Motorola RIZR Z8 review: Slide and bend

10 January 2008
With the RIZR Z8 Motorola is creatively revisiting the realms of Symbian UIQ. Except for Wi-Fi, the handset offers full data connectivity, perfect display and high-capacity memory card support - all packed in a sexy black slider. A high-end multimedia device...

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  • Anonymous

puss, 12 Jan 2008Why this review not complete enough There's no key feature... moreYou should know that the review was not made by itself. What about reading all? ( did the review, as it stated at the top of the page).

  • David

I really have to say i love this phone. the styling is unique and really eye catching. But after only a month of using it i got drunk one night and it started acting up and i put on a table and punched it in the screen. needless to say the screen cracked and i woke up in the morning with a headache and regrets. its almost like a woman except i wouldn't hit one anyways, i'm getting it repaired and as soon as its in my hand i'm going to update the firmware which i hear solves most problems.

  • Dean Mayer

My girlfriend and I each got ourselves the Z8... WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH!! two months down the line now and everytime I slide it open it switches off, the screens turn purple and green... both phones shutdown themselves at anytime. My girlfriend has resorted back to her old phone and I will definately not look for a motorola replacement

  • Cheri Grenfell

I bought my moto z8 a month and a half ago and it has been giving me endless trouble. I have been an avid motorola fan all my life and have had no problems with my other motorola phones. My Z8 has gone in for it's third repair already. I have spoken to other people with the Z8 and they all have the same problem. The phone switches off and back on by itself while I am busy using the phone. When i phoned motorola they said I must send it to vodacom for repairs and after the third repair they will try sort the phone out or give me a replacement. The problem is that if motorola decides to give me a new phone there is a very high possibility that the new phone will do the same as the old one. If anyone is having problems the same as mine or similar to mine my contact details are 0738699881 or email me at I would like to find as many people with the same problem so that we can go to motorola and sort the problem out.

  • GD Snygans

The customer service in South Africa is of a very poor standard.After 6 phone calls to the sercice centre I am still waiting for assistance. All I wanted to know is how to set up my phone to show cell information.Can someone help me.

  • FELI

this phone is excelent ....
you need to know that this was just a beggining...
2008 will be the year of motorola,2007 was a bad year for moto so this year motorola will make 5.0 mp phones on the MOTOZINE line
1.z12 with 3.2mp,wifi,3g....
2.ming2 a1600 is confirmed and it has 3.2 mp,gps, wifi
3.VIQ and motomagx will be usedon most
motorola will be succesfull this year...

two things more...

  • jjsoviet

Thanks gka3000. I always knew some competitor fanboys have at least a little respect for Motorola, unlike the many others who relentlessly antagonize it. Kudos to you.

Yes, it seems that the Z8 has a lot of flaws. This is the first ever Symbian phone by Motorola; it is not perfect because it is the testbed for many more Symbian phones to come. I know even the software monsters Nokia and Sony Ericsson had their faults in their first Symbian phones too. Every first time is a tricky one.

The next generation Motorola phones will be completely different from the others. Long gone will be good old days of the unfriendly Synergy OS, say hello to the powerful Symbian and Linux systems. These were already used by the Z8, Z10, Z6, E8, E6, and V8. By this year we will see more phones running on the new systems and will be powered by more powerful camera sensors, thanks to Kodak's partnership with Motorola. This advanced CMOS sensor used by modern digital cameras today will be used by Motorola phones for the years to come, the first sightings being the X Pixl Z12 5mp camera phone and Skarven 8mp multimedia phone without compromising style and form factor.

Let's see what Motorola has in store for us this year and beyond.

  • gka3000

@ lostinusa -

hi im a nokia fan and ur right as the name ur using ur probably someone whose " lost in usa " ... cuz beleave it or not motos are doing great these days u want touch screen they introduced rokr e 6 multimedia phone with many features few months ago and the prize no one have ever introduced such a phone with a touch screen and functions to the market for that prize ... and nowadays motos got good built quality (eventhough im a nokia fan tell me a good nokia phone with a touch screen to buy did u find anything i think no ...) u want camera they got the z10 ... u want music they got e8 ... watch most of the english music videos & movies they are carrying motos around not nokia or sony ericssons ... take a look at the battery life of the e6 , e8 and u will understand how motos are doing ...

  • lostinusa

Actually, I read more than review on this phone. By the way, this is the an incomplete review of this phone by gsmarena and I dont' know why they forgot to put their normals pros/cons. A better review can be found at Mobile-Review

Motorola has not improved on their lineup since 2005. Back then, they introduced the v3x [with 2.0 megapixel camera] and Ming [with linux and 2.0 megapixel too]. These products were cool at the time and were competitive against SE and Nokia. But since then, I believe a monkey took over and they were stuck with the razr and all their products have revolved around one concept- thin phones.

  • Anonymous

What you wrote at 3) gave you away. You haven't read the review and therefore you shouldn't have commented at all.

  • lostinusa

This phone is so 2005. 2.0 megapixel camera in 2008 ? What are they smoking.
Here are questions that you want to ask:

1) Does this phone offer anything technologically new? No

2) Is the price($400-450) fitting for a phone with these features? NO

3) And the age old motorola specific question, Does this phone offer any different than the v3 Razr ? NO NO NO

So basically, your getting a hacked razr that kick slides. Congratulations Moto, in an age of 5.0 megapixel cameras, wifi, touch centric phones, your offering us a modded razr.

  • puss

Why this review not complete enough
There's no key features, main disadvantage,least screen shot, no 360 degrees spin,no speakerphone test,no screenshot of multimedia, no audio quality test,no web browser,
I do not know why there's people say thanks for this review?
it's not complete enough.
Motorola laways been a good thing for GSMArena.
i'm very disappointed with this review.

  • Z. G.

Thank you for the review. It's refreshing to read a bit about Motorola, this is an intriguing one and I was highly interested in finding out more about it. As for "don't worry... motorola fan boys doesn't exist" - we're not called "fanboys", we're called gentlemen, and we can spell.

  • Eadipus

My biggest beef with this handset is the attrocious quality of the finish, on both sides of the handset there are rectangular bumps where the memory card and charger plug in and they look and feel totally out of place.
that and its really unreliable but thats to be expected from any smartphone

  • Anonymous

this fone is crap

  • MobileGamer

Since they didn't put them down, I'll jot down a few pros and cons for this handset. I work in a mobile videogames publisher and change my "work" phone every so often...
It is "different", the slide and twist mechanism certainly catches the eye.
Great screen quality, the handset I got came with the film Bourne's Identity and video playback was fantastic.
Sound is also very good.
Matte plastic looks cheap.
Uncomfortable numeric pad (you already mentioned this)
Messy UI. Very messy, it's like they wanted to say "OK we'll use Symbian but change it completely so it clearly says Motorola", and they busted it. Navigation was not clear or user-friendly at all, working with mobile phones I am used to get the devices and overlook everything else in the retail package, and this actually had me fishing for the manual to be able to cancel an alarm I had previously set. The rest of the team were equally non-impressed (or rather negatively impressed) by it too.

  • Anonymous

a bit late with this aint we :)

  • Anonymous

Dilmeet, I guess pro and cons are not present in this review because the genuine review at also lacks pro and cons. It is not the they-love-nokia-hate-motorola case I think ;)

  • Zylam Marex

i so agree, its strange and rushed, where the hell is the good and bad?

  • Dilmeet

Very strange review by GSMArena.......looks like a rushed 1......first 1 ws the nokia 5610 and now moto z8........please podt your regular reviews guys.....