Best premium all-rounders 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 7 December 2021

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  • Alter

Looking at the "Best up to 700 euros" list it doesn't make that much sense.

My Vivo X60 Pro Plus was almost exactly 700 euros, and it beats all of those phones in all areas except IP rating and speakers

  • Anonymous

RandyRiffin, 23 Sep 2021Yes, that should be right. The Nord 2 is an outstanding dea... moreNord 2 has no headphone jack or expandable storage and has only 256gb as the max storage option.

Wow! They really jacked up the best phones catalogue! Talk about fresh new arrivals.

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2021I think the Nord 2 is comingYes, that should be right. The Nord 2 is an outstanding deal and should not be ignored. and ben, the Poco F3 is more of a flagship killer, so they put it there. Notice how the phones they put in there is not in premium all-rounders - to differentiate.

  • Anonymous

I think the Nord 2 is coming

  • ben

And poco F3 is not in the list?

RandyRiffin, 22 Dec 2020Flagship killers are designed to have the best possible spe... moreI don't think there're so many flagships with 5000+ mah...

  • Rasel

Please update

Flagship killers are designed to have the best possible specs (i.e. Snapdragon 865+, 8 GB RAM, 5000 MaH) at a lower price than flagships, while Premium All-Rounders are just good at everything.

  • Nitin

Please update smartphone buyer guide

  • sksksk

Whats the difference between flagship killers and premium all rounders? They occupy the same price range.

  • Sasi

8en, 02 Aug 2020And where is xperia 1 mark 2 in this contest?I was thinking exactly the same thing!

  • 8en

And where is xperia 1 mark 2 in this contest?

  • BillyUK

When was this list update? The Motorola Edge/Edge Pro falls into a few of these categories including Flagship killer, Premium all-rounder and battery endurance etc

  • Observer80

wasox, 02 Dec 2019Honestly, the note10+ should be here as well, as it packs m... moreI agree. Don't understand how the s10 made it but not the Note 10 plus. Looks like someone fell asleep

How could they exclude lg g8x

  • Petar

Im so glad they put p30 pro on the list. Finally something innovative. Yeah recording sux. But you have so much options to record video, you can blure it and its 200 times better then note 10! As for google i dont know.. im in dilemma my self shall i sell my phone or not. But to be honest i dont care

Honestly, the note10+ should be here as well, as it packs more features in total than any other device, some even unique

bdonvr, 23 Nov 2019You say the 7T only comes in one color, but it comes in two... moreYup even i am having Frosted silver colour

  • Christian

Carefully reading the article,as well as the reviews... GSMarena again(and as always) helped me to choose my phone.
Went for iPhone 11 and never look back! Totally satisfied with everything the phone offers,and for those who still doubt (and those who also trols) the screen is beautiful as always had been!
Thx again gsmarena ;)