Honor 30 Pro+ review

10 July 2020

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Sulistio, 12 Aug 2020Forget it. No matter how good this phone, it's only tr... moreThat means you're new to smartphone, if you can't do without play store

Forget it. No matter how good this phone, it's only trash without Google.

  • Rockstar

Why you guys are not adding video review for this one??? love to see full fledged video review for the same...

  • oops

useless and banned, openness is good isn't it ??

  • Lotus88

Everything seems fine, but i hate 2 things in novadays smartphones.
1st - TOO SMALL BATTERY (should be at least +5k mAh)
2nd - 2 HOLES IN DISPLAY (i hate hole-punches in displays, they should put inside some motorized-pop up camera or at least "drop notch" in the middle)

A mobile phone with a very high price-performance ratio, Huawei quality, great! ! !

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 12 Jul 2020Not really relevant to the review itself but I realised whi... more😱👏👏👏

  • trump aftermath

There is no google playstore ! But no problem for me:

gmail: i use GMX with k-9 mail (the only imap app that has not (-) when searching for mails), k-9 might not work with gmail but outlook also is quite good. K-9 for me the best pop and imap e-mail client
photos: can upload and view with chrome
keep: can use chrome
music: does not work, copied mp3 and flacs and use vlc, pulsar or musicolet
youtube: per browser or an app called newpipe
Hangouts and dialer: dont work, can be replaced with skype
maps: use browser or herewego
calendar: use outlook or onecalendar (login on google account)
google drive: can still download in chrome but also use mega and gmx cloud (up to 6 gigs free if activated)
earth: still works
chrome: chrome still works but firefox too (and has good addins)
google translate: still works
google play: pure (for the updates), apkmirror, apkmonk, huawei appgallery or petal
app transfer: huawei phone clone (from huawei to huawei) or APK Extractor
solid file manager license still works after phone clone but u can also use MK explorer
Xodo doesnt work but use foxit which is good as well or Librera that is the best for ereaders like boox, tripadvisor shows message that it wont work but even though it works good, andrOpen Office does not work, all other non google apps that i tested do work.
Opencamera with camera2 api works great and all features of android api can be used (use this instead of the proprietary camera app).
For Locus (outdoor maps) I use free version bc lost of license for pro version (or AlpineQuest can be used with all features, license not lost when cloned).

  • Anonymous

LeDucky, 10 Jul 2020No headphone jack is not listed under cons.2017 wants its comment back.

Aierlan, 11 Jul 2020It's certainly expensive but still cheaper than compet... morei wouldnt say op8pro is flagship killer, there are lot of flagship killer in sub $500 price or even cheaper from Pocophone, Nubia, redmi etc

Like GSMA said best Honor Phone ever.But at that price in Europe,P30 Pro for 250-300euro less is a much better option...

LeDucky, 10 Jul 2020No headphone jack is not listed under cons.they should probably have mention too when i bought my pc that it doesn't come with a floppy disk :facepalm:

Yeah, seems strange as the p40 series seems to be less saturated than competitors. Colors on the V30 pro are also quite natural

While I *generally* like Huawei/Honor's way of image processing especially in terms of how they handle details, the amount of added saturation is disgusting on this phone and colours somehow look a lot more striking (in a bad way) compared to P40 series despite having the same hardware. It's also disappointing to see that they still upscale sub-10MP image into 12.5MP, too. I was hoping that they wouldn't do this kind of crap on Honor series, but I guess my expectation was a bit too high.

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2020Yeah I thought it was a clear view case with some designs o... moreYou should look up the Oppo Reno3 Pro Classic Blue. That one takes the cake.

BigDisplay, 12 Jul 2020"The €700 price tag would have been justified if the H... moreNot really relevant to the review itself but I realised while reading your comment that GSMArena finally allows us readers to use emoji in our comments. Nice!

The thing about Kirin processor is, although it's Mali GPU is not as powerful as the Adreno that Qualcomm use on 865, even if it's only a bit more powerful than the Mali that Samsung use on their exynos, the GPU turbo features actually give a significant hike in smoothness and stability when playing a game that is supported by it, Kirin 990 is atleast equal to SnapDragon 865 when it comes to playing PUBG(which is supported by the GPU turbo) if not better, and definitely more efficient in overall performance compared to the exynos 990.

"The €700 price tag would have been justified if the Honor 30 Pro+ had Google Services but it doesn't."
They wrote in the review 🙈

Huawei just released their mighty Pental search app, where most app can be find, if you guys really not can live without the US Google scam.
Then there's the other solutions there can be found at the internet, so it's not that hard to get the phone alive and kicking. 😀

Alamerion, 11 Jul 2020I live in China and I have been using this phone for 1 mont... moreThat's Good.. M in Africa.. I have Honor 30 its the best phone i ever had...i have Redmi note 8 pro incase of Google.. But since when i bought it... I could use WhatsApp & My Gmail through Huawei Email Apps.. I dont use much of Google Apps...its my daily drive now... Strong battery, good camera and so on.... I wanted to buy pro or pro+ but i prefer to spend that much money on mate series.. M waiting patiently for mate 40 with 5nm chips... I love Huawei & Honor.....!

  • Anonymous

I bought a Honor phone a while back and just love it. No issues ever, superfast charge time n best price for what you get. Definitely buy another one when time to upgrade.