Ulefone Armor 7 review

21 Feb 2020

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  • Ar7Ulephone2021

The weight of the phone is heavier than any phone I've had... (Don't expect light... Wear a belt if ya have it in your trouser pockets)
The c-type charger port is also shared as the head phone port).
The screen is incredibly bright... Even with night mode on and apps to turn off... So if you use it for social media or movies at night be prepared to get headaches...
As of late it has had some software issues and now does not connect headphones.. it still charges... Just no ability to listen to music with headphones..
I had issues in the past when I first got this phone making calls with headphones as people on the end of the line wouldn't hear me properly.
Get some good Bluetooth headphones....

AnonD-993436, 05 Apr 2021Read the Wikipedia article on Gorilla glass. It explains ho... moreDon't make me laugh. Gorilla glass is a joke. Do some research before you make such comments.

  • AnonD-993436

Whackcar, 22 Feb 2020It's not normal glass. It's some kind of hybrid glass rated... moreRead the Wikipedia article on Gorilla glass. It explains how this glass is made so tough.

  • AnonD-993436

The camera quality of phones doesn't really concern me.

But the button problems!!
I use a thin silicone skin which keeps me from pressing the buttons so easily, in my pocket and in my hand.
The skin also helps with the annoying fingerprint scanner. It's actually usable now.
I use this phone at work, truck driving. It's on my dashboard in a wireless charging cradle, and I only recharge the phone when it gets down to five percent.
It's used for my eLog and a weigh scale bypass app, both using data and gps. With a little web surfing added, a charge will last me 36 plus hours. It lasts for 48 hours when not using the trucking apps.
The phone has not yet given me any problems with over heating durng charging. Can't say the same for my LG V60 ThinQ. It gets hot with battery charge optimization on and no cover on the phone.

  • karajou

Roseau boy, 02 Nov 2020Purchase Armor 7, having issue loading large file (1.1GB) t... moreDoes this happen on other phones theough MTP?

  • karajou

Mono audio for a 2020 phone is unacceptable. Apple started using stereo audio since 2018, and even UleFone's OWN Armor 2 from 2017 recorded with stereo audio.

Also, these upscaled resolutions are a terrible idea. Just a waste of storage. Shouldn't exist in first place. Pointless.

  • wawaenui

I just got my armor 7 and found when I put my polarized glasses on, you cannot read the screen. This is because the screen is also polarized for glare. My armor 6 screen was not polarized so I could read it with my sunglasses on. This is a major problem for me because I am always outside and I wear proscription polarized sun glasses.

  • Roseau boy

Purchase Armor 7, having issue loading large file (1.1GB) to the sd card 256 GB once it has been formatted using the phone android file system (FAT32). Tried 64GB, 128GB and 256GB SD cards. Report finding to ulefone support team, have not receive any feed back to date.
There's nothing wrong with the sd cards, can format the cards on the laptop and transfer the 1.1 GB file to 256GB sd card without any issue.

The type of the file system is FAT32.
The volume is in use by another process. Chkdsk
might report errors when no corruption is present.
Volume ARMOR_7 created 10/26/2020 8:03 AM
Volume Serial Number is 393A-1EFB
Windows is verifying files and folders...
File and folder verification is complete.

Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems.
No further action is required.
262,079,936 KB total disk space.
32 KB in 1 hidden files.
1,568 KB in 49 folders.
8,800 KB in 38 files.
262,069,504 KB are available.

32,768 bytes in each allocation unit.
8,189,998 total allocation units on disk.
8,189,672 allocation units available on disk.

Ok. First of all ulefone is not a great company. Its a barely ok company. Have the ulefone armor 6E a year now. Phone has serious problems with screen freezing. Only thing that fixes it is lock - unlock option. Buy its not only for armor 6e , previous models had same issue in the past. So its either a hardware problem or software which keeps bugging ulefone's phones. Secondly no customer service. Of course most of Chinese budget electronic companies are horrible when comes to customer service. And last there are no updates over a year now... So think twice

Cliff, 04 Jul 2020Absolutely the best phone I have owned. I have had Galaxy... moreVery well said, it's a great phone!
I wish Ulefone can invest a little bit in post sales system software updates.
Android 9 is OK and it will be good for the next 2 years. But it is very important, Ulefone to start releasing a regular security updates maybe every 3 months.

  • Cliff

Absolutely the best phone I have owned.
I have had Galaxy S10, note 4 ,iPhone etc. All the so called top brands. Every one 9f them failed on me. This phone is the most solid phone you will own at half the price. Waterproof, rustproof. Long life battery. And solid feel. Feels like a piece of futuristic technology in your hands.

  • Skoumpri

Very good phone . Really like it . Totally suggest .

  • Elect

AdamConnie, 09 Jun 2020Is the armor 7 fully waterproof ? Do I have to have a rubbe... moreIts fully waterproof. The rubber plug is good to prevent dust and liquids from damaging the metal contacts on the USB-C connector but if dropped or used underwater it won't be damage.
For sure you must dry the connector before charging it via USB charger, but if you use a wireless charger you may consider using the USB-C plug/cover just to avoid what I mention previously.

  • AdamConnie

Owner, 09 Jun 2020Supposedly fully sealed, no plugs required. However you ob... moreThank you, i received 2 little rubber plugs with the phone and was under the impression it was fully waterproof without them.

  • Owner

AdamConnie, 09 Jun 2020Is the armor 7 fully waterproof ? Do I have to have a rubbe... moreSupposedly fully sealed, no plugs required. However you obviously need to dry it out before connecting the USB port.

  • AdamConnie

Is the armor 7 fully waterproof ? Do I have to have a rubber plug in the usb port ? Or is the usb port waterproof without it ?

FYI, there is new firmware for Armor 7 at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S3HM9OhPl9p8AYGB7QUq5dSdih02o7eE
It is still Android 9.
The installation is little tricky but it woked for me. One downside, it wiped off my phone and and I couldn't restore the phone backup from Google drive. I don't care about the apps, I am reinstalling them but I lost my text messages and call logs :(

wilkofife, 11 Apr 2020No, this isn't a sticker, believe me ! I've removed plenty ... moreApologies, my friend. In desperation, resorted to a surgical scalpel and YES ! it is a sticker - never seen one so adherent before. Thank you..

No, this isn't a sticker, believe me ! I've removed plenty of those before - it's like they meant to print onto one of those stickers but actually printed on to the camera body itself....
I'm going to have to scrape it off with my fingernail.

wilkofife, 10 Apr 2020Third Armor I've had from Ulefone and by far the best - cam... moreThis is a big transparent sticker which you should remove it after the purchase.