LG Velvet with DualScreen review

24 June 2020

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Is this phone has eSim?

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    • MIMAE
    • t7X
    • 23 Sep 2022

    Where can we buy as of today this LG Dualscreen Case for velvet? Thanks

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      • Anonymous
      • uZH
      • 28 Aug 2022

      Kaf, 19 Mar 2022I've had an LG velvet for about 2 years. Service with ... moreIt has a built in modem in the processor SD-765G which came in oneplus NORD too.there might be not as much bands supported and your service provider might not have the requisite band.

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        • Anonymous
        • tDP
        • 26 Jun 2022

        LG just selling the midrange product, even closer to samsung A series, with midrange chipset and midrange camera, even A series is better with OIS

        If you consider this a Flagship you will be regret at all

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          • FadeH idayat
          • 61v
          • 27 May 2022

          I've about almost 2 years using LG Velvet 5G...very satisfied..Csreen, Battery, Signal 5G, Camera and Video Recorder it was amazing...

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            • Kaf
            • kav
            • 19 Mar 2022

            I've had an LG velvet for about 2 years. Service with consumer Cellular is telling me that my LG velvet is not compatible for 5G and I need proof that it is cuz it is. Any suggestions on how I can prove 5G to consumer Cellular I'd appreciate it thank you have a good day

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              • DK
              • 0ZX
              • 21 Feb 2022

              Has it Gorilla protection?

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                • Tamim
                • XTm
                • 06 Dec 2021

                Chris Burnett, 13 Oct 2021The best smartphone ever build by LG mobile and I ever had!... morePlz add battery life review

                  The best smartphone ever build by LG mobile and I ever had! ~ 🇰🇷LM-G900N version, though the screen resolutions wasn't really sharp enough and despite what other people have to say to slander the overall of LG VELVET build quality!...but it certainly does support USB on the go, a pair of stereo speakers, optical fingerprints, and wireless charging too.
                  Thanks 🇰🇷LG mobile for making this possible!!

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                    • koen4224
                    • QyR
                    • 14 Jul 2021

                    I've recently bought an LG Velvet as a backup phone, I personally use a samsung s20+ as my daily driver..
                    And I must say the LG is pretty slow, I would recommend customers towards Samsung, considering this will be the last LG made..

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                      • Army Al
                      • FJU
                      • 06 Jul 2021

                      For those thinking of purchasing the Velvet, it's extremely difficult in finding and buying the dual screen case. Better luck on finding one for the V60. They are not interchangeable, the Velvet and V60 dual screen cases. I tried.

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                        • kan
                        • RxX
                        • 11 Jun 2021

                        kan, 11 Jun 2021quad dac is LG main selling point, so now they have none. ... moreapologize as u found the charging is slower than 25w
                        but in my case, it is definitely faster than 18w

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                          • kan
                          • RxX
                          • 11 Jun 2021

                          quad dac is LG main selling point, so now they have none.

                          btw this phone is fast charging, 25w. not slow as mentioned in drawback

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                            • Madmikehatesqueers
                            • rRU
                            • 11 Jun 2021

                            Logic, 21 Mar 2021No Quaddac no buy imo~ LG should just simplify their line &... moreMatters not anymore. No more lg phones.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • kTG
                              • 04 Jun 2021

                              i love my lg velvet 5g.

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                                • Logic
                                • saG
                                • 21 Mar 2021

                                No Quaddac no buy imo~ LG should just simplify their line & naming structure and stop spending their marketing poorly. Its the opposite of what Sony is doing who is actually recovering in the phone game and making innovations~

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • rXI
                                  • 17 Mar 2021

                                  Anonymous, 08 Oct 2020The single most important reason to buy this phone is it�... moreThis is the best part. The pen works on the main screen and the dual screen.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • rXI
                                    • 17 Mar 2021

                                    I love my LG Velvet 5G. I have the dual screen and the dell active pen. This has been very useful in my work as a teacher. I have used it for doing google meet where I have the meet on the dual screen and shared my OneNote on the main screen. Perfect setup. I didn't need to bring my laptop to do the work. Battery life is great (lasts my 4 classes).

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • IJ7
                                      • 05 Feb 2021

                                      The back of the phone is cracked on me phone and we just filed an insurance claim on my husbands phone which did they same thing it was blame's on his case for which we have 2 different types of cases so my question is anyone else having the same problem. We both had Samsung before these phone's and never had this kind of issue so needless to say we will be switching back...

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                                        • Dualscreen owner
                                        • mbR
                                        • 01 Feb 2021

                                        I love this phone since i got it but this article must be the least usefull in terms of what is the lg velvet and do you want it? The awnser mostly rests on do you use splitscreen on your old phone alot? Then this is the phone for you