Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ review

17 August 2020

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  • What

No headphone jack? Samsung, come back to planet earth!

  • Anon

No 3.5" and only one USB connector? On a tablet? Wtf. I mean WTF? At this point i am wondering if they just actively do not want people to use headphones.

Isn't this tablet included in the three OS updates that Samsung recently announced?

  • bluhu

12,4 inch but no room for a headphonejack or a stylus! PATHETIC

I wanted to spend big on a tablet, but i found this Medion tablet at the Aldi : 64gb - 3gb internal - sd439 - LTE simcard slot - usb C otg - good screen 10’' 1920*1200 - 3,5mm JACK! - spacious stereo speakers - wifi ac - bluetooth 5.0 - quick charge 3.0 WITH FAST CHARGER - Android 10 - not bloated - 3 years aldi warrenty . 200 euros!

About 600 euros still in my pocket..

  • Anonymous

ypcx, 21 Aug 2020yes but i'm talking about the tablet mode -- what'... moreWho could use a Surface without a keyboard and mouse and get all the job done? I do all my job on the iPad alone and only when I want to type a lot I can use a keyboard. Surface is just a laptop with a very mediocre tablet mode. Without a keyboard and mouse it is a crippled experience.

  • Anonymous

Android.Master, 20 Aug 2020How is it an Apple to oranges comparison? Don't you ... more“full fledged Windows experience”... that's one of the reasons why I use the iPad. To avoid that experience.

Android.Master, 20 Aug 2020How is it an Apple to oranges comparison? Don't you ... moreyes but i'm talking about the tablet mode -- what's the point of Windows in tablet mode -- especially compared with iPad...
maybe there is.. e.g. proper desktop youtube in browser, single tap to play/pause (broken on iPad currently), etc..

nothing wrong with ios at all android fanboy

Huge, 18 Aug 2020Who keeps same tablet over two years?I still have Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Ed.
Kids still use it and it's running on Lineage.
TBH I never kept my tablet more than 1/2-1 year I always ended up giving it to kids (Samsung 2014 Ed, Tab S4), parents (iPad Pro 12.9) etc. there is always something that makes it not worth while for me (software usualy).

  • Anonymous

iOS Succckkks, 17 Aug 2020Samsung screens are simply the best. This one is Super AMOL... moreYes. You can be sure of that. A great replacement for any premium iPad Pro. However, I suggest you sell your iPad Pro to buy this, instead of throwing that Apple device to the trash bin.

I know it's infuriating to use an OS as outdated, restrictive and as limited as Apple's iPadOS and iOS. 6 years of updates and it's still the same restrictive, limited and non-customizable mess that it's in, which frankly, looks like a kiddie toy with huge icons and all that clutter.

And that overhyped raw bionic processor power? 99.9% of users won't even notice it because both flagship snapdragon processor and Apple's bionic processors are beyond the point where any additional speed becomes the limiting factor in multimedia enjoyment or office productivity. The processor speeds are already superfluous for 99.9% of users. The user's slower typing speed and slower thinking will actually cause more delays and more loss in productivity output and loss of multimedia enjoyment than the processor's number crunching speed/ability.

That my dear iPad users / Bionic processor fans, is the truth so don't be hurt if said the bionic processor's crunching power doesn't make a difference in real life because the added speed really doesn't translate to a better user experience. You'll actually experience a far more significantly better user experience with a huge and gorgeous 120Hz 12.4", HDR10+ superb, Amoled screen display that's the better aspect ratio for multimedia consumption and productivity / desktop mode use than in any 4:3 iPad in existence.

  • GreekGeek

Low ram and disappointing aspect ratio.

  • Cigarjohn

Sounds like another great tablet from Samsung. Price point is excellent as well. However, I'm worried again about the warranty and support they offer. I have the 12.2" Pro SM-P900 tablet purchased in 2014 and just after 3 years, the tablet was out of warranty and Samsung wouldn't replace the battery. But they did give me the battery model number and told me to check out Youtube Videos to learn how to change the battery. That was strange to hear that from them. I'm an Android person and like the freedom to add and use various apps compared to Apple's stuff. Not bashing Apple but their market is too controlled. But I'm not an Apple user so I really can't judge them too much. Still trying to get a replacement battery that works with my old tablet. Once fixed; I'll wipe it, sell it for parts and try again this newer tablet by Samsung!

ypcx, 20 Aug 2020you are comparing apples and oranges -- windows (desktop/la... moreHow is it an Apple to oranges comparison?
Don't you realize that full fledged Windows experience is possible on Tablet like Surface Pro 7?

Android.Master, 20 Aug 2020No matter how fast the cpu gets on paper, in real world it ... moreyou are comparing apples and oranges -- windows (desktop/laptop use) has its place.
but if you try to compare tablet use -- the iPad ecosystem with e.g. the Surface pro used as a tablet -- one of them is left in the dust.

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2020a 5watt tablet cpu being more powerful than 15w and higher ... moresome actual data for your perusal:

it's called "performance per watt", but what do I know, as a fanboy, right?

  • mocseg

Android.Master, 20 Aug 2020No matter how fast the cpu gets on paper, in real world it ... moreMicrosoft Windows? You have to be joking, right?
Post vfx & app dev here, using Linux and OSX, would not switch to Windows no matter what.
Oh and even an entry ipad is powered with a strong a10 soc.

ypcx, 19 Aug 2020iPad CPU is faster than 99% of all laptops. S7's snapd... moreNo matter how fast the cpu gets on paper, in real world it will always be bottlenecked by the OS. IPad or Android can't match functionality or the app ecosystem delivered by Windows.
Any average laptop kills the iPad in seconds with abilities that iPad can only dream of.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2020a 5watt tablet cpu being more powerful than 15w and higher ... morethe new samsung amd exynos processer will either demolish apple and everyone or be the end of exynos
but leak benchmarks have shown that the gpu scoring between 2 to 2.5. x faster than the snapdragon
and alot lot more than exynos making up for the past 3 3 generations of fails

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2020None of the apps I love to use on my iPad exists on the tab... moreName a few?
There are plenty of things that simply won't be possible on iOS but they'd be running on Android tablet.


escorpion888222, 19 Aug 2020Always APPLE. I still use my macbook pro (2014) and ipad ai... more👍