Nokia 7900 Prism review: In colored light

15 January 2008
The big bro in the Prism family doesn't really need to elbow its way into the spotlight. And, by the way, the two handsets in the Prism pair are nowhere near each other's clone. Nokia 7900 Prism offers features that are nowhere else to be found. It has...

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  • evan

can anybody tell me how to change the phone's backlight color ?

  • Brian

I've had a Prism 7900 for the last month and for some reason my instructions were in French therefore I can't use them. I know how to use everything but I just don't know what this living wallpaper feature is and how to turn it on? Any help would be great because before I bought the phone I read up a good bit about it and how no two prisms will look the same with this living wallpaper? Any help would be great thanks

  • LOL

Sometimes, GSM Arena's comments made me laugh. For example, why didnt they include video calling when there's 3G technology in 7900 Prism? It wouldnt hurt if they included it.

Answer: Its a Nokia 7XXX Series. That Nokia Series is not about technology but looks/fashion. If there,s technology in that series, you should be grateful.

  • nokiadict

Really nice design but crappy features.


  • Zylam Marex

hey Garry, still on top of the game, i'll get you next time

  • Garry

First again, aye?