Samsung F490 review: Fingertip away

27 February 2008
The Samsung F490 follows a trend that we welcome - touch-based user interface and a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. Add a widescreen 3.2" TFT display and a slim profile, and it already sounds like a juicy deal. We've already reviewed...

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  • Parves Bangladesh

Very nice phone.


What battery does the F490V take?

  • annie

Its gud bt since some days its touch sys doesn,t work. plzz help n contct me on ths adress;
plzzzz help me. OK

  • annie

mob is 2 gud. bt sometime its touch sys doesn,t work. Plzzz help

  • agyare

i can not disconnect or end call after talking..

  • Samad

The camera is very bad.touch screen doesn't work so the sound quality is awsm.

  • nawaz

Craig, 12 Jul 2009Got the phone but i want to tape longer with the camcorder featu... morewhilst on the camcorder mode, on the right hand side of the screen there re 5 decnding icons, pick the 2nd one down (options).
Then select "recording mode" once youve done that 2 options will apear "limit for MMS" AND "FOR FULL MEMORY" SELECT "FOR FULL MEMORY" AND YOUR DONE

  • Jonah8Lumu

auther pie, 05 Oct 2008the duel sim action is by default not avalible in the EU if you ... more(almst) everything is from china by these days :-)

  • Eshan ch mail-a7_un

I agree among of this coment.i didn,t find any software which support that phone.cocern authority must be attention to make modern phone like google.

  • faizal ahamed

its really beauty but there is theme is not acceptable

  • Andrea

I have been stuck with this phone for the last 18mths,thank goodness my contract is up,the phone as a whole is rubbish,the 5 mp camera does not take very good pictures,it's a slow touchscreen and doesn't respond quickly to your demands and you have to keep pressing the screen just to disconnect.Overall i would not reccommend this phone to anyone a poor product from samsung!

  • Ravi kumar

Shawna Green , 02 Jul 2009Is This Phone Any Good Becouse I want To Buy It :/ Not sure Some... moreThis phone is not good never buy this phone

  • kwaku

Cant run all application or softwares on my phone.need help

  • Craig

Got the phone but i want to tape longer with the camcorder feature, any ideas how i do that?

  • Shawna Green

Is This Phone Any Good Becouse I want To Buy It :/ Not sure Some One Help Me :) plz x

  • miguel

i have this fone and its the worst thing since hitler. seriously. i hate it. i have actually bitten it out of frustration. the camera is awful the touch is worse and speaker is crap. don't get it. you probably think im exagerating. im not. just stay away from it. it will ruin your life

  • ~Nabeeeeylah~

i hate this fone

  • Lee

Now thats something to boost about...

  • auther pie

xor, 12 Sep 2008nice review.. but nothing what so ever about the dual sim action... morethe duel sim action is by default not avalible in the EU if you find a SAMSUNG F490V with this.....ITS A FAKE....FROM CHINA...


Hello .
One has seen many comment sin relation to the SAMSUNG F490V but one has to say that the touch screen is not that good and i have used the current Iphone for this messurment but as with ALL touch screen phones Texting is quite bad as most people (men in mind) have fat fingers) so texting on say a normal phone is very very quick indeed yet you can never come close using a touch screen phone and some one mentioned the poor quality camera and they are correct even though the SAMSUNG F490V has a 5mp camera it has a poor lense fitted and i have used the nokia N82 and the N95 8gb to messure this and the pictures from the SAMSUNG F490V look more like a 2.7mp than the claimed 5mp but as one has looked at many phones one decided to buy two and they are the nokia N78 and the Nokia N96 both are very good indeed and can recomend both yet for every day use the Nokia N78 has many fetures WIFI FMT yet its 3.2mp camera gives far far better pictures than the SAMSUNG F490V and has a built in FM Transmitter quite handy do you not think ?..and To close many mention the Iphone and indeed it is very nice but it is let down by a cheap camera and poor battery that you can not change unless you remove it by heat so i do agree with some who say the Iphone is last year but i also have to say its interface has yet to be challenged by an current touch screen as even the omani is not very good in relation to its touch feedback screen but its 5mp facial rec camera works well but as i expected a poor quality picture....sorry for waffling...