Best premium all-rounders 2023 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 13 June 2023

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  • 18 Sep 2023

Please update this list. It's grossly out of date.

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    • BiasedEditor
    • 3pv
    • 29 Mar 2023

    #1 because editor didn't bother to check out that Motorola is artificially blocking people from recording 4k video on edge 30 NEO. Other corporations does it too...

    Very biased editor. Why?

      Motorola really is stepping up in their game. They just need a bit of improvements with support and software updates and they’ll all be set

        NEED PERFECTION, 26 Jul 2022Maybe its just me, but i think A52s still deserve to be in ... moreCorrect. That's what I have been thinking. A52s, I think, is better than A53.

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          • trS
          • 15 Sep 2022

          Xiaomi 12x is better than 12lite in every way

            Maybe its just me, but i think A52s still deserve to be in this list

              You could name that list "Premium Midrange" and make a Premium All rounder list with devices that are not flagship killers neither "midrangers" neither truly flagship. Say for example pixel 6 , pixel 5, iphone 12-13, nothing phone 1, s21 FE etc..
              -Hope you read comments- common interact a little with people . :)

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                • Lec
                • 16 Jul 2022

                Poco X4 GT doesn't have IP53 rating, but it has splash protection. They said that in their YouTube video called "POCO F4 & POCO X4 GT | Web’s Most Searched Questions | POCO Lab".

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                  • felo
                  • mss
                  • 05 Jul 2022

                  Please update this list as well, it would be a great help to me. Thank you!

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                    • KHY
                    • 26 May 2022

                    Make another list

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                      • Zafeer4
                      • fk5
                      • 07 May 2022

                      GamingScalpel, 03 May 2022Please update the list!No way to update the list as it is 2021 list
                      we are on 2022 it is another list it will take time to release such list

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                        • GamingScalpel
                        • BEY
                        • 03 May 2022

                        Please update the list!

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                          • Rishabh
                          • rA}
                          • 28 Apr 2022

                          Man! Please update the lists

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 7kk
                            • 13 Apr 2022

                            As an X7 Max user, I'm very happy to see it on this list!!
                            It's an excellent phone imo for those who don't have camera as top priority (but Gcam does help a lot on my phone, especially in low-light)
                            I do wish it came with OIS at least!

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                              • Alter
                              • Lx5
                              • 05 Dec 2021

                              Looking at the "Best up to 700 euros" list it doesn't make that much sense.

                              My Vivo X60 Pro Plus was almost exactly 700 euros, and it beats all of those phones in all areas except IP rating and speakers

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                                • j{g
                                • 29 Nov 2021

                                RandyRiffin, 23 Sep 2021Yes, that should be right. The Nord 2 is an outstanding dea... moreNord 2 has no headphone jack or expandable storage and has only 256gb as the max storage option.

                                  Wow! They really jacked up the best phones catalogue! Talk about fresh new arrivals.

                                    Anonymous, 22 Jul 2021I think the Nord 2 is comingYes, that should be right. The Nord 2 is an outstanding deal and should not be ignored. and ben, the Poco F3 is more of a flagship killer, so they put it there. Notice how the phones they put in there is not in premium all-rounders - to differentiate.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • nXd
                                      • 22 Jul 2021

                                      I think the Nord 2 is coming

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                                        • ben
                                        • S1N
                                        • 07 Jun 2021

                                        And poco F3 is not in the list?