Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review

3 Mar 2020

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  • Brx1

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2021I am just wondering if it is worth buying... I am in love w... moreDO NOT BUY IT. I been using this phone for 8 months now... out of a sudden the upper screen touch stopped working. And ink start spreading down. And Samsung would not take responsibility

  • Anonymous

It's crazy to see the original Z Flip has a miles better battery endurance rating than the latest Z Flip3. The combination of Snapdragon 888 and 120Hz refresh rate really kills the battery. Since the Z Flip doesn't support DeX at all in the first place, I may as well just buy this original model instead.

  • Anonymous

I am just wondering if it is worth buying... I am in love with the phone but my friends say that it could be indented... I am not really sure what they mean by rhat but could someone please tell me if I should buy it or not.

  • Rob

I have had a Z flip since they came out and have had ZERO issues. I even (because I'm a phone freak) just bought the 5g model because I like it so much. As a owner of just about any phone made and currently still have 10 perfectly working phones, this is no question my favorite of them all. You won't regret it, I have not put a screen cover on either of mine and zero scratches and in my work use them all day. Just use common sense and obviously as stated in manual don't close phone with anything in it, umm if you didn't know that than stick to a rotary phone. Lol


Frank, 04 Mar 2020Folding screens are epic fail. First you have crease, fragi... morei have had my phone for over a year and still love it. it is not big and bulky. last week i folded my phone and layed it beside an iphone and they were almost the same thickness. the glass still looks as good as the day i opened the box and the it still opens and closes perfectly


Kendra Shields, 05 Mar 2020I really want a Z Flip too but I don't know if I should wai... morego get the z-flip you will not regret it


Josh11, 10 Mar 2020Is a big liei have both an iplone i use as an office phone and the z-flip for my personal use. i can assure you the z-flip is a much better phone than the iphone.


Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020Anyone using $ 1500 on a phone, should have their brain exa... morei have had my z flip for 15 months no squeak when i open and close it the screen has not broken or scratched. it is the first time ever (and i have use cell phones for since 1990) that i didn't care about upgrading after a year. absolutely love this phone and would recommend it to anyon that love quality.

  • MsJackson

Anonymous, 10 May 2020I love this phone already but the battery life is poorAgreed!!! It's amazing but I was super disappointed to realize I had to charge it throughout the day

  • flagshipper

it is possible the screen is far better protected than on any other phone because the way the device collapses. It's called Godzilla Victus -- 100% protection by the phones body. But even when open, you can place somewhere it screen down and the raised frame will protect it. How handy.
4G version is now pretty cheap, noone needs 5G (unless you make a nzbdrone server on it, or you want to spend your monthly limit in 10 minutes) so it's an actual advantage for battery saving.
Don't forget the bonus of Exynos riddance. Those chips are -1.5year backwards in performance, while you have 855+ (with a bonus of 1/2year cycle), easily beating S10 and S20 or Note20Ultra from your EU shop, for example.

  • Anonymous

I love this phone already but the battery life is poor

  • zey

imagine when u play pubgm , and u wanna spray down enemy use full gyro scoope then that phone flip . dude u'll die lol ;D

  • Anonymous

PepperPot, 04 Mar 2020According to reports Samsung can't keep up with the demand.... moreThat's what a proper company does which is to innovate. While the fanatics of Apple are still yakking about how Samsung stole their design from 2007 their company have since then shamelessly drop their small form factor in favor of the phablet form made popular by the Note line. Dare I remind you Steve Jobs like em only 3.5 inches. Have put Amoled on their top notch products after years of marketing their IPS screen as comparable to Amoled. You can bet the geniuses at Apple will release something comparable to Z Flip with Samsung parts BTW, call it innovative and slap 2000 dollars on it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020Anyone using $ 1500 on a phone, should have their brain exa... more*break

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020Anyone using $ 1500 on a phone, should have their brain exa... moreFor some people $1500 is as much as for you $15. There is nothing wrong with spending your own money the way you like. Don't be jealous.

  • Anonymous

Foldable Crap, upps Flip :)

  • Anonymous

Anyone using $ 1500 on a phone, should have their brain examined. Enjoy the screen when it brakes, the big hinges that abrupt the screen, did I mention the squeaking sound

  • Riga

wonderfully welcome change from the same old thing. Phone is a bit slippery, but a case solves the problem.

  • Yehaw

I think this phone looks DOPE! like a mini laptop! LOL!

Kendra Shields, 05 Mar 2020Dude what planet are you from hehe. Android has never an... moreIs a big lie