vivo X50 hands-on review

05 August 2020

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  • mike

x50 - can you say - macro mode from main camera lens (25mm) or tele (50mm) one?

  • Anonymous

Guys those who plan to buy this read this
- Except camera and look everything is cheap , spending 34k on this is useless.

  • Dhin

zeultimo, 07 Aug 2020Overpriced for OIS? This is not a phone focused on MUSIC, s... moreVery cheap earphone..Buying for 35k they can provide a decent ear phone..

  • ld renthlei

x50 every features were great, but not supporting 5g connection is so disappointing. i thought it support 5g but it wasn't,, very sad, i just wanted to sell it away in very cheap price, i didn't recommend to buy

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Bought this but disappointed with below points :: 1) 35k i... moreOverpriced for OIS? This is not a phone focused on MUSIC, stop complaining about the cheap headphones, no one put a gun to your head & forced u to buy it?

  • Anonymous

Bought this but disappointed with below points ::
1) 35k is overpriced
2) connector to c-type not working
3) earphone comes with phone is so cheap quality
4) speaker volume is not great at this range.

  • RSM

I think vivo x50 pro will be a better option.

Camera review seem to be greatly incomplete?

  • Anonymous

Is this can get in South Africa and how much
Nice phone this.

  • Anonymous

Will this be available in UK?

  • Anonymous

In Malaysia both x50 & X50 pro are using SD765G

  • narendra

It's very smart and speed phone

  • Anonymous

This is the phone I most like out of the three. No frills but beautiful.

Besides camera, it doesn't really have anything special to offer for the price it'as asking... It will probably fall victim to Pixel 4a just like Nord.

  • Rsv

Wow amazing I love it

Quite nice. I'm afraid of the bat life tho