Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ review

17 August 2020

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WhoAmI5423, 18 Aug 2020Great tablet! Unfortunately, I agree with the review: only ... moreWhile ago Samsung promised that they will be delivering 3 major OS updates to all of their recent flagship devices, and I'm pretty sure the same applies to their tablet lineup as well.

I think whether one should get this or iPad Pro totally depend on his/her needs. If you mainly use your tablet for content consumptions and other casual usage that require advanced multiple window support, then Tab S7+ with 16:10 OLED display will be definitely more enjoyable and easier to use.

On the other hand, if you are invested in Apple ecosystem, serious about any sort of content creations (e.g. Drawing, on-the-go video/photo editing etc.), or if you like to play a lot of games then iPad Pro is a clear winner thanks to its overall more performant SoC, iPad OS-optimised professional apps (some of which are desktop class), minimum of 5 years of OS update and longer lasting IPS panel.

  • Ali

I think the vertical position and look Ipad is better. The vertical looks like phone for tab s7

  • Mark

How much is the price now?

Just like every Samsung flagship devices, specs and feature lists are very impressive. Unlike smartphones, we tend to upgrade less frequently for tablets. Thus, with Samsung’s horrendous software updates track record, expensive pricing, only 6-8GB ram, and developers not optimizing their apps for nice big tablet screens, this tablet is a very easy pass for me.

  • Jaw

Just received the Tab S7+ yesterday morning, that screen is the best in the industry. Amazing!

Great tablet! Unfortunately, I agree with the review: only 2 years of notoriously slow updates from Samsung just isn't worth it for that price when I can get 5 years with Apple.

  • Anonymous

Nice tablet!

Samsung really tried,a valiant effort,unfortunately this falls short of the old 2018 iPad Pro, let alone the latest and greatest 2020 iPad Pro.
“Apple still does a brilliant job with its custom CPUs and even the old 2-years old iPad Pro is miles ahead in terms of raw performance.”
Not forgetting the poorly optimized android tablet apps.This device will work great as a netflix machine though. :)
“Then there is a chance Samsung gives up on it even earlier” ouch,so there is a high possibility Samsung could even drop support for this thing earlier than promised? Yikes...

Samsung screens are simply the best. This one is Super AMOLED, way better than anything on the market with 120hz.
16:10 aspect ratio immediately turns this into a media consumption machine.
IPads awkward 4:3 ratio destroys its content consumption capabilities.

IPad pro still feels like a overblown iPhone. Dex takes the Galaxy Tab close to laptop territory. Dex mode is great and now they've made it wireless.

S-pen is a lifesaver.
Plus no need to spend extra on pencil garbage.

Micro SD slot means one can buy lowest variant and save some money.

Cameras are weaker than iPad but most people dont care about cameras on a tablet.
It's got a decent front facing cam which should do the job for most users for video calls, etc.

As usual IPad pro like every other A series chips comes on top in benchmarks but sadly that is where it ends.
A device which scores almost half the scores as iPad pro is going toe to toe in performance without any hiccups. That's true optimization.

Only complaints are lack of headphone jack as there is plenty of space to fit one inside the big chassis.
And the lack of faster 45W charger bundled inside the box.
Definitely a worthy replacement for the iPad pro that my father threw in the dustbin.

  • Anonymous

Is it all good if i dock the hard-disk to it?

"The iPad OS has improved a lot lately, too, trying to offer macOS-like experience when needed. Working with files is not as straightforward as on Android though, and sometimes there are all sorts of hoops and loops you need to jump through to make otherwise simple things."
- Gsmarena.

This is exactly what I have been saying.
And they say iPadOS is better than Android on tablets.

Fearghast, 17 Aug 2020Exactly, it's a rectangle with a screen ... right?Like all tablets lol

  • Anonymous

I think the author made a small mistake. They do 3 years of OS updates by the way since it's Samsung's S series. People confirmed it by asking it from Samsung support teams.

One of the best tablets in the market.

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2020this totally looks like xperia table zExactly, it's a rectangle with a screen ... right?

  • Ko Shine

Bruh, even cheap Galaxy M31s will receive Android 12 and four full years of security updates.
Samsung promised that the Note 20 series will get up to Android 13 and five years of security updates.
The same apply for Tab S7+.

  • Ran

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2020How come a phone that gets 500 nits or less is considered g... moreCome on mate, this screen is huge! try to supply current and voltage from a feeble mobile battery to a giant Amoled screen and see how long you can sustain peek brightness.

  • Rick

Can anyone please tell me when it's going to be launched/availablein India ?

  • TechEnthusiast

sohail shafayat, 17 Aug 2020Very poor battery lifeIt is not really poor. Given how big the screen is and then there HRR, the battery is quite good.
Don't compare with usual phones, think from tablet perspective and that too a 12.4 inch screen