vivo X50 Pro review

16 July 2020

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  • Bilawal
  • CJX
  • 07 Aug 2023

Please don't buy, many of my friends purchased this phone, and after almost one year green vertical lines appear on screen. Very pathetic.

    ArT, 26 Sep 2021How can I down-size the image manually? 🤔You can use any image resizer app on Android. On Windows, you can simply use MS Paint as I did. You can even use Photoshop or Photopea, which is a browser-based open-source alternative to Photoshop if you want more freedom.

      • ArT
      • T0M
      • 26 Sep 2021

      YUKI93, 18 Jul 2020The IMX589 camera's overall photo quality in pixel bin... moreHow can I down-size the image manually? 🤔

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        • Gamer King
        • x3@
        • 28 Sep 2020

        This is a good recommended phone for all gamers. Smooth and good.

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          • Anonymous
          • DkP
          • 12 Sep 2020

          Wongndeso, 03 Aug 2020Then buy X50 pro+ to get SD865. All you need is money, 🤑yeah better buy note20 ultra

            Then buy X50 pro+ to get SD865. All you need is money, 🤑

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              • Anonymous
              • UGw
              • 29 Jul 2020

              Ashwagandha, 17 Jul 2020Yes, SoC and price are the most important thing for majorit... morethe only game you guys play is the long outdated Pubg

              seriously why are you people so obsessed with this game and battle royale genre????? its so strange considering that its such an old game too

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                • Anonymous
                • AZ1
                • 27 Jul 2020

                Their Funtouch OS is nothing less than some kind of malware.

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                  • vinayak
                  • DkY
                  • 24 Jul 2020

                  is it with wrap charging support?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 6p}
                    • 23 Jul 2020

                    This year vivo done a great job along with their design team.forget about specs just see the device.undoubtedly it has a true premium feel.only sd765g kills all those this price point there are many other options with sd855+ even sd865.

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                      • M3S4
                      • IWV
                      • 23 Jul 2020

                      I watched this comparison to p40 pro on youtube (legit reviewer) . For the first time i believe vivo x50 is on par among any flagships. That gimbal is real innovation.

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                        • AnonD-923722
                        • tDP
                        • 22 Jul 2020

                        Huawei Fan, 20 Jul 2020What? I never noticed any color problems on mine Huawei whe... moreThat's true. Colors can be edited, but can detail and softness be edited, yes with a sharpening filter, but it is bad. Huawei took only half a second for night shot while others took more than 2 seconds

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                          • kami
                          • JyH
                          • 21 Jul 2020

                          please, stop making curve display

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                            • Chrsjns
                            • y$6
                            • 21 Jul 2020

                            AnonD-923722, 20 Jul 2020Maximum of 3 years, midrange chip starts to be laggy after ... moreThen, I will be waiting for the s20 lite if its ever coming out.....

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                              • Anonymous
                              • xhm
                              • 21 Jul 2020

                              Good that now vivo's UI has become better, unlike copycat-ing iPhone's UI several years before. In the past I didn't consider any vivo and Oppo phones due to that, but now if they're abandoning the iPhone-like UI I might consider them. Now it's just Xiaomi. Xiaomi should also polish the MIUI to become like Stock Android and abandon any likeness to iPhone's UI.

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                                • Huawei Fan
                                • m5T
                                • 20 Jul 2020

                                Anonymous, 19 Jul 2020Good luck with the lack of apps.Ar u blind or somethin' ? Don't u see he has all gapps on ??

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                                  • Huawei Fan
                                  • m5T
                                  • 20 Jul 2020

                                  Anonymous, 20 Jul 2020Huawei has huge problems with color science which becomes e... moreWhat? I never noticed any color problems on mine Huawei where u red that hoax? on internet? and u naively believe

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                                    • Blackk Mamba
                                    • KSu
                                    • 20 Jul 2020

                                    Anonymous, 19 Jul 2020Almost all can be installed very easily. Just a few banking... moreGoogle pay and other banking apps are a must for a lot of people, not to forget Netflix and other streaming services.

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                                      • Nitin Yadav
                                      • utA
                                      • 20 Jul 2020

                                      Vivo still selling keeping only the camera in focus. I think they should now move on further for other specs as well.

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                                        • RamanD
                                        • YQN
                                        • 20 Jul 2020

                                        I am seeing it as an overpriced option. Vivo is probably raising the cost of the smartphones unduly and this is absolutely not acceptable.