Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 review

19 June 2020

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  • Anonymous

Jevgenijs, 29 Aug 2021Would recommend 4 or 6 gig version. Then it's a good p... moreU mean the 6 gig version in better for gaming


Afrina, 27 Aug 2021Battery good 32hours with battery saver charge drained 94 t... moreThumbs up

  • Jevgenijs

Would recommend 4 or 6 gig version. Then it's a good phone for non gamers. 3 gig is a bit to low which cases lags.

  • Journeymanny

I never game, and therefore this phone is exactly what I need. Excellent camera, and for the rest fast enough for my few apps - news, health, navigation and music. No complaints here about the limited (3GB) memory. Works like a charm.

  • Afrina

Battery good 32hours with battery saver charge drained 94 to26 percent.In this 7 hours is YouTube.Update 12.5 has not ruined my device.Proud xiomi

  • Don

Flor.N, 03 Mar 2021Do you know this phone has got NFC?Yes

  • Rushi kashte

My mobile chargeing is very slowly in 1 hour the battery charge only 20/ so ..I'm bye this mobile last year month11

  • Kaytorch

The reason I bought this phone is because of its FM that have built-in antenna. The camera and color rendering is one of the worst I have seen. If the picture taken with is phone is sent to another phone, the picture color becomes better

  • The tall dark gurl

I got mine yesterday at ONE of the SLOT stores in Nigeria and the camera is bad.

  • Darius

It is a pretty good phone for the price.I kinda hate the saturation of the camera and slow motion could have been better but in rest it is good enough!👍

  • Anonymous

Cro, 17 Jun 2021This is the worst xiaomi I bought..4/128, after this one ne... moreI think you buy a fake redmi note 9s. Mine is good..

  • Anas

I got redmi 9. 4ram/128g i bought a month ago the device working good till 2 weeks now, the wifi couldn't conncet to device till i restart it

  • Anonymous

Rithikbablu123, 06 Feb 2021Really this is there very very worst phone I have got hangi... moreYes you are right..you should call toll free number that time...then create complain number from thid...then your phone is become replace.

  • Cro

This is the worst xiaomi I bought..4/128, after this one never again to buy xiaomi.
I put together my redmi note 8pro and this one...the lighting and brightness of 8pro is double better.
Also some responding problems occurs often.
Also the redmi note 5 is better than this one and also was better than 8pro.
How is it possible?
Well, since you played me twice...I forget about xiaomi.

  • Sanvi Rahman

I am using this phone for last 5 months..
This phone have microphone problem from the first time use. Microphone catch more than extra noise from other devices..
And salfie camera is good only on Sunlight or highlight. In lowlight, selfie camera is very bad..
Overall, this phone is not too good. But almost good.
I Don't recommend this phone anymore.

  • Anonymous

Zara, 29 Nov 2020I also want to know to this answer.Download Cube ACR from play store. It's one of the best call recording app.

  • ZAuser

Received phones 2 weeks ago
Battery life is great

But find It freezes quite often and sometimes responses are slow

michaellay, 24 Jan 2021don't buy this . better you buy note 8 or note 9 pro.Hi please advise similar issue any reason why

  • Redmi note 9 user

Kyle, 24 Dec 2020I don't know if it is only on my phone but there'... moreDepends on model of phone you buy
i never encountered your phone issue

  • Redmi note 9 user

oof, 13 Jan 2021Using it for a year ish TL;DR - more cons than pros. Buil... moreDepends on you how you use this,
Your says about this phone i never encountered any problem
you say except bug in game on previous miui version