Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro review

4 June 2020

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  • pravinchhetr

DanishBeacon, 06 Apr 2021I'm having this phone for almost a year now. I'm ... moreI need this phone

  • Goe

DanishBeacon, 06 Apr 2021I'm having this phone for almost a year now. I'm ... moreI got mine 8 months and same I'm happy with it I was and still am amazed on how fast it is and for that price

Sivin, 11 Oct 2020Back camera touches ground. But the cover provided with ph... moreAnd with the original transparent mask that comes with the POCO F2pro
camera module it touches the surface so that the camera can be scratched.

I'm having this phone for almost a year now. I'm really happy.
It's big and heavy phone but so am I 180cm/95kg) and this doesn't bother me at all.
Its good ans solid and feels like quality gadget.
Sd 865 with ufs 3.0(3.1) can handle anything with ease. Amoled screen with no disruption is better than anything out there. I don't care abt high refresh rate gimmick. Battery lasts day and a half to two days.
I get 8 hrs SOT with 35-40% left with normal use. Bit less when gaming but that's normal.
Fast changing 45 min just to get to 88-90% and I have no worries.
Honestly I don't understand why GSMArena is so critical about this device. I never hear them complain about Apple using 60hz or lcd screens... It's just bias opinion and I had my share of Apple devices and behind the glance there will always be this one thing with their products that is just annoying as hell. This can fx. be battery life and quality, so many software bugs that everyone is just ignoring and so on.
No, you can think what you want, but F2 pro is perfect for me.
I will recommend it to anyone who uses phone's for work and home.

  • Pelangi

Pop-up camera no go go

Who ever reads the thread comments will not buy this device and the ownerz will prpoably sell it or exchange it for a Nokia 6680

next year I'm going to the POCO F2 Pro I make this change because the latest top of the range, and mids from the same family, almost any smartphone brand, now almost all have curved glass and notc. a hole oh a teardrop, and I don't really like that much. I do it because if I have to really like a smartphone, that is the POCO F2 Pro, oh a New smartphone but with the same design. not that my current Xiaomi does not suit me 10, but the reasons I have already written. And I have seen some photographs in the group, they are really good. nothing to envy to a, xiami mi note 10 sincerely. That if you don't use 108mp the photos take them at 27mp, so megapixels less oh more, nothing changes.
You say there is a possibility that a similar New smartphone will come out?

  • Anonymous

How is the oneplus 7t 51mm camera telephoto while F2 50mm is not?

  • Aref

How long should I charge the Poco F2 pro for the first time and (charge turbo) is normal? Because it seems very very fast and I don't want it how should I cancel it?

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2020On my first day on this phone. Love it my games are so smoo... moreI use both JBL Tune 110 and Mi In-Ear Pro with my F2, both are really good. The JBL will do if you're on a budget. The Mi earphones are slightly better-sounding - to me, anyway, and it does have Hi-Res audio certification - though it costs quite a bit more.

  • Anonymous

On my first day on this phone. Love it my games are so smooth here. Havent tried genshin yet but honkai impact is soo good. This is my first xiaomi phone. Phone is a little heavy and bulky but other than that everything is so good. My miniso headset isn't compatible on this. Any recommendation of a good headset on this?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2020If the Poco F3 Pro will have a high-refresh display, I prob... moreBought the phone, it is amazing, I'm used to 144Hz monitors and I can tell you 60Hz or 120Hz on a phone for a guy like me doesn't do jack shit, 120Hz will drain your battery faster anyway, 60Hz is enough for everything, and 120Hz is something nice but not necessarily and you chose should not be based on it.

  • Anonymous

It is about 380 euro now and far better than any other expensive toys, of coursr if you have small budget.
Yes camera isnt a ground breaker but enough for daily use.
Even for rich butts, it is a goof phone.

  • Anonymous

If the Poco F3 Pro will have a high-refresh display, I probably can't resist that. 60 Hz is holding me back from ordering one of F2 Pro's. Great device for the price, absolutely. Just won't buy another 60 Hz device, they don't belong to my household. :)

  • Raf

arturo, 04 Sep 2020im ussing this for about 2 weeks just now I notice when I&#... moreDid u wipe the camera, some tend to stain the cameras with oil

  • Nook

marilonblues209, 13 Oct 2020If you can handle a heavy phone, this phone is one of the b... moreAgreed. My fingers get fatigued using it. But I love it so much I use it a lot.

  • Litco

Xiaomi please prodce a poco mini will u? I wanted a xperia 5 ii but it's too expensive. A 6.0 inch display with 4000mah battery enough.

If you can handle a heavy phone, this phone is one of the best phone.

  • Sivin

Janssen , 26 Jul 2020Which one better? Poco F2 Pro or Mi 10 5G?Mi10 is better. But its curved display kills our privacy.

  • Sivin

Philly, 06 Sep 2020Kindly give us a review with your experience so far. Does ... moreHeating issue observed while hotspot is on.