Sony Xperia 1 II review

29 May 2020

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ouie, 26 Jun 2021has anyone experience the front camera suddenly is not func... moreIdk maybe it's a software problem u can only hope that its fixed with a software update

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    • ouie
    • I@H
    • 26 Jun 2021

    has anyone experience the front camera suddenly is not functioning? Prompt is "Failed to camera preview".

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      • YTy
      • 22 Jun 2021

      NexusScotland, 15 May 2021I love my xperia 1 II , however it feels like it's mad... moreSony is known to put a ton of oleophobic coasting on their phones and this is no exception. It does help to reduce smudges and scratches to degree. I think repelling water is what it was meant for.

        NexusScotland, 15 May 2021I love my xperia 1 II , however it feels like it's mad... moreEven though my huawei p20 lite which has klein blue color which is gradient and reflects light it isn't slipper I don't understand why people say all that that its slippery. Also I use a case because whatever glas this phone has its so fragile it fell on the carpet from my bed and it got a crack decently big

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          • NexusScotland
          • nED
          • 15 May 2021

          I love my xperia 1 II , however it feels like it's made of silk or satin. It can literally slide off any surface with no intervention.

          Even when I thought I had a firm grasp of it, it slipped out of my hand, fell no more than a few feet to a laminated wood floor which caused a rather confusing and very out of proportion spreader crack across the bottom right hand side.

          This was on DAY ONE of ownership, just out the box, had not even ordered a cases of any sort.

          |I love my Sony phones, have used them for many years, but however the xperia 1 II may be, the fact that the screen cracked so ridiculously on day one, the shine has been taken away I am even considering (using sony since the old J|70's!)
          switching to something that I feel confident above using without seriously damaging it every time I take it out my pocket! VERY FRAGILE PHONE..SUCH A SHAME!

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            • Butters
            • mnQ
            • 18 Mar 2021

            Very nice phone I wanted to buy but it is too expensive for me so I bought Nokia 8.3 it's perfect for me. Maybe in future I can buy Sony Xperia 1 ll too.

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              • Kobai
              • IYK
              • 12 Mar 2021

              Very good phone I am satisfied.

              Pros: screen, comfortable in the hand, 3,5mm jack

              Cons: battery life could be better

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                • long john sony
                • sXM
                • 21 Feb 2021

                like the phone but dissapointed in loss of sony photo apps and some other which i really liked and was a big part of of my Sony ownership desire. After 7 sonys in a row will probably look elsewhere now as a result for next phone. Phone works well but the multi camera at the rear gives with one hand and takes with the other my xz premium had better resolution, and better slow mo. My over riding opinion was that of dissapointment the choice of three rear cameras is good but the loss of other things outweighs this, finger print doesnt work as well, odd shape doesnt actually benifit me, sound is improved but nothing like that of samsung or apple. actually contemplation early upgrade to get away from it.

                  What a masterpiece!
                  IP68 water and dust resistance.
                  Dual front-facing stereo sspeakers.
                  No notch or punch hole.
                  Headphone jack.
                  I love it 😍

                    Wish there was an option to have the Task Switcher show open software in vertical mode rather than horizontal. Take advantage of the long screen to show all apps open at the same time for easy tapping the right one without swiping.

                      What Geekbench single core and multi core scores are people getting on Android 11?

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                        • Honey
                        • Nbq
                        • 17 Dec 2020

                        Can't understand the philosophy behind Selfie camera of 8 MP

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                          • Nnabazz
                          • Nu6
                          • 14 Dec 2020

                          Just hope there will be improvement with the battery

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                            • Torerawilly
                            • 8tA
                            • 23 Nov 2020

                            Lincoln Imp, 17 Nov 2020There is a better deal on Amazon UK. £799 with wena chronog... moreI just got this deal and I am loving every aspect of this great phone. Just need to know how to set up the wena watch and the app to do so.

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                              • Lincoln Imp
                              • 0R4
                              • 17 Nov 2020

                              There is a better deal on Amazon UK. £799 with wena chronograph head and strap. Actual full price is over £1600 making it a better deal.

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                                • Dometalican
                                • 7BB
                                • 17 Nov 2020

                                James MK, 08 Oct 2020Hi guys, I'm in need of clarity on whether or not ther... moreSupposedly, Sony promised a software update that allows you to change the screen to what's on the Xperia 5 mark ii (1080p@120hz AS WELL as 1080p@60hz). So technically yes but don't know when that update is pushing out.

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                                  • t7X
                                  • 07 Nov 2020

                                  Hoping to bring back Sony's album app...

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                                    • sxr
                                    • 16 Oct 2020

                                    Anonymous, 12 Oct 2020great review, great Sony phone....but why would I pay a pre... moreif those are only your consideration, then you have no reason to get it...
                                    i dont get why keeping up with the newest chipset is a big deal... but that is just me...
                                    using z5 premium until now, i see no big deal for a year old chipset...
                                    but if you are still interested to get this, you have two options -
                                    1 buy it with the freebies
                                    2 buy it on second pricecut (the soonest) since the first pricecut may be more expensive wirhout the bundled freebies...
                                    that is mostly true to phones that comes with freebies (huawei and samsung do that here in the philippines)...
                                    the advantage of the second is that, it is less likely that you will get "first batch manufacturing issues"...
                                    but the disadvantage (maybe) will be there are few updates already available - if that is important to you (i can still use z5 premium, z1 compact, nokia 909 even without updates)

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                                      • PIa
                                      • 12 Oct 2020

                                      great review, great Sony phone....but why would I pay a premium price for a phone that is nearly a year old since its announcement and with limited availability....the premium price would be justified if I could get it as soon as it is announced...otherwise I get something else now and then get back to this one in the aftermarket at a big discount later on, if still interested

                                        Hi guys, I'm in need of clarity on whether or not there's a way to drop the screen resolution from its native one.
                                        643ppi is not what I need and Xperia 5 ii would give me a narrow keyboard that 120Hz won't make up for.
                                        Ps I'm Not a gamer.