Samsung Galaxy S20 review

14 Mar 2020

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2021"The 2x comparison between the Galaxy S20 and the Note... moreI wanted to say 1.2x as much reach.

  • Anonymous

"The 2x comparison between the Galaxy S20 and the Note 10 surprisingly gives the upper hand to the S20 as the photos have more fine detail when inspected from up close."
Not surprising at all because the S20 uses a Bayer sensor and has a better focal length/pixel size ratio, this theoretically allows for approximately 1.2x more reach in good light conditions.

  • Dimsa

Mobile is total garbage!!! It breaks, it brakes, it crashes!
got it for 6 month and it disappoints me 6 days a week from 7.
Software a so complicated, that it makes you feel angree and mad about using it. Bluethoose asking you to connect like 3 times "are you sure?" WTF???
Got 3 Samsung phones, and it is just not it! It is only marketing and a brand, but besides it nothing stands alone.

  • Darenged

Sanux, 25 May 2021Uses a s20 not bad but few complaints about rapid battery l... moreWhat do you think, where are all those sensors (proximity, light, etc)?! Make a call and put your fingertip on that light. Reply what happened after you do that.

  • Sam

Alex, 27 May 2021Why has the galaxy s20 5g phone costing at the time 799 dol... moreask apple maybe they know the answer

  • Alex

Why has the galaxy s20 5g phone costing at the time 799 dollars doesn't come with headphone adapter or compatiable headphones meaning I have to spend even more on an already expensive phone .the phone is brilliant but again says 6gb not claimed please samsung respond

  • Sanux

Uses a s20 not bad but few complaints about rapid battery lowing, heating up for very few applications and green light appears below the selfie cam... fair price fair product

  • Io

Is not ok,after sane days not recognize my identity finger????!!!!

How good the battery? SOT? All youtuber did was the S20 Plus/Ultra for the battery test.. I havent seen anyone did for the regular s20..sigh

  • Max Fashion


  • Deshraj

Me, 15 Dec 2020The Samsung s20 has been such a disappointment. The little ... moreI have similar BAD experience with Samsung S20, Battery get drained in 4-5 , screen starts blinking on n off , voice is not clear while receiving call 😑😡😡😡😡

  • Anonymous

Ann, 31 Jan 2021I went from the S9 to the S20 5G and I hate it. US Cellular... moreOoh sorry to hear that . It's a flagship class !!

  • Shoaib

F62 5G Yes support lunch 4G No

  • Ann

I went from the S9 to the S20 5G and I hate it. US Cellular wouldn't post my review because it was negative. The back shattered (in a casemate case) in the 1st week, the signal is terrible, and the camera is always blurry. I wasted $1000 for a phone that doesn't meet my basix needs. If I turn on LTE calling, my calls will drop every 5 minutes, if I turn it off my tests all say they haven't sent, but they (most) acrually did. The fingerprint sensor never recognizes my fingerprint, and the screen isn't quick to respond. This is my 4th samsung and I hate it more than any other phone. Do not buy it, even on sale. I am stuck with this thing until I pay it off. I bought my daughter the S20 FE, and it works much better, but's it's huge and heavy, like a brick. The FE always takes cleae pictures.

  • Silver

Ibio, 24 Dec 2020+I was thinking about s10e drop and in my opinion ... This phone was set to low in price meaning. Such competition in product line could be a problem for Samsung.

  • tomgil

Briz, 07 Jan 2021Answering a phone call when using another app is a challeng... moreIll gree with that!! Too quirky of a phone for my disposition. Would never buy again.

  • Alex

I like GSMArena but can't trust their photo quality reviews since A8 failure.
For S20, Zoom camera should be noted as a complete failure, not just "not as sharp as Ultra":
There is already a significant loss of detail in the 3x "hybrid" zoom daylight photos. And low-light zoom is unusable even at 2x: building wall texture and phone booth is a mess on the 2x low-light samples.
That's what you get for "hybrid" zoom by cropping 64M small low-sensitive pixels, instead of using real optics.

  • Briz

Answering a phone call when using another app is a challenge , the answer button or icon doesn't usually work. Multiple times this happens

  • Arul

For normal use, it works a maximum of 24 hours only.

Silver, 21 Dec 2020Hi. Before Gsmarena team will do this, i can tell you, that... more bring on the s21 lineup.