Samsung Galaxy M30s review

25 Dec 2019

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  • Prag

Should I buy Samsung Galaxy m30s or redmi note 8 pro please guide me friends pls reply quickly and clearly

  • Emdy

I stay in Nigeria and have been using this phone for 6 days,so I would like to right a bit of my experience so far.
First of all battery life is good,a full charge would last me 36 to 48 hours even though I watch videos and surf the net.
Secondly,build and amoled screen makes it seem like a flagship device of above $500,even though it's just 200 and something. This and other features are what makes this device awesome,but the cam isn't as great as flagship devices,which I guess is why it's being sold at its price.
Overall experience- Am so in love with this beast of mine,and wouldn't trade for anything right now. The battery life is great,build is awesome,and cam is above average,ram is 4gb. These are the essential features I require in a phone. So I would rate 9 out of 10.

  • Sumrao

Shd I buy Samsung Galaxy M30 or Redmi note 8 ?

  • Anonymous

16 hours web browsing just amazing. No surprise this phone has waiting list in many countries.
Worth mentioning its often available brand new for 200 USD in some countries.
M31 soon to be released.

  • Han

Does m30s support charging with 18w adapter?

  • SR

Loudspeaker specification not mentioned in the test section.

Ricchmade, 09 Feb 2020Should i buy this phone or the realme 5 proAlthough I've written a pretty detailed answer in previous comment, I would like to emphasize on 1 particular thing.

Choose either m30s or 5 pro. Both are good devices. You won't find any issues in day to day usage.

When I say screen in better in m30s or process is better in 5 pro or battery is better in m30s or camera in 5 pro, that doesn't mean other phone is useless.

LCD screen of 5 pro or exynos processor of m30s etc are still pretty good but it's just that other phone haa slight lead in that department.

So, again, my advice, decide quickly about your needs and just pick 1 device accordingly. Don't think/analyse too much, either phone is good.

Ricchmade, 09 Feb 2020Should i buy this phone or the realme 5 proThere is no clear answer here. Different people with different needs would consider either as winner above other.

So, I'll give you summary of each phone and you decide on your own about what suits you more.


advantages: superb amoled display, monster 6000 mah battery, relatively cleaner/smoother ONE UI, excellent RAM management, Dolby Atmos sound system, better brand value and after sales service.

Average stuff: camera, processor, price.. They work good enough for majority users without any issues but you'll find better stuff in other phones

Disadvantages: lack of auto brightness sensor, some users reported that GPS is less accurate compared to other phones, compass gives errors sometimes

But I would say majority users don't care for these features and wouldn't mind it

2)Realme 5 pro

Advantages: processor sd712 is quite good at this price, camera is good too

Average: lcd scren, battery life, brand name, after sales service

Disadvantages: realme uses color os.. I didn't like it.. Too many unnecessary bloatware apps, ads, ram management isn't good

So, if you play heavy games or use camera a lot, then choose realme 5 pro

If you watch movies/YouTube videos a lot, then amoled screen and Dolby sound would be awesome. So choose m30s. I just love the mind blowing battery life on m30s

Srik, 27 Dec 2019M30s is one of the best budget premium phones Samsung has provid... moreShould I buy the m30s or realme q???

Pjd, 29 Jan 2020Yes.. OTG works perfectly for me Should i buy this phone or the realme 5 pro

  • Sir James

When is it coming ti Ghana. I have been trying to find one but no where to be found.

BB, 01 Feb 2020Is it upgradable to latest android osIs this phone a high range phone because i will love to buy it

  • BB

Is it upgradable to latest android os

mohan, 30 Jan 2020is it have the wifi calling Yes.. Wifi calling option is there.

  • Speedyix

mohan, 30 Jan 2020is it have the wifi calling Yes it is available & working fine..
you can enable it through settings, even one ui has QS toggle to enable it..!

  • mohan

is it have the wifi calling

avi, 28 Jan 2020Does it support usb on-the-go Yes.. OTG works perfectly for me

  • Anonymous

avi, 28 Jan 2020Does it support usb on-the-go Yes , it does , you can check it in youtube

  • avi

Does it support usb on-the-go

  • Naru Pradeep

MOTO G8 Plus Vs SAMSUNG M30s which id better

kindly suggest