Sony Ericsson roundup: W380, Z555, W350, T280 preview

31 January 2008
We got our hands on several unreleased Sony Ericsson mobiles and we wasted no time in showing you the ins and outs of those babies. Writing full reviews of the devices seems pointless at this time as they are all not final versions, however they are...

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  • lincoln

please i want this phone,s restarting code

  • Anonymous

nero, 10 Apr 2009can anyone plz help me and tell me which phone of the W series i... moresony w580i has more sound, i am having tat one

  • t

i have a W380 but i have a problem every time i try to send a sms it never reaches the other person
it just goes to the outbox what do i do?

  • nero

can anyone plz help me and tell me which phone of the W series is the highest and clearest sound ????? plz help i want to buy one

  • cj7

I would like to know the problem with this phone's screen cuting of constantly??

  • hehe

wow....great phones....i chose W350i.....T280 is great and less price but i dont like the buttons....the Z is weird and W380 is expensive...

  • flyingshadow Inc

G, 01 Feb 2008The gesture control of the w380 is very good but a problem I can... moredontworry dude, gesture control is for only make ur ringing call / alarm silent. it wont be disconnect ur call by mistakenly.

  • Conan

@ Dani

can W380 read a 4GB Micro M2 Memory
please enlighten me ^_^

Thanks in Advance!!!

\m/_SE RULES _\m/

  • Rajeev SE LOVER ALWA

ah nice review ...

i was waiting so much and for so long time for the w380i and finally i think it will out by march :)

and thank you for gr8 answers :p

  • Jon2

@ Dani

FYI the 3110c is NOT a low-end phone. It's an entry-level mid-range phone, considering that it has microSD slot.

  • anand

hey dude is that posible to play video in full screen in sony w380 though it has walkman v2.0.... also may i know wen this phone will be available in the market .... hav been waiting for 2 months....

  • Dani

why you being so biast against SE?
all of these SE's are *Low End* basically there like your 3110 Clasiccs of Nokia

so please learn to respect SE and atleast they make better phones then Motorola !!!!!!!!!

  • Jon2

Almost all SE phones are rubbish (except for a few). Doesn't matter if it was low-end or high-end, they still produce weak phones. Face the facts, SE fanboys. They don't have REAL low-end phones w/ monochrome displays, and they don't have REAL high-end phones w/ a powerful OS.

  • luis

No, that is not true, if SE wanted to enteer to the low end market they would launched phones with monochromatic displays. For that reason isn't in the 1st or 2nd place seller: because they really don't reach the lowest markets like Nokia or Moto.
And I'm so sure that phones like W380 OR w350 (SPECIALLY THE FIRST ONE) won't be cheap. SE overprice their mobiles to be phones with same features on a different body (as they always do), the same interface, etc.

  • flavor

among all of these low-end phones from SE, I would prefer W350i. Amazed with its classic half-flip type like my Ericsson T28 that I ever used last 4 years ago. What a memory... and hey succeed to change it as Walkman phone. Salute.....

  • Anonymous

the w350i is like the ericsson t29

  • Dani

SE is new to the *Low End* Phone market so please learn to Respect......

  • Anonymous

great low-end phones... at this market SE is the best for sure
but is lacking some high-end devices...

  • G

I agree with Radix299. Very weird that SE have gone back to the blocky bolded font they used to use...I have a Z710i (which I love- best phone I've ever used) and it has the new thinner font which I prefer. Maybe they really are going backwards...!!

Some thoughts, all handsets look really nice. Such a shame though that they only have 1.3mpx cameras (except the T280 which is good for a lowend), you can make good prints out of 2mpx photos. They all have small displays too, which is again a problem. Other features are decent though a bit standard (radios are welcome though and I like the sense control thing). None have infrared, also a shame to me but only because I'm one of the only poeple who still use it lol

  • Nirodha

Nice little low end phones from SE here. Probably good for teenagers and those that don't want to spend much money. Please remember, not everyone is looking for a high end, and expensive, super-duper 5+megapixel camera, GPS, Ipod replacement and WiFi enabled Pocket PC combo. And, these little gems are just right for those people.