Nokia 6555 review: 3G with a flip

25 January 2008
Subdued elegance and decent feature set give Nokia 6555 its edge in the crowded midrange. The two quality displays and great keypad provide for comfortable handling, while 3G support adds to the excitement with this elegantly tall and sleek clamshell...

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  • albert

I have 5 phones of Nokia 6555b in my family. they are really junk. I could not get them to stay on. It goes off automaticly after a little while. and I could not find a way in the menu to make it to stay "awake". Could anybody tell me what option could fix it.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone due to its sleek design....I feel it has fair to just ok pic quality. Its battery life is terrible I have to keep it attached to a charger all I have to get is one call or text and it drains my battery even after it has sat on a charger all night.. I had to have the whole phone replaced but it didn't help with the battery life.. battery doesn't fit tight into case ... I am also disappointed that I can't go to just any ATT store to get help with my phone they send me clear across town to a warranty store.. I live in PDX metro area I have to plan a whole day trip just to visit a warranty store .. Customer service has been poor.. I needed a new battery not a new phone but they will replace my whole phone before they will give me a battery ...

  • Need Help

Can anyone tell me how to make the backdrop light stay on longer.
For some reason I can not find it in the options.

  • Anonymous

cool design, but BOOOO!!! no fm radio?!

  • madison

They say 3G... But be warned it is NOT HSDPA! It uses HSCSD which uses the UMTS 3G network... but is not nearly as fast as HSDPA. I found this out the hard way, and back to the AT&T store it went.

  • Irshad

Good phone!! Worth buying.

  • Anonymous

Wow that guy that used 1's instead of L's... you're my personal f'in hero. I really erm... rea11y mean it!

Wow you're so awesome!

  • noodle

i thought it can use video call when the phone is closed hence using the external screen

  • Anonymous

The best phone ever!!!

  • JBanks

Nokia just does not care about its clients

  • SeF

Moto KRZR and Samsung look-alike Nokia phone. not unique and is very ugly imho.

  • Anonymous

if their target market is the phone for the girls,
they should add video-call support.
the girls love that feature

  • Savor

Looks like my Motorola phone from a few years ago. Nothing new here, even for the low end or mid range market that we haven't seen already. Nokia just practicing making flip phones since they are more geared toward candy bar designs like SE.

  • Shivam

Useless phone IMO. You don't even need to give a detailed review on this. This is just weak.

  • 0_o

one thing ive notice with gsm arena reviews, most of the time they wou1d favor nokia giving gr8 comments. but in rea1ity nokia phones rea11y suck!! with poor battery 1ife and software bug prob1ems!!! a11 they do is re1ease phone immediate1y with gr8 specs but they dont even fix the prob1ems! sorry nokia that was based on experience unti1 i switched with other phone brands. i hope you wou1dent de1ete this comment to make it fair.

  • Anonymous

people who buy this phone do not read GSM arena reviews. or. if they read reviews they don't buy phones like this.

  • z

1.3mp.....super awesome phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blitzy

this phone is crap, the review does not tell you the battery life of this thing is s**t only 3hours, it says 6 but its a lie.

  • JPD

I agree. Not exactly a review worth phone.