MWC 2008: Sony Ericsson overview

10 February 2008
The Barcelona early birds Sony Ericsson were the first to get the info-hungry press crowd busy. We joined the throngs flocking to the press conference, at which their latest models were presented. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly...

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  • RM

What model should i be buying if i intend to have something pocketable, sleek, slides, can accomodate pictures?

  • gka

ok everyone the s.e. x1 is not gonna be released this year the latest bad news is that its gonna be released in 2009 sorry bad move s.e. ... everyone will buy nokia n96 models than waiting for 2009 ... cuz even in 2009 im pretty sure that there will be more new designs & feature rich phones than the x1 ...

  • themanfromo2

i like the x1 but i might wait for the p5i
the x 1 looks pretty big i sold my e90 because it was too big so ill have to wait and see

  • Eiskalt

I like new SE suite. They are feat loaded, good looking and , I hope, quite stable. But, but with all the Sony and Ericsson experience, theres still a long way nearest E 90... With all due respect, above all is Nokia E90...
thats what I think about Xperia X 1.
Regarding the G series, it seems that the new G's are gonna be the most powerful opponents to the top of the N Series : N95, 96, 82.
And Nokia is setting the final details of the touch-screen bomb. Wait and see, wait and see...
And to not be blamed : i use k 850 and N 82 . I love them

  • lui

I have just bourght a new SE K850i, and I love the thing. I like the X1 a lot, but if I had the choice between any of those handsets and mine, I would probably pick my K850i, I can't live without it now.

  • Anonymous

G900 wins the functionality wise! I jsut wanted GPS in it..! :( If on good price & good working google maps on it trough the network-> will get one! I think SE finily inserted faster CPUs in this models! It's obviously faster!(for G900, I have not watched the other videos, but they will be still faster, I'm sure..) Rly good speed from G900! Nice! Just GPS SE.. GPS... This or the new Eten's products with GPS and TV tuners insurted+VGA screen.. so cool! But will see, the WM is too damn ugly.. if the Eten's have WM 6.1 will get them for sure!!


  • Anonymous


THe X1 is great

but I didnt like the Gseries designs a lot

for the walkman flagship, W980, the design is COOOL , although i dont like clams and gloosy looks..but my advice: PLEASE work on sound quality more please , there are tons of customers waiting for great sound quality from WALKMANS :D

GO ahead :D

  • Anonymous

So do sth better than Xperia...

  • Ramin

Hey guys,
I don't know whether SE wone by xperia or not.look SE changed from uiq to windows mobile.Somehow it is a shame! for a brand.It means previous uiq was not successful and can't compete with windows mobile. let's see what happens to nokia symbian.If nokia continues on symbian and stays a rival for Windows mobile,Then I am sure the winner is not SE with xperia.making 4 inch size displays and 23.345! megapixel camera and some gigabyte storage is not sth difficult guys!

  • Anonymous

xperia x1 is so gorgeous, it has great features too!

the other phone are quite as impressive as well. it looks like the k750i but has a 5mp camera and a touchscreen??? does it have handwriting recognition??

  • Anonymous

actuly they kind of are hugely impressive as they are much better than the one from htc tynt (wich is the best at the moment

  • time

I want buy C902 and G900!!!!

  • Anonymous

It is very annoying that the xperia is 6 months away because by time they release it it will be very under powered as already the specs are reasonable but not hugely impressive.

  • rajeev

i think se makes combination of C or K(5mp or more,xenon or photo light) and walkman series bcoz i want both..

  • 4x4

In future, the new Nokia E or N series will be the answer of XPERIA!

  • Anonymous

sony ericsson xperia x 1 is really cool ...

but since its a high end phone not everyone

will be able to spend that much of money

in a phone ... i wonder why there walkman

series havent changed much ... after all walkmans

are the best and the famous of all s.e.'s ...

i have been really happy when s.e. released

the w960 (of course it have been a bit high prized

for a walkman phone and i couldnt afford one but

the design and the quality is very good ...) i saw

the new w980 im a bit unsatisfied with somethings

in it but i cant figure out what they are , maybe the

design or maybe the unchanged walkman menu style ...

(im pretty sure its gonna be a bit high

on prize too ...) & the g900 , the g700 , c902 &

the z770 got unsatisfied designs and unsatisfied

menu styles with only a few extra options added ...

most of there menus and firmwares are the same

looking as older walkman or cybershot firmwares ...

and the c702 got a design that wont match the

options of such a phone ...

well all in all we will see what others will

say about this ...

  • Csioucs

IMHO, the Windows Mobile XPERIA is long awaited. I've been dreaming about a Windows SonyEricsson, as IMO it adds to functionality. May it run!

  • Anonymous

Sony ericsson is the best mobile company {swedish-japanese combo}

  • Raptole

The best Sony Ericsson made ever - Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is awesome!

Visit this video:

  • MY X

They dind bring the next Px bad>>