Sony Ericsson K660 preview: First look

05 February 2008
Announced in November and yet to be released, the Sony Ericsson K660 is a polished 3G bar, which sneaks some high-end goodies into the midrange. Besides HSDPA and enhanced web browsing, the undoubted focal point, K660 offers a balanced...

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  • mark21

At 1st. I was not meant to buy this phone. But when its done. Wow! It was a great phone after all, the screen display was astonishingly brilliant ,the media player was so nice that i wouldn't need to create a movie to slide show the pictures thanks to x-pict. Superb music player with megabass tm. Accessible to organize musics. And though thanks to the updated firmware R1FA035,it works fast and never the less, good job for se!

  • groovy

the external accesories like casing,headset,usb cord are quiet hard to find in the market,prticularly here in davao city.we hope as consumers that there must be provided such items to be baught.we are realy looking forward to continue patronizing the sony ericsson products for its highest standard quality in terms of mobile phones and gadgets.

  • k660iowner

I obviously own one (the wine-on-black variant), and so far, it's great.

What I love about it:
- the design. so sexy. :)
- the buttons; both the keypad and the softkeys. easy to press and tactile. no problems at all when typing long text messages
- Walkman 3.0 media player. You can fast forward and rewind music and videos. pretty handy. the resume option lets you play the last video or music you were listening or watching. pretty handy
- the whole interface in general
- super fast browser.

What I don't like about it:
- sometimes it's slow.. in fact, initial impression is slow as compared to other SE phones but.. eventually you'll get used to it
- keeping it clean from fingerprints is loosing battle.

I didn't specify that I don't like the camera because honestly I'm not bothered with it. I was after the browser and the media player when I bought this and was aware that the camera sucks. So, it's okay. :D

Overall, if you prefer having a really powerful browser in your hands anywhere (not a powerful camera) and loves watching videos and listening to music, this is perfect for you. But if you're after a camera phone, you'll be greatly disappointed. but then again..SE didn't say it was meant to be a camera phone. :)

  • JAck Sprat

I now have this phone and while the camera is ordinary, and the design is a bit of a minger, i can confirm that the audio is great, the speaker crap, the web brilliant, as well as internal processing for speed of vid/games, media player is fantastic, its light, compact and above all else, cheap...its currently 299 AUD for a handset in Australia...or about 170 EU/130GBP

But you all missed something

its INDESTRUCTABLE. AND this is what sony ericson are going for, all the fed up nokia costomers who were dissilusioned with their slide phone.

Id have to say they found one...two actually, my fiancee bought the same one, different colour!

  • tonia

nice....i want it

  • Smhd

I hope to see it in a month or two on the market!!! I want it! It has great features! All you might need from a PHONE!

  • K660 user

Despite some new improvements from older SE models, this new generation 3.5g phone lacks the software responsiveness promised by the features, especially in contacts/address book management. Slow contact search (need to wait a good couple of seconds in smart search), not able to customize number's field name (ala nokia) is a bummer. All in all it's a good phone from a designer's point of view, but developer needs to polish from the software side.

  • rafa

Muhummad-Oli, 07 Feb 2008To Andy. I almost can't be bothered to reply to your post abo... morefirst of all, plz improve ur english...
and try to know somethng more about nokia cell phones... N70, as an exemple, HAVE NOT AF! SE have wonderfull camera phones, but this is a WEB PHONE! its different...
and all the brands have some phones without AF...
bye and plz, learn something before posting

  • Anonymous

The design is similar to Nokia 6210 classic! I will choose 6120 over K660 for Symbian:)

  • Benny

Another great mid range phone from SE. I only wish they announce a super phone tomorrow...

  • sam

i have just brought this phone and paid 250 sim free for it and i think its the best thing since slice bread.

  • Muhummad-Oli

To Andy.

I almost can't be bothered to reply to your post about the camera. It gets so annoying, all these people saying things on here when they obviously know nothing about what they're saying. I'm not even trying to defend SE or anything.

Sure SE was known for being something a bit special in the camera department a few years back, and I can agree that they've lost it. One look at proper camera phones like the K850i or K770i will prove this. They can hardly stand up to their rivals.

But The K660i is not a proper camera phone. You would not buy this phone if you wanted a good quality camera. You would go for one with autofocus. And SE is not aiming it at camera phone buyers. This phone is aimed at people who want a better mobile internet experience, hence the HSDPA and internet shortcut keys, etc.

You can hardly say or imply SE is behind other manufacturers because they release a non-AF 2MP camera (though they are behind in other aspects). Any brand, like Nokia and the like will release non-AF cameras on phones all the time. They are not always aiming at the high-end market. K660i is a mid-end phone and the camera is just there for snapshots if it is needed.

  • Jon2

SE version of 6120c w/o Symbian OS

  • Anonymous

nice design but wht what point better to use a K600i ,

  • razec

short, simple yet realistic review. well done :)

  • Anonymous

SE design rocks!

  • Andy Burgin

Sony Ericsson started the super camera on mobiles with the K750i an it was superb with auto-focus on its camera but now days the company seem to be letting it customers down by removing even the Flash an Auto -focus with it cameras an Nokia an Samsung are getting better camera mobiles now days,please get these functions back with your cameras Sony Ericsson or more people will be other mobiles instead of yours

  • Dani

Nice Nice

  • Anonymous

Really nice!!! I did not expected even this much but this phone still turned out to be good...

  • Anonymous

wow nice