Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 review

27 Nov 2019

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  • Mohd janaid
  • YQ$
  • 01 Oct 2022

Nice phone

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    • Anonymous
    • I@a
    • 21 Sep 2022

    Anonymous, 20 Jul 2021This is a type of junk garbage I am trying to update my app... moreYeah,me too

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      • Rick
      • ptr
      • 14 Jun 2022

      It was a good phone at the beginning...maybe cause I was so excited to have a new phone. But before the 1st year of having it, bugs and crashes started annoying me.
      Nowadays, after recent updates the phone no longer has split screen and that's a shame. Much worse I dunno why it can't even keep two apps running in background !
      The camera quality was something that made me love this phone but now it's been reduced so much and I can't buy it!
      It forced me to install gcam, not as fast as the main app but much better.
      I myself couldn't get used to miui. I'll change my phone as soon as I can afford a good one.

        TR Ghouri, 27 Jul 2021Bad Battery life,,, totally wrong analyticsOurs work well

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          • Phoneboi
          • vxB
          • 24 Sep 2021

          overrated phone, 30 Sep 2020this phone is way overrated. its slow with sd665 processor,... moreCool story bro 😎

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            • Anonymous
            • PII
            • 10 Sep 2021

            Got this for $90 during last year 11/11 sales and it performs according to its specs and well beyond my money spent. Now i can't buy a new phone because it'll be wasteful and unwise. Please, faster give me problems my lovely RN8! 😂

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              • TR Ghouri
              • uZa
              • 27 Jul 2021

              Bad Battery life,,, totally wrong analytics

                Using this phone for almost 1 years:
                The last problem was endless boot loop without any solution or support from xiaomi and there's no really any fix even in xda developer website.
                The daily use is very bad experience too, the phone keeps lagging and stopped even I'm not using too much app just like using Instagram and YouTube and TikTok.
                The wifi keeps disconnecting I have no idea why, while all other devices is connected.
                No recommend at all.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • Dku
                  • 20 Jul 2021

                  This is a type of junk garbage I am trying to update my apps on play store from about 24 hours and this hell is updating its system apps very fastly by getapps play store do not work on this device my opinion is than never ever to buy this mobile

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                    • Jaysantosh
                    • s87
                    • 06 Jul 2021

                    In redmi note 8 face locks issues because we are use face lock for secure but one problem in face lock. Me add my face in face lock is done then I check is working or not but is working. After some time my small brother also trying to open face lock and is open. How it's possible I can't believe this. And is big problem in redmi note 8. I kindly request to change and update redmi mobile.

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                      • saba
                      • v0k
                      • 23 Jun 2021

                      mobil is really good the only fault i am facing..
                      Theme store is not supported in our region i.e; Pakistan
                      please pay attention to this issue

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                        • Shaaz
                        • XWj
                        • 31 May 2021

                        Can somebody help me to clear the below issue?
                        Most of the time Incoming call is not available in my phone redmi note 8. The caller get beep sound only. So please tell how can we sort out

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                          • tA$
                          • 22 May 2021

                          The major issue is maybe the poor signal reception. My friend use redmi note 5 and has the same provider but my phone keeps on loading when playing youtube / browsing while my friend doesn't have the same issue. Other than that this works fairly fine. (I'm not a tech geek anyways so dont really use the phone other than texting, browsing & some sort of thing). Oh and the build quality is also goood. My babies dropped this phone many timesss but no issue found.

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                            • Ahd
                            • X5C
                            • 18 May 2021

                            Not good
                            Many bug
                            Huawei is better

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                              • abdiltajj
                              • r3a
                              • 14 May 2021

                              masum, 27 Apr 2021I hate this... It has so much issue including weak signal, ... morethe weak signal reception is mostly the only and major problem of this phone. it has a poor signal reception for calls in remote areas, thus it has very poor call quality. that's why i had to let go of the phone and bought a nokia. please tell xiaomi that while making a phone they should not forget the basic and primary aspect of any phone thats is calls and call quality.

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                                • masum
                                • YWi
                                • 27 Apr 2021

                                I hate this... It has so much issue including weak signal, No real color in camera, frame drop and lagging in game, Over heat etc

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                                  • udith
                                  • v{u
                                  • 21 Apr 2021

                                  I hate this phone . Signal lost several times in an hour . heating too much... worst phone i ever used...😖😖😖💩💩💩

                                    • m
                                    • mohammad
                                    • pvZ
                                    • 18 Mar 2021

                                    i have problem with wifi
                                    if i turn my ADSL modem off and on then the phone doesnt show the moden in wifi list again and i cant connect to ADSL medem
                                    do u have any solution ??

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                                      • User
                                      • 56I
                                      • 07 Feb 2021

                                      Battery don't last enough. 100 to 99 % in just 20 sec. 100 to 80 % in 30 min. After Update battery back up is distorted. There is no need of 48 MP camera, photo quality is not up to the mark. For price ₹-11500 it is not a good phone.

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                                        • Disappointed
                                        • uQ5
                                        • 31 Jan 2021

                                        Hate it every time there's an update. With the latest update, it's stuck on landscape mode, WILL NOT AUTO ROTATE! 😡🤬