Samsung Galaxy M30s review

25 Dec 2019

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  • Anonymous

I would like to update I clicked on software update when the message popped up and it turned out into a serious issue. It restarted no of times and finally became a dead phone, I initially approached a nearby repair(Not Samsung) center near my house, and as my mobile is out of warranty. They were not able to find a solution and I approached the Samsung Service center(Tirumala Communications - KPHB - Hyderabad. They keep on mentioning that there is liquid damage to my phone and there is a fungus in my phone. But I updated them I don't see any issue in my phone until I clicked on software update. I was asked to pay 6300 INR to get the motherboard repair. I purchased this phone a year ago for INR 17000. Do you think if it is reasonable to spend around INR7000 on the phone which was purchased a year ago. Moreover even after mentioning that the problem was raised after the software update. There is no problem response. But I don't see any proper response from them. This is not the issue only for my phone. It was an issue faced by many customers and I don't think this is the way Customer service should be provided. Moreover, representatives in the Customer care center don't have the proper training to deal with customers, this is my opinion, You may ignore my email. But still want to write this email to you, Regard,

  • Anonymous

I thought I am the only one with restarting problems. The phone hangs once in a while and sometimes for half a day

  • Verma

After update in my Samsung M30s mobile started freezing and restart Authorized service center said Mother board damage with in 15 months. Now phone dead

  • sharmina gazi

the fakest phone, the restart problem started within 1 year of buying the phone. samsung company should be banned.

  • Anonymous

arun2006th, 04 Aug 2021Why are you people not updating the review with the current... moreI am also facing the restart issue after updating software

arun2006th, 04 Aug 2021Why are you people not updating the review with the current... moreThey are bullshits ! 😠
It has been 1.5 months facing Restarting Problem after June Update and gone on service center they say motherboard fault approx. 6000. For repair .

Why are you people not updating the review with the current issues facing by M30s users.
I was using M30s for the past 1 year without any major issues. All of a sudden my phone got this strange restarting problem.
1000's of users are saying the same thing, the strange thing is that there is no proper response from Samsung at all, apart from forcing them to replace the motherboard.
Till date the issue is not resolved which started a year ago originally.
My personal opinion to all, please stay away from Samsung Galaxy "M" series smartphones. They are not simply durable. Today or tomorrow they will start showing issues.

  • Mahesh Tripathi

Anonymous, 22 May 2021I bought this m30s phone in Jan.2020..After 1.year of runni... moreSame problem, after more than 20 days harassment by contacting service center and customer care.. pathetic.. going to switch.. never recommended..

  • Vivek

I bought M30s mobile and once their warranty completed, It restarted in loop. Reset factory, Software update not worked.
I have visited samsung service center and they told me to change motherboard. It cost 9k almost device price.

I have read same problem in many forum and reviews but I ignored them when I bought this product. And now I am suffer from my mistake.

Never buy any samsung product.

  • ABC

Very bad mobile phone

  • Anonymous

I bought this m30s phone in Jan.2020..After 1.year of running it is hanging.... Not able to use..., Technician says mother board has to be replaced...I never expected this cheap quality from a technical giant company...Most of m30s phones are not working at all.,Very pathetic.,

Santosh, 15 Apr 2021Are there any adverse effects of using fast chargingAdverse effects? No. Most andriod phones now adays support fast charging so that the battery gets charge quickly with minimal stress. Make sure you use the correct and original charger for your phone.

  • Santosh

Are there any adverse effects of using fast charging

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2021Hanged up in idle condition. Then not possible to restart. ... moreSame thing happend with me

  • Anonymous

Hanged up in idle condition. Then not possible to restart. Ac per service technician, either RAM or mother board faulted. Repair cost around Rs.6000. It is common problem with M and A series Samsung mobiles. After update, Samsung has started new business of hanging the instruments. White color criminals.
Only 1.5year old instrument

  • Dr.Manikanth

Bhadri, 28 Jan 2021With in 14months Motherboard failure in my Samsung M30S. ... moreYes the very utter failure of the mobile.. I am shocked to hear same from customer service guy telling me that mother board gone..

  • Anonymous

Please provide clip board function as in galaxy s4 etc

  • Bishnu ghimire

Jero, 28 May 2020Hi i have a dought what it's mean samsung galaxy M30s-m307 ... moreThe king support

  • Bhadri

With in 14months Motherboard failure in my Samsung M30S.
I don't think you should buy this. Poorest performance. No proper response from Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Subodhlal, 28 Dec 2020I bought the phone in Oct 2019 and is broken now in Dec 202... moreSame.
No heat up issues, but since Nov upgrade, it restarts on it's own