samsung.

  • toe

yeah, buy the viewty!

  • Anonymous

I am undecided whether to buy the Armani or LG Viewty. I text alot and have heard the Armani can be fiddly. Any advice???

  • Iain

Sadly, the design is let down in two places.

Firstly, the hideous and utterly unnecessary Armani branding.
Secondly, the fact that the phone isn't actually black as it's advertised, it has a nasty gold-ish tinge to it.

So close Samsung but yet so far...

  • mury

wow Samsung Armani!!!! love it ^^

  • Paul

I am told this phone is wifi enabled
I cant find the settings to do this, and I dont think the manual is that helpful

am I a doofus or does anyone know


  • Ley

I want one

  • Lo

Great phone!!! Just bought one, card is a little slow but thats a normal thing. Samsung's on top!!!

  • Gemma =)

Ooo I Got One For Xmas!
Very Nice. Slow At Reading Memory Card At Times. Especially On Photos. I Dont Know If This Is Normal. Never Had A Phone With Memory Card Before. =S.Otherwise Tis Sound =)

  • Kal


First of all this is not meant to be compared with iPhone just becoz both are touchscreen. If you want to compare then do that with F700. That gives a nice kick to iPhone.

If this looks cheap to you then am amazed to see your taste. Hats off to you.

  • Zobi

is no good coz it doesn't got quad-band and 3G. i prefer buy iphone

  • ads

Samsung Armani is not available in some country such as the middle east UAE ,kuwait saudia ,egypt didnt get the georg armani samsung i just would like to tell samsungone thing if you want tell sell your product sell it every were. not just Europe or N . Ameraica

  • Anonymous

In my opinion this phone was created just to show that samsung can do something extraordinary. But it's no match to the iPhone if compared. IMHO Though it is a prestige-class phone it looks kinda cheap..