Google Pixel 4a review

15 August 2020

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  • Siad
  • XWp
  • 24 Mar 2024

Question: How is the picture quality compared to 6A ? In my brief comparisons I found the differences especially on open sunny days with the sun facing me. The 6a did better with flare control obviously HDR

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    • Alan
    • fjU
    • 20 Mar 2024

    I'm amazed at many of these negative comments. I've had a 4a since it came out, nearly 4 years. Now it's a second phone to my 6a which I got nearly 2 years ago. The 4a has performed outstandingly. The battery is as as good as new. Even though I managed to crack the screen, though not badly, it continues with perfect operations. As the software updates of all kinds were discontinued last year I will have to replace it soon, but sadly. I've had top of the range iPhones and Samsungs, but none have been as capable and simple to operate as my Pixel 4a and 6a.

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      • reese
      • Irv
      • 29 Feb 2024

      Shovana, 10 Mar 2022Not a great experience. My 1st impression was quite good ... moreI am so glad I got to read these comments. In search for a new phone today and I love taking pictures. Is why I thought let me check out the Pixel. I wanted the 8 version but never did buy.

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        • Lillian Pais
        • 7k4
        • 24 Nov 2023

        I have this phone. Unfortunately it does not have a time stamp geo location feature and I have to download another app to do this function. Dated photos make better memories. Been waiting for Google to have this update

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          • Raazy
          • CGH
          • 01 Sep 2023

          Now when I put sim card in my phone the find back ask verizon

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            • Pixel 4a owner
            • jAa
            • 02 Dec 2022

            Great phone for a reasonable price. Was dropped in water and recovered. Then dropped in water again and did not recover. I replaced the screen for 100 dollars and it works again. The only complaint is I can't multi-touch. Which can make it difficult to do things but I've gotten used to it. Works well considering it was submerged in water (by accident) twice. Anyone know how to fix it so I can multi-touch?

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              • ksT
              • 30 Aug 2022

              Hi Jillian Demus,
              Thanks for contacting the Google Support team.
              This is a follow up email regarding our conversation which we had today about the device sim issue.
              Feel free to contact us in case of any issue.
              The Google Support Team
              Google Help Center
              © Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
              This is my story regarding the bad experience I had with Google pixel support.

              I sent my phone in for repairs and
              Google just sent me an email saying that the only thing wrong with my device is my screen being cracked. I am genuinely flabbergasted at this reply to my requested repair. I have been through the ringer in trying to get my phone repaired. My phone has been not working properly for months now and it has been a real issue. I JUST bought this phone.

              First, I noticed my phone randomly not recognizing my sim card, and then over some amount of days, not working at all. This is when I got a new sim card through my carrier. It worked for a while with the new sim and then it did the same thing again. After that, I took it into ubreakifix as their website had led me to do. They pushed me to perform a factory data reset that seemed to work for a couple days, then went right back to the same thing. I then brought the phone back into the store (it is 45 minutes from my house so this is not easy to do) and had them look at it again. I found online that this problem has happened to people so I asked them to try changing the motherboard, along with whatever ideas they had. After they were unable to fix it they said it was "unrepairable" and they would put all the original parts back together and give it back to me to then send over to google. When I went to pick up my phone I could not turn it on at all and the screen was black (not cracked). I figured this was not an issue because it is not my fault and figured I would get a replacement phone easily from google.

              I requested a repair package to send my phone into google pixel repair service and waited a week (even though you said it would only take 1-2 business days). When I asked where that package was, they said you did not know and that I should send you the phone in my own packaging. This frustrated me, but I did just that. I wrapped my phone in bubble wrap, put it inside my original phone box I bought it in, and then put that inside a squishy packaging. The screen would not have cracked on the way there.

              How in the world can they not see the real issue with my phone? Ubreakifix said that they wrote under my IMEI number that the device is unrepairable and I am sure they did not mention the phone screen being cracked. I did not use it between the time I picked it up at ubreakifix and when I mailed it, so there is no way I could have broken the screen. Regardless, I have a warranty so shouldn't the screen be covered anyway?

              I have pictures as evidence as to my phone's network not working properly over the course of a few days to a week after the factory data reset. I sent them to them.

              Ask me questions if needed but pixel support are so difficult to deal with.

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                • Anonymous
                • nFh
                • 25 Aug 2022

                Moon, 21 Mar 2021About 10 hours‽Not true at all in my experience at first it was 10 hours and quickly drained down to 3

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                  • Anonymous
                  • nFh
                  • 25 Aug 2022

                  So I dont know if if this phone is discontinued or no but I'd like to share my experience with this phone. I had a contract with this phone which is still on going at the moment. Halfway through this I went on holiday in a place that was a bout an average of 29 degrees every day. Half ways through my holiday I received a notification saying there was debris and liquid in my charger port so I decided to try abspiltetly everything to get rid of It this. It didn't not work at all. It charged up once throughout the rest of the holiday to 100% and quickly after a 2 hours back down. Once I got home to the UK we took it to a 5 star phone shop. He said that google pixel 4a are awful and a nightmare and that google uses strong glue on the phone and could easily crack he screen while working on it to replace to charger port so I had to take that risk another week later I recieved a call saying it was done I went there and he explained what has happend he said that he has never seen this before and that the inside was burnt ? Which I never did anything with it I dont if it was the heat while I was on holiday. And scrolling through thease reviews alot of people have said it heats up quickly so I'm not sure. He also said that it only works on one side of the charger bit so if I didn't s work just turn it around and it would work he demonstrated this. I recieved it back happy that I finally had a phone but no charger that I had a home worked. Now the battery from has once agajndrained quickly as ever. We have around 10 chargers in the house all workington my family members other phones but not mine even after a replacement of the charger port.

                    Not a great experience.
                    My 1st impression was quite good as it sufficed my needs withing a good budget.
                    Pros: Look and feel is really good.
                    Resolution is awesome.
                    Its compact and comes from google so one would expect it to not show any issues at least for 2 years of not 5 but to my disappointment, the device I received was far from good. The worst thing is the support u receive . They don't listen to your problem. Instead send the phone to the repair centre repeatedly.
                    I ordered from flipkart.
                    1.Within 2 months of purchase, it stopped charging. Had to send it to a repair 've get which is in a different city and phone was gone for 15 days approx. The port was absolutely fine. The charger was defective and still is. They didn't replace the charger.
                    2. I received the phone. After a few months it started rebooting all of a sudden and kept saying android has gone corrupt and u need to perform a factory reset which i did. The issue recorded within 2 days and again I had to lodge a complaint. Phone was gone again for 15 days. Returned with a note that nothing was wrong and a reset was performed.
                    3. A week after receiving the phone, again the same thing happened. I hadn't installed more than 2 apps deliberately. They took it again for 15 more days. Note- this was the 3rd time. I raised this on Twitter but they responded with hain answers.
                    Again I had to raise a complaint and this time of course I was frustrated. They took it. I received a call from the repair centre and I requested them to either refund or replace the device. They imposed the same device and never picked my call. This time also the comment was, "No issue found".
                    4. Within 2 days of receiving again same thing happened and this time I had to socially escalate it. Tagging everyone. ONLY then they said they would TRY to replace the device but they can't refund. I of course being frustrated begged them I neither wanted the refund not the device. But of course they didn't listen.
                    5. They finally sent the replacement device in Jan 2022. Its March. The replacement device is gone again because it started throwing errors "device failjre" for no reason whatsoever.

                    So no. I wouldn't recommend anyone in india to buy it. The support is awful. If you r fortunate, I'll get a good device, if not this will become a nightmare for u. Literally.

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                      • Gopalan Raju
                      • GQd
                      • 05 Feb 2022

                      My Google pixel 4A fell into a drainage with 2ft water. The phone was retrieved after about 3hours. Surprised to see that there is no damage to the phone and everything working normally. Thank you google for this excellent product

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                        • Big bob
                        • IK9
                        • 02 Feb 2022

                        Piece of crap. Worked ok till I had to do the update. The update jacked my phone up. Now when I turn on Bluetooth the phone shuts off. Called Google they said nothing they can do. I called my carrier and they offered to send me refurbished phone. But still have to pay the new Price. I can buy the refurbished phone for $250 - $300 they want me to pay almost $400 on this junk they call a pixel 4a 5g. Don't buy a Google phone. They won't even honor there 1yr warranty.

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                          • 24 Nov 2021

                          ASHU, 17 Oct 2021Is there any better option instead of 4A & size should ... moreI doubt there is

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                            • U@K
                            • 17 Oct 2021

                            Huoneusto, 05 Aug 2021Yes. Heats up, especially if held in a pocket, even just fo... moreIs there any better option instead of 4A & size should be less than 6"

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                              • 09 Oct 2021

                              Yuvaraja, 05 Jun 2021Have you ever noticed any display issue, my pixel 4a which... moreYeah dude i noticed the purple tint issue n it's flickering while recording too and are you still facing this issue??

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                                • Huoneusto
                                • pjx
                                • 05 Aug 2021

                                ILoveEeEe, 25 Jul 2021Totally agree as I own it. But I found it heat up easily af... moreYes. Heats up, especially if held in a pocket, even just for short periods. The battery doesn't last for half a day (mainly using Spotify to listen to music). Brand new phone.

                                  Hello, the tests of this phone and Pixel 5 were made quite a long time ago, why is it still impossible to compare photos and volume in the comparison device?

                                    Samsung A80nis around the same price and has more and most of those features

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                                      • ILoveEeEe
                                      • KSE
                                      • 25 Jul 2021

                                      Anonymous, 09 Jul 2021As long as you aren't gaming or doing anything heavy u... moreTotally agree as I own it. But I found it heat up easily after the recently security update, anyone else have the same issues?

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                                        • kA2
                                        • 09 Jul 2021

                                        SSS, 07 Feb 2021What about battery life? This phone looks very interesting ... moreAs long as you aren't gaming or doing anything heavy use the battery is fine for the day for sure