Nokia 5310 review: XpressMusic slimline

8 January 2008
Nokia 5310 made thousands of fans with its very announcement. Packing a 16M color QVGA display, dedicated music keys, stereo Bluetooth and FM radio in a sleek thin body, this neat handset is sure to appeal to quite a lot of slim phone admirers. Plus, the...

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  • Jaganatha

vijai, 27 Apr 2016I want Nokia express music 5310 Ok

Biso, 25 Dec 2018Can I play music from the device without the need for headp... moreGreetings! Better late than never right?? XD XD

Yes you can, no I don't recommend it. The speaker is loud enough, but quality is not great. I really miss this phone for the in-line fully featured remote control you could get and it's EQ was great. Definitely one of the best sounding phone at the time... over ear/headpohones.

I guess you're interested in this phone because of the dedicated media buttons. But, if you don't mind using a bluetooth remote and are looking for a phone with good sound quality, check the HTC M7, M8 (best of the 3 in my concept), M9 or ZTE Axon 7 (better than the M8), I had them all And the 5310, and I'm kind of an audiophile.

Be safe!

Can I play music from the device without the need for headphones?
If yes, how good is it?

  • Shoukat

I want me nokia5310expres music

  • Anonymous

I also want this mobail

  • vijai

I want Nokia express music 5310

  • AnonD-219349

sumit, 07 Jan 2015Is this dual sim or single sim pls just replysingle sim

  • nishan

I wNt tis mobil what i did do

  • sumit

Is this dual sim or single sim pls just reply

  • Anonymous

I need this don


i looking for xpress music, n this hp i think its better more than i have, n now where can i order xprees music - nokia 5310?

  • Spacsy

The handset has excellent noise levels and dynamic range. It is also doing quite well when it comes to frequency response. The music beast!

  • Abdulhadi

anuu, 11 Apr 2011its a cool phone..but it doesn't support all video formats.... moreI cannot open yahoo home page with my nokia xpress music 5310 why

  • anuu

its a cool phone..but it doesn't support all video formats..thats the only defect m seeing..its slim ,gud audio

  • benjfix33

why is it that i cant play games in my 5310 xpress it becuase i directly downloaded it from p.c to memory card of my phone>??? can i play games that i downloaded from the there any application needed to insatll???or download?

  • aryam

my phone before shows phone memory of 16-17 mb
but now days it automatically reduses to 3-4 mb
why? idont no
plese say me.

  • paras

its a fatak and sexy phone.and i love it.

  • j.pradeep kumar

this is one the best and slim phones i have never seen in nokia before. i request nokia to produce more and more slim phones

  • Chirayu

rose, 10 Apr 2009hey...i m planning to buy a new mobile n i m quite confused... moreIf u r interested for slim category phone then no other phone as much better as NOKIA 5310 XpressMusic Ok, NOKIA 5610 is quite heavy then Nokia 5310 But no problem u can guess it for buy. Next thing that 5310 phone's Music quality is so much bettr then nokia 5610's music quality so if u r fond of MUSIC So 5310 is best phone. Thanks and reply me after buying it . OK.....Chirayu

  • Chirayu

Hi Dears, I used the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Phone its soooo nice and also styliest phone ever i use.. I haope u guys are also happy by purchasing this phone, Good Battery Life and good Quality Of Music in music player as well as radio (FM) Such a Slim and stylist phone from NOKIA